School children in Iran climb high mountains to access online school

Some school children in Iran have been reported to be climbing his mountains so they could be able to access online school.

Photos have recently surfaced on social media of rural children literally having to climb mountains in their localities every day to find a strong enough internet connection to participate in their online classes, France 24 reports.

School children in Iran climb high mountains to access online school

People have been particularly shocked by the image of a child who fell and was injured on his dangerous walk to access the internet.

Iran has one of the highest Covid-19 prizes in the Middle East, with more than 43,000 officially registered deaths. But even officials at the Ministry of Health acknowledge that the actual number of deaths is likely to be three or four times that number.

Most schools in Iran have been closed, with the exception of a few schools in rural areas. The Iranian government wants all students to stay home and participate in online courses with an application called Shad, which was developed by the Ministry of Education. To participate in distance education, however, children need a strong internet connection or at least a mobile phone.

Although the number of Iranians with access to the Internet has increased dramatically over the past ten years, the digital divide is still a real issue. Many students living in rural areas face serious connection problems, unlike those in large cities where mobile networks are available.

Is it fair that these children have to give up their studies and [the chance to go to] university? “asks the person who filmed this video in Golzamin, a village in central Iran.

However, some rural children have shown incredible determination to attend their online lessons. Some walk for miles and climb to the top of nearby hills or mountains to take advantage of 3G networks, despite how dangerous the journey can be.

Several teachers and activists have commented on the situation, publishing photos and videos of children walking over the mountains, mobile phones in hand and desperately trying to find an internet connection solid enough for them to participate in their lessons via the Shad application.

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