Schizophrenic man throws brother off roof

A 20-year-old Schizophrenic man identified as Shawn Smith, reportedly threw his 4-year-old brother Shimron off the roof of a 7-story high building.

Schizophrenic man throws his brother off roof lailasnews

Police officers found the body of Smith’s little brother Shimron in a rear courtyard where the 4-year-old was pronounced dead on the scene, after the Schizophrenic man walked up to cops and confessed what he did.

He reportedly said, “I just killed my brother — I took my brother up to the roof and I threw him off.” .

Shawn was charged with second-degree murder for allegedly throwing his sibling from the roof of a seven-story apartment building, after a medical examiner later disclosed that he died from several blunt force injuries.  The police say they have video of Shawn carrying Shimron to the roof, and asked if he wanted to harm his brother, Shawn seemed to grin and said, “Not really.”

Though the suspect has no prior criminal record or history of violence, however his mother disclosed that he was hospitalized for three weeks following a mental-health episode in July and had gone off his prescribed medication a few days before the killing.

I killed my brother because father loved him the more - Suspect

On his own part, Shawn said voices in his head that compelled him to do it. It was further gathered that the community around Nostrand Avenue between Avenues J and K, is trying to comprehend the death of a child described as laughing and running as he went to and from school.

“I can’t fathom someone taking my child and throwing them off the roof,” says Donna Heyward, who helped organize a memorial of candles, cloth flowers, and dolls. “It tears me apart.” Shimron’s family, including five other children, moved to New York from Guyana last year.

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