Scammers busted in Ondo State, charms & fetish items recovered

A man identified as Owoseni Taye, and his scamming syndicates, have been apprehended in Ore, Ondo State, after they allegedly scammed a man of the sum of N4 million under the pretext that they had a cure for HIV.
Scammers busted in Ondo State, charms & fetish items recovered lailasnews 3
The scammers were busted after they ripped a man identified as Wasiu who is an HIV patient. According to Wasiu, the scammers had contacted him via a fake recharge PIN they sent and pleaded with him to return the PIN.
Scammers busted in Ondo State, charms & fetish items recovered lailasnews 2
It was while they were conversing that they began to unravel mysterious things about him, even without telling them. This made him fall into their trap.
Scammers busted in Ondo State, charms & fetish items recovered lailasnews
Here is the story shared by a Nigerian journalist, Omo Edema:
Owoseni Taye is also a suspected member of the notorious scammers’ Syndicate that Wasiu from Ore—an HIV victim, said collected about #4M from him on the pretext to give him the cure for the disease.
Taye’s residence at Road 9,Funbi Fagun, first turning by the right, 2nd Flat behind the First Upstairs was where the group hid their assorted cars bought within the period of this scam. One of his rooms at the address also resembled a mini shrine. See the attached picture.
Recall the victim had explained how he fell into their hand. He said he received a mobile phone line recharge pin from an unfamiliar phone number with a short note that reads “sell this recharge card for your transport fare home…” The event next to this was a call from the same line, telling him the SMS was sent to him in error and begging him to send it back to them.
Consequent upon the return of the SMS, he received another call from the line appreciating him for the good gesture. At the peak of their conversation, the old man on phone did as though he saw vision concerning me. “He told me I am living with a deadly disease, but I said know. But when he convinced me the more, I affirmed his word.”
Wasiu, from whom a few other members of his family have also contracted the disease, deeply fell into them before discovering himself.
But, a 69-year-Old member of the syndicate, Adedayo Akinjisola from Ondo, has confessed recently that the matter of the victim was brought to them by somebody very close to him (the victim).
When we launched investigation into the matter, Taye Owoseni (Taye Falekulo, Taye Yahoo) was the person the group first sent to us, fronted by a popular radio presenter in Ondo. They claimed innocent to the real evil taking place at the shrine in the bush at Abusoro after Okenla . He declared specifically that the house (shrine) was built by their father, but claimed not to know who letted it out among the members of their family.
1. Owoseni Ademeso Arisekola(Dr. Quash), Owoseni Taye(Taye Yahoo), Olaotan Olaniji John(Ogbolu) and Adedayo Akinjisola and others at large are suspected Scammers involved in the alleged #4M Scam.
2. Owoseni Taye and Owoseni Ademeso Arisekola are brothers while Olaotan Olaniji John is their cousin.
3. Arisekola (Dr. Quash) is in charge of the Shrine-like building at Okenla Abusoro.
4. Arisekola(Dr. Quash) and his syndicate members are the user of the building in the bush for fraud.


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