SARS officers in Port-Harcourt allegedly extort lady of N100,000

A Nigerian lady with the name Olorogun Marbel Peters has called out SARS officers in Port-Harcourt over an alleged extortion of N100,000 for a crime she didn’t commit.

According to the lady, the officers way-laid her at the entrance of her estate and after checking her documents, they insisted she had to follow them to their station just because she didn’t have with her her company ID Card.

SARS officers in Port-Harcourt allegedly extorted lady of N100,000 lailasnews
SARS officers in Port-Harcourt allegedly extorted lady of N100,000

They later charged her with armed robbery and set her bail at N2 million before they finally agreed to accept N100,000

Read her narration below:

Today is definitely one of my worst days.. I woke up a bit feverish with slight headache so I cancelled my activities for the day, at about 6:30pm I decided to go get drugs,because my condition seemed to be getting serious and also get pizza for my mum just 7mins drive away from my estate..

On getting back to my estate, a blue Prado jeep stopped right in front of me and some armed men on uniform came out asking me to park for a search, I obliged, they went through all the vehicle papers and drivers license etc very much complete..

The next question I was asked was they needed to see my company Id ,I tried to explain to them I didn’t have it on me because I just drove out to get pizza from the next bus stop and they said I was under arrest for stealing a vehicle and I couldn’t give them an ID of where I work, I obliged and we drove to their station and the whole story changed..

One of the officers made a phone call and he said I was among the criminals they received a call about.. I tried to beg, I even showed proof of the medications I got, they gave me a paper to make a statement,in the process they took my phones from me and started going through my phone, from my chats call logs down to my bank mails etc….

After spending 2hrs with them they demanded for a sum of 2million naira as my bail,for a crime I do not know.. This is pure wickedness and evil… I never stole, robbed, violated any rules etc… We finally came to an agreement after keeping me hostage from 6pm till 12am that I should pay them 100,000naira..

One of the officers even approached me trying to sexually harass me!! This same men didn’t even mind the time they comfortably drove me to an ATM machine so I could make a withdrawal for them…

These men are criminals!! I was granted bail by 1:30am after spending 7good hours… Someone’s hard earn money This Is totally unacceptable, Are you guys not meant to be protecting lives ? Why will you extort someone of their hard earn sweat!! I thought SARS had ended… (officers names are : officer Matt, Emma, security, Friday)


  1. Imagine government officials becoming armed robber, it’s not fair they should be arrested and be handed over to the law.
    It is criminal case.

  2. Imagine our security agents who are suppose to protect us are now the ones robbing us. Something should be done about it.

  3. This country is just lawless, something has to be done about this SARS of a thing. No evidence that the car was stolen yet you detained her. I’m tired o

  4. I taught there was a time I heard about SARS being off the road? Her company ID card is for the company not to move around when going to buy drugs. But this is Nigeria. The SARS people are desperate. They did not receive any call of armed robbery. They just need money. Thank God they spared her life. Cos if she was killed they would have labelled her an armed robber

  5. What’s all that now, #100000 just for bail, if she’s actually a criminal as you claim, why do you have to grant her a bail. They are thieves.

  6. naah, its not new. the only people that will pretend like they are shocked will be the sars and police force in general, apart from that, everyone else know without reasonable doubt that sars extort money from people a lot, especially youths. and because these sars people are made to believe that they have absolute power, the use that to intimidate everyone they see, probably because they are equipped with guns and serve in a lawless country. a country where anyone in uniform can assault the citizens and be applauded for it as carrying out a job well done.

  7. Incredible! Security officers of Nigeria that are supposed to protect lives and property are now rebranded robbers in disguise. This is how these SARS keep harassing and intimidating people here and there. Similar story about these SARS men here in Abuja. God will save us in this country. People we are supposed to run to for solace are now the robbers, it’s sad. There’s no safety with man. Government should do something about this. Thank God the woman was able to master their names. They should investigate the matter. Who will investigate them? The same robbers? It’s well o

  8. They are probably not SARS . They are probably covered with SARS uniform or acting like one . They are majorly into kidnappings and robberies

  9. this is totally wrong, if you have enough details you can actually make those officers dance to the music they have played

  10. I am sure if you follow this case up you will be refunded… Just go online and search for the mobile number to report the new SARS officers

  11. SARS are the day light criminals we now have in this country, instead of them to be doing their of work protecting the nation and it’s citizens all they are busy doing is to extort money from people, #END SARS#

  12. This SARS again I thought they’ve wipe them out those guys are heartless that was how they beat up a pregnant woman just because she parked her car before them . I swear these people need to stop this harassment

  13. Madam, for mentioning name l think you have a case here. Government should please take up matter if these kind of things should go on this country it means we not save

  14. Bribery and corruption is the order of the day, why will sars collect money from the girl in the first place, what impression are they passing to the public .

  15. Were they with SARS uniform
    If they are with SARS uniform
    That means they are not the real federal SARS
    Go to Police station to lay the complian

  16. They are the main criminal themselves…imagine the nonsense…so sorry for the stress they might have caused you.

  17. this one is called official thieves. the go around exporting money from the masses with fake identity. I pray the catch them to bring the money back

  18. The mistake the young ladyade was to oblige to follow them to their station because at the station they can always put a charge on anyone, she would have shouted while at the gate and not take the matter likely and people will come out to speak for her. And the SARS men, I think that was Christmas for them.

  19. They are purely extortionists…maybe they are imposters, who knows..thank God you didn’t drag with them, that’s how innocent people get killed.

  20. All I hear about SARS are ill news. I’m so ashamed that they stoop so low! What’s their job again??? I think they have become redundant.

  21. What are the government doing about it if I may ask. This is criminal offence very wrong. But one day they are cup will be over as fall God is alive

  22. A society that is govern with constitution or rule of law and this is happening on regular occasions.Justice as gone on recess.

  23. Woow this is serious,they are meant to protect the interest of the citizens, and not laying a false accusation all because of money,well I guest its just because you are a lady they can’t do it to a man,, and after that one came for sexual harassment ,,and you finally pay the bill,its well

  24. I thought they have put a stop to this SARS guys or they are working underground need,something must be done then they are brutal than thieves

  25. They are all bunch of criminals who has been empowered with guns by the government. If the finds that you’ve gone to the bank to withdraw good sum of money they will kill you and take the money

  26. My sister sorry ur already a victim but take the case to cut u will win them. Just take a good lawyer with u.

  27. All these so called SARS member are nothing but glorified armed robbers. That is how they go about extorting money from innocent citizens.

  28. This issue of SARS is getting out of hand. The govt should please look into it. This is the same way they had been disturbing us here. It’s unfortunate.

  29. All this is rubbish they are a lot of criminal out there that they are unable to captured they are now doing rubbish to the innocent ones .

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