Sarkodie goes into Pure Water business – Report

Rapper Sarkodie goes into Pure Water business. This is according to reports circulating in Ghana after samples of the products were spotted across the country.

The product branded Sarks Natural Mineral Water, is reported to be the newest addition to the rapper’s businesses.

Sarkodie goes into Pure Water business - Report lailasnews 3
Sarkodie goes into Pure Water business – Report

Though this report is not officially confirmed by the BET award winner.

And Ghanaians have been saying this venture might likely succeed as the need for water cannot be underestimated.

The rapper had in the past ventured into other businesses, most notably of all was Sarks Collections, which did not attain so much success as projected before the business


  1. That’s a nice business plan. Oh ye sachet water drinkers, drink Sark’s natural mineral water and rap more like sarkodie.

  2. Well, is not yet confirmed but if it is his business, l think is good. Little drop of water makes a mighty Ocean

  3. That wonderful at list we need to start from somewhere and even going into different business just to make income is a great thing

  4. Is a way of giving back to the society, and I also see this as preparing himself for a raining day gud one from sarkodii this morning

  5. I see nothing bad if he should add such to his musical career…he is going to be purifying lives with the product…..nice one to be candy…

  6. it’s not matter of going into pure water business is all about producing great sachet water that people will drink and it not be harmful to them that is my advice I am giving

  7. Good for him. Anything that ours food on the table and money in the account and is legit is worth doing

  8. There is a saying that says you should not put your egg in one basket, which means that one business is not enough. If really he is the one, we should know is another means of generating fund and there is a reason for doing that and is best known to him

  9. That is nice,you don’t have to limit yourself on a single source of income, you have to diversify,so that when one source goes bad u can turn to the other

  10. Pure water business is good business. People are building houses from it. Just make it clean and classy also add the bottled water to it. If possible the dispenser too

  11. If it is yielding him enough income then it is good besides you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket

  12. Yeah
    Bright idea
    Create a business empire from anything you can lay your hands on
    And you’ll see it’ll be the best decision you ever made
    A way of inspiring youths
    Cos some might see pure water as nonsense

  13. That’s cool of him, its part of job creation scheme, our artists should do likewise to help the citizens and reduce unemployment

  14. I think he is business oriented and so he can’t just ignore exploring into the business world, congrats man, goodluck on your business ride

  15. Congrats to him, it is good to have multiple source of income by that way you can be more wealthier than those that depends on one source of income

  16. Nice one cos pure water business gives money but then what’s the business of these intruders mtcheew

  17. That’s the spirit of entrepreneur. Pure water production business is very good and lucrative. Is one of the fastest moving business in the country now because it reaches more to the commoners and is very affordable. Good for him and wish him success.

  18. It is reported to be his water without facts…let there be a concrete evidence that this water belongs to him first.

  19. I love your new improvement, you are determined and focused I love that,keep on moving higher dear God GATS your back.

  20. It’s a good business, he’s will succeed out of it because water cannot be underestimated.

  21. that is a good one provided it has been approved by NAFDAC go ahead my brother and always treat the water well before selling it

  22. This is a good one. It’s better to have multiple source of income. This also serves as source of employment.

  23. Sarkodie is industrious. As far as he can employ workers to alleviate poverty from Ghana, it’s a “God bless the work of your hands” from me

  24. Money is never too much n there is nothing like business,business is d best , it’s also good to diversify in life to make more money ,good one bros

  25. I like your opinion joor, one way know enter market, das good.. and you we gain more profit on it

  26. Pure water business is a very lucrative one it depends on how it is done , thumbs up for Sarko D

  27. Music entertainment, pure water company. This two enterprises are not the same and not bearing the same name. He can chose to open a pure water company just to use it and help the masses by employment.

  28. That’s good, doing other businesses along side your career gives you multiple streams of income, and pure water is a very lucrative business.

  29. Business is good, anything you do to increase your God giving talent is good. Kudos bro, if it’s possible introduce another package to that too.

  30. This is a very good investment…he may run out of lyrics one day… at least this would help him have more money and create job opportunity for people around that side

  31. Either officially confirmed or not, it’s better than getting involved in illegal business. I also believe in the proverb that says “there are more than one way to market”.

  32. If Sarkodie goes into Pure water business, is a good thing and an addition to his income because in life you can’t just have one source of income.

  33. There is not best than having streams of income. Check the Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezos, they have an inexhaustible lists of businesses. Nice one Sarkodie. May your businesses blossom.

  34. D guy is making money from all sources nd since he is popular dis will b a big hit d money might look small bt it will go a long way….it’s not Everytime u get inspiration on music nd one can’t b idle

  35. It may be he is investing his money in pure water business but music gives him more money than pure water. Although they said it has not really be confirmed if is true or not

  36. Wow, that’s very enterprising of him, maybe he has done his survey and drawn the conclusion that dabbling into the business is lucrative, good to him.

  37. One source of my come is not enough so if he want to venture in pure water business it’s not a bad thing.

  38. Good for you jare, the market place is not a one way place. Ona kan o woja. As long as its brings and earns you enough money to survive.

  39. That’s sensible of sarkodie ….atleast he is venturing into other things other than music…well sarks

  40. We have someone who went into Garri business in Nigeria so there is nothing wrong with it.. Congrats

  41. You don’t base ur work on one business… It is always good to spread ur tentacles… Make extra money

  42. There is nothing wrong with the business he can combine it with what he has been doing. As long as it yields money to him. The sachet water looks pure though

  43. It might be someelse trying to impersonate him just get your information before putting it on social media.

  44. I like his style jare…he did not want to put his eggs inside one basket….its better to have other means of making money…other than the main source

  45. Good one Sarkodie, using your musical influence to sail. I really love that. May God punish anyone that will criticize this business negatively

  46. He’s tryna do a business.. he’s not supposed to do pure water buzz..he should have done better business..well that’s what he feels like doing

  47. I love business minded people
    Even if other ventures fails, water production cannot. Great thought sir

  48. That’s great of him investing in many things…one shouldn’t always focus on only one earnings ….investing in many things is the way of making wealth

  49. Total dependent on one stream of income is life financial breakdown risk. no matter the line of business, al u need is VISION and ACTION. Sarkodie Baba right on

  50. I don’t think he is the owner because he is rich and I can just make a pure water with sarkodie name on it it doesn’t mean he is the owner

  51. Dont minf them bro, all way na way if you finally became the world richest man nobody will remember you did pure water busineaa

  52. that very good…. this is what they call youth empowerment….. everyone has to go do work in other to stop all immoral behavior such as stealing……

  53. Wow that’s another way of investing his money and at the same time he is giving back to his community in which he lives in

  54. If is true then he must be a wise one. Not depending on one job alone or a career is what is called wisdom

  55. Congratulations man at least you didn’t go into robbery or kingnapping. You will succeed just keep it up.

  56. I like this….its not a bad idea to have a business that beings extra income…God help us sarkodie

  57. thank God because he says he will bless the works of how hands and God said we should not despised the days of little beginning. God will elevate you sir

  58. It is such a good invention. The demand and usefulness of water can truly never be underestimated. It is always good to have side businesses like this sarkodie is into

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