Saraki reacts to viral audio on helping Buhari in 2015

Nigeria’s Senate President, Bukola Saraki has reacted to the viral audio in which he reportedly recounted how he spent millions to campaign for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 election.

Saraki reacts to viral audio on helping Buhari in 2015 lailasnews

The Senate President was heard saying in the viral audio, that he is angry with Buhari because he was not compensated and has not benefited from the APC government since 2015.

“What is the benefit of people that are campaigning for the APC? What is their track record? Use me as an example. When I left the PDP for the APC in 2014 and was campaigning for the APC like never before, we went to every state to campaign with Buhari up until the election time.

“Out of the 36 states, I paid election money in 30. Some collected N300m while some collected N400m, some collected N200m. The only states, where I had nothing to do with was in the South-West.

“Even on the phone I was calling and giving banks instructions. Our thinking was that when we get elected, we would get the majority of appointments. I even told majority of you then that we shall all be going to Abuja together after the election.

“I thought some of you will be appointed to head federal agencies like road maintenance, like FERMA, NITDA, NPA and others. Because I know that if any Kwara son becomes even just the ED of UBEC, I know what he can approve from his desk. Whether N1m or N2m.

“But for the first time, since we joined politics, you have a President of the Senate or even speaker that cannot appoint a cleaner. I am not referring to board appointments like board appointment which just collect money per sitting. If you look at the agencies they appoint executive positions, what do you want me to say?”

However reacting to this, Bukola Saraki who spoke through his Special Assistant on New Media, Olu Onemola, said the audio was doctored. Olu Onemola told Daily Post “That audio file is doctored and entirely fake.“


  1. Politics is a dirty game as they say and if you look at it very well you find out the things while they say is a dirty game

  2. Even his reaction to te tape shows he wants money and he opposed the current government because they didn’t share money

  3. The audio was not doctored. It is real…. I knew when all these were happening in 2014 and early 2015 before the election. So, Senate president Sir, you don’t have to lie about it… We all know that Buhari and APC is a biased government. Only Muslims and northerners are being appointed.

  4. It’s good he cleared the air concerning the audio, because I was surprised what should he say such now.

  5. That’s our politician they always want to gain what ever they have lost,sorry that you haven’t benefit anything maybe in his next campaign he will pay you back

  6. Corrupt politicians everywhere, you wanted your people to get majority of the appointments
    I hope the audio is truly doctered

  7. You gave 200m, 300m and 400m please where did you get such money? From your salary? Politics is do or die affair in Nigeria because they keep paying them millions monthly put them on Minimum wage and see who will remain.

  8. Story! Is obviously your word against the nigerian. Even if it’s true he would never admit that. Politicians!

  9. Well, this is no time to make flimsy excuses in other to save your own head. The APC government have failed this country no doubt but you also contributed to the failure. Because, no qualified candidate will need to be campaigned for with such huge amounts. When you were campaigning with those millions of naira what do you expect?

  10. This is political campaign strategy at work. More facts will be laid bare during these campaign periods.

  11. It’s very bad that says he’s not independent, and he’s heading house of Assembly I meant it we don’t need buhari again.

  12. Whether you are complaining for Buhari or not I don’t care, all I care about is for you selfish politicians to repair all you people have destroyed in this country. Let 2019 election bring an end to this miserable situation you people have put Nigerians. That’s all.

  13. Thats politics for us oooo, its sometimes looks so dirty kind of game but I guess they know better those that signed for it

  14. Most of these politicians always deny such when it is being released and go under the pretense of “It is being doctored”

  15. Saraki said the video was doctored ,since Ganduje said his own too was doctored, I think we are in the era of doctoring videos in Nigeria

  16. Saraki won’t say he dint benefit from Buhari govt. He haven’t gotten his interest that’s why he say so.

  17. I hope you don’t make the same is this time Mr Senate President.
    Politics is all about personal interest,

  18. All this politician’s no go allow us rest they are eating or money and still disturbing us here, are we fools? They think we don’t have sence? Liars everywhere

  19. I also believe those statements are doctored and politically motivated. If it’s actually his voice then the statements made are indicting and he speaks should be investigated for wrongful intent and conspiracy to embrace government funds.

  20. These people think we r fools. All them are liars. I don’t know when Nigerian politicians will see this as a career not a do or die.

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