Same sex couple to be charged in Kano state

The Islamic police force in Nigeria’s northern city of Kano has said it is going to charge a same sex couple for planning an illegal wedding.

Same sex couple to be charged in Kano state lailasnews

They couple have been reportedly arrested by the Islamic police force in Kano and will face indictment.

Kano state adopted the Sharia law in 2000 and practices this law although it only applies to Muslims residing in the state. And according to the Hisbah, the planned wedding was judged to be immoral.

The Hisbah said the planned gathering by the suspected lesbian couple was considered immoral. The women are in custody and were arrested on Monday along with 10 of their guests and the owner of the venue. The ceremony was to take place in the Sabon Gari suburb, an area set aside for non-Muslim residents of the bustling commercial centre.

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The same sex couple and their guests who were arrested will be charged according to Sharia Law. The federal law states that homosexual acts attract 14 years in prison and same-sex marriage and public display of affection by same-sex couples is also prohibited.

However, since the introduction of the law, people suspected to be homosexual or gay have been arrested, publicly humiliated and even violently attacked.


  1. That serves them right, because it’s a sin and against the law of the nation, they should be punished for that.

  2. Signs of endtime everywhere, they should be punished really hard, because this is a sin before God and the nation

  3. What’s the need?why engage in such act, it doesn’t help at all, anyone that is practicing it should abstain from it for God sake

  4. Its better that way.We should all say no to homosexual in Nigeria and not only sharia law.Let the culprit face the law

  5. For those that are saying they should be charged to court please show me where it’s written that it’s a crime and secondly it’s their life not yours goddamit! They were wrong for trying to get married here but u don’t have to embarrass people just because of the log that they chose to live, Nigerians should wake up

  6. The baffles me a lot. Whereas we are having more than enough single ladies in the world…
    Mr. A practice this I Mr. N I will also do the same that’s what do kill most people this days.

  7. Of course it’s immoral. Same sex marriage is a sin. It still surprise me how some countries legalized this same sex marriage and encourage it. Thank God it’s not welcomed here and everything that needs to be done to get it out of Nigerian for good should be done. even if it means arresting and jailing those that perpertrate such immoral acts.

  8. Apart from the sharia law, are they not aware that the Nigerian government is against same sex marriage? Yeye people, 14yrs is at the corner

  9. This is not acceptable here o before someone come and rape my ass, I cannot come and start buying male pampers o

  10. It’s not of the law so them practicing it is against the law and should be punished for it…. They knew before hand

  11. Let them face the wrath of the law, hope it won’t be Sharia law rather the law of the Federal Republic Nigerian

  12. My God I thought this nonsense is not in Nigeria but behold I was wrong not in Nigeria but even in Kano state and north for that matter, My have mercy and now they will be pointing fingers to government that thing are not working. Kanohisbah we’re are guys over to you abeg deal with them

  13. I used to be judgemental about gay relationships but no more. My question is;why will nature permit them to to be attracted to their fellow sex sexually? If we can’t sincerely answer this question, then,gay marriages should be legalized everywhere

  14. They think this is abroad. This kind of act cannot be tolerate in kano and the whole country at large. They should face the music

  15. They are mad. If they want to start this kind of a thing, let them leave this country because we don’t want more corruption.

  16. This is right. The should be changed to court and face the punishment. But what I font understand is the ISLAMIC POLICE…. So they now have their own police and they r operating without disturbance. If it is the massob group now the government will send military to kill them. After they will be shouting ONE NIGERIA! one Nigeria my foot.

  17. God deliver us from this country. What’s really going on same sex couple what a world . serve them the punishment they deserved.

  18. Homosexuality in Nigeria is against the law and since they have gone against the law they should be punished accordingly.

  19. Yes,its against the law, but believe me,when people that matters gets involved ,then no punishment for them…recalling the case if miss anambra….how far have they gone….the girl was flown out of the Nigeria..

  20. Jesus in this Nigeria ??I thought this kind of thing happens in outside country nawaaa ooooo this would is turning into something else may God help is

  21. They really are in soup.. This is the wrong country to be gay.. Una for go USA, even d President might fight for u. Face your punishment 14years with make you straight by force

  22. Homosexuality is very bad…
    They shouldn’t be charged to court because it’s their life and that’s what makes them happy.

  23. Am happy they where caught the rate of this homosexual and lesbians are growing in this country is too alarming

  24. I feel really bad that they’re going to be jailed. Seeing as its their life i feel like they should be let be. But they went against the law sha.

  25. Nonsense act..I truely support this arrest. I can’t imagine a guy getting married to another guy. Fuck hell!

  26. End time stupidity. What do they gain in this. Are they saying that God that made it man and woman doesn’t know anything. Let them face the punishment.

  27. This is a noce one, but there are many out there who get themselves involved in it, even publicize it and haven’t been apprehended

  28. Shit people’s all everywhere, They were wrong for trying to get married here but u don’t have to embarrass people just because of the log that they chose to live, Nigerians should wake up

  29. it is actually an immoral act, of all the male in Nigeria I wonder why two ladies will want to get married to themselves

  30. A woman wants to marry a woman and people will attend. God forbid. 14 years imprisonment await them.

  31. That serves them right, foolish people with anyhow mentality. The federal government should please see to it that anybody found practicing such will face the consequences

  32. end time signs..this same sex relationship is now becoming too much,i think something needs to be done about it

  33. An abomination! This is end time and only God will save us. Thank God they were caught and should be punished for practicing such evil

  34. They should even remain in jail for more than 14years for violating the law, same sex marriage is a sin against God and humanity it shouldn’t be encouraged in Nigeria

  35. Since the culprits were arrested in Non-Muslim area of the State, they should be handed over to Nigerian Police so that the Federal law should be applied to them.

  36. It’s an abomination in this country, whereas why should they be doing that in Kano, of all states in Nigeria where there are very serious consequences for such.

  37. It’s even an abomination in the Bible and am not surprised if the Muslims are taking the bull by the horn. It’s time to eradicate this nuisance from the society

  38. God have mercy! Homosexual? It still surprise me how some countries legalized this same sex marriage and encourage it. Chaii, end time!

  39. Lesbianism is an abominable sin before God and man, but we human are trying to legalize it what an act, what God condemned who are we, HIS creature to accept it, God please have mercy on us

  40. There is no doubt about it,they will be killed for this unlawful act,others planning to do the same will learn

  41. Homosexuality is against the law of Nigeria and how culture frowned at it. So anybody that is caught should be arrested and charge to court.

  42. How on earth will people intend to do same sex marriage in Know when they know fully that Sharia law is against it.

  43. Serves them right.. Same sex marriage is not just against the laws of Nigeria its also an abomination in the sight of God our creator..

  44. They shld be charged to court.shameless ppl .if it were like that…they wouldn’t hav come to this world…same sex marriage should not be allowed…i suport their arrest.

  45. They shld be charged to court.shameless ppl .if it were like that…they wouldn’t hav come to this world…same sex marriage should not be allowed…i suport their arrest.end time sign.

  46. If they want same sex marriage then they should go to a state that accepts it and not a state like Nigeria.

  47. Same sex union shud not be called “marriage”…
    The word marriage means a “man” nd “woman” coming 2geda not woman/woman or man/man..
    They deserve 2 b punished since same sex union is prohibited in Nigeria.

  48. Thank God they have been charged to court we don’t want same sex marriage in these country wev had enough problems already

  49. I am no one to judge but taking dem to court n sentencing dem is not d solution to d problem. I think therapy is a better solution.

  50. These people know how Kano State is a volitile state when it comes to issues of this nature. We’re not in a civilized nation where people over look such things. I pray for them though

  51. charging them for what?? please o Nigerian should take it easy in doing things o because no one knows 2moro

  52. This is serious things are really happening what the world is turning into I don’t know this is practical example of end time

  53. Homosexuality is a sin against God. Same sex marriage is against the law in Nigeria. If they are caught they should be squarely punish so that others can learn.

  54. Immorality every where.
    God have mercy on us. Same sex marriage here in Nigeria? There is nothing we can’t hear in this our country. This is sign of end time.

  55. This is never our way of living, and God in His infinite mercy created male and female for a purpose. I don’t know why people that claim to be normal would want to change it. This is a good approach.

  56. That good, somebody should be used as example for others to learn. Lesbians here, gays here. Haba

  57. i don’t know what has come over this islamic people and let the police charge them to court , so that they can put an end to it

  58. We Nigerians says no to same sex marriage. It’s a taboo in this country.. This is not other country where it is legalize. So enjoy your punishments

  59. God av mercy dis is Sodom… Plsss let dis law never dies. For d fact some countries legalise it doesn’t mean Nigeria will. Dere re more oo plss arrest dem

  60. Don’t they know that it is against the law in this country,so therefore they will serve 14 years in prison

  61. Is a good thing that they were arrested and I encourage the Islamic force to arrest everyone that is into it, both lesbians and homosexuals. Apart from their sharia law, this pervasion is wrong in the society as well.

  62. In as much as we like copying western world we should also expect this kind of act but my problem with Nigerians is why not also coping the good live styles out there?

  63. That serves them right. This is not in our culture. Effort should doubled by relevant authorities to help educate the populace on what we believe on.

  64. Good for them. So some people are already practicing this Sodomni in Nigeria. Thank God they were caught before they actually got married.

  65. Kudos to the Sharia police. More of these people should be caught and dealt with, it’s not acceptable in this country.

  66. Yes, homosexual acts attract 14 years in prison. They should suffer so it. Who are those stupid people that attend that kind of secret illegal wedding?

  67. That’s very good for them since they don’t know where there are, they didn’t know they were in Nigeria, they will serve their 14 years jail term in full.

  68. …and men (and women) will be lovers of themselves… The world is truly coming to an end. Else, why this madness and shamelessness?

  69. This is the worst act ever. I hate it… I wonder what the world is turning into. Never in the Bible did God encourage such act. I am happy they were caught.

  70. Speechless, only God knows what the world is turning into. God makes no mistake, i wonder why human’s want to turn around what God has done

  71. The world is really coming to an end.. Because most of the prophesy are happening already.. I pray God helps us.. For the culprit, the law will handle then,that in there next life d won’t think of this act

  72. They should be made to serve their 14 years jail term as it has been clearly stated so defiling it
    Would attract it’s consequence in full capacity

  73. Same sex? It’s good that they were arrested inorder to stop them from getting married. I hope they will not be killed.

  74. Now we have a lot like them in Nigeria, this is so bad and you make it public, that serve them right, good job




    EWU BEKKIE!!!!

  76. Truly we don’t have right to judge anyone about the life they choose to live. But this same sex thing isn’t good at all

  77. Wow… I love this Muslim law the governor is a good man by saying such,how can same sex be getting married while men are looking for wife,the quest are also their members so they should suffer the pain together

  78. Thank God it’s not welcomed here and everything that needs to be done to get it out of Nigerian for good. The should be sentenced to 20 years in prisonment.

  79. They already know that same sex marriage is illegal in Nigeria and they still went ahead.They should face the consequences

  80. A disgraceful mess to their lives…a normal person wouldn’t and will never be attracted to his or her own sex. They need death by stoning useless things

  81. It is immoral insight of God and insight of human beings. This is irritating and it should not be allowed in our land

  82. We don’t need that in Nigeria oh, this is not america or any other country that accepts it. Let them go somewhere else to do that, but not here.

  83. Yes, homosexual acts attract 14 years in prison. They should suffer so it. Who are those stupid people that attend that kind of secret illegal wedding…never knew they are now in nigeria

  84. Same sex marriage is a demonic oppression on people possessed with such lust, the federal government shouldn’t stop kicking against it and punishing all possible offenders

  85. So this terrible act has reached our country for the 1st time I support this your law for this act is a big sin in the sight of God

  86. This is Nigeria..if you want to live in a must be ready to obey all the rules of the country.

  87. Homosexuality is a very big abomination and it’s highly not acceptable in this country. They should be severely dealt with

  88. Nigeria’s extant law doesn’t recognise same sex marriage and anyone caught on it should be severely dealt with.

  89. I’m truly not in favour of this same sex stuff,so I guess they deserve what ever the sharia court does to them.

  90. The couple saw d fire burning and yet put in their hands, definitely it would burn their hands as well

  91. They knew quite alright that their law is against this lewdness, yet they practiced it. They have to face the dreadful consequences.

  92. Am still wondering what people find in same sex when God made man He made him a woman not fellow man so what is their to be enjoy with the same sex.

  93. I really dont kno the benefit they get in engaging in such a stupid act like this..good for them They should be duely purnished

  94. Nigerian love to emulate the bad side of the white people. Punish them so that others will learn.

  95. wonders shall never cease This western culture has really affected our people, they are even not ashamed of the act to the extent that they invited people to their abominable act

  96. What were they thinking?? Have they forgotten so soon that same sex marriage is prohibited in Nigeria???

  97. Homosexuality is very bad, and gay marriage is not passed in Nigeria, so anyone caught should be charged Nd punished

  98. They must face the wrath of the law…. Infact, it’s even against natural thinking not to talk of Law.. how could one engage in such act

  99. This is a heinous sin and immoral. This is not western world where such abominable acts is accepted. This is Africa and in Nigeria, such sinful act is not acceptable before God and man. They must be punished and be used to an example for others to learn and stop such ways of life.

  100. Lesbianism or homosexualism is not african neither is it christen nor islamic. We must fight it. Allowing it will cause a greater harm than what boko haram is doinig now

  101. People only choose to comment on the event without thinking of the cause of the matter so there will be a change most ladies are being turn down by their respective patner that they trust to the call which will make them traumatized

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