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Safaree Samuels reminisces on how much he loves Erica Mena

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American rapper, Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena got engaged on Christmas eve, and he took to his Instagram page to reminisces on how much he loves her.

Safaree Samuels reminisces on how much he loves Erica Mena lailasnews

Safaree and Erica Mena managed to keep their relationship a secret and Love & Hip Hop stars intend to get married this year.

Erica has already added Safaree’s surname to hers on social media.

Safaree, who now talks about Erica or subtly refers to her in almost all his social medis posts, shared a photo of them as he declared his love for her and how much he’s looking foward to being married to her. He wrote;

When we did scared famous I use to say so many things jokingly not knowing it would become real life. I can’t wait for you to be my wife. I am so in love with you. The respect you give me, the way you uplift me and make me feel like a man is something people wouldn’t believe.

I get to be with the real you and I love every second of it. You make me feel like I can do anything and I love you so much for it. I don’t need to look any further because I found you. I watch you sleep sometimes in admiration like “I can’t believe you’re mine”. I wanna scream from the highest mountain on earth how much I love you but until I get there I’ll just tell you here. I love you so much you complete me and I can’t wait for you to officially be my wife.

See post below;

Safaree Samuels reminisces on how much he loves Erica Mena lailasnews 1

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  1. Love is a beautiful thing. It is good to let people know about how we feel about each other. I wish them happiness in their relationship

  2. Awnnn… am blushing. God bless your union. Am also awaiting my own time when that man would tell the whole world

  3. Lovely news I must say, the rapper knows what he wants
    And Eric mena is what he wants , she completes him , you don’t hear that everyday

  4. It feel good to be in love, is good you’re taking your love to the next level congratulations Erica

  5. Am happy for him, his dream coming true to reality , making her his wife will be the best thing in his life

  6. Love is indeed a beautiful thing.Wishing them well in their life’s journey and may the love they both share remain forever.As they prepare for their wedding proper, they should try to avoid side attractions coz they will definitely come

  7. Love in the air…. I feel it all around…..Is a beautiful thing….. Congratulations Safaree and Erica…..

  8. When you are in love, you can never be ashamed to express it, I wish the two lovebirds the best in their relationship, in fact let it blossom into marriage

  9. That’s so sweet I wish you all the best that life can offer congratulations. Waiting for the set date of the official marriage between you two.

  10. That is wonderful. He that find a wife, finds favor from the Lord. I pray that everything will go successful.

  11. Wow…so nice and beautiful, congratulations to them, love is really a beautiful thing when you are with the right person

  12. thank God your dreams will surely comes to fulfillment thats my prayer for both of u congrats in advance.

  13. Love is a beautiful thing as we said and is dangerous to hide ur feelings,bcos u are emotional murder ur self,well done dear.

  14. Congratulations to them, love is beautiful, i wish them a happy relationship and sweet love life, congratulations on your engagement

  15. Baby come here,come copy this write up,wow i feel like you are writing it to me me already,love is sweet

  16. One day a man inserted
    an ‘advertisement’ in the
    local classifieds: “Wife wanted”.
    Next day he received a hundred letters.
    They all said the same thing: “You can have mine.”

  17. All these love stories I hope it will be forever. Congrats!! To them and I wish them happy married life anytime they wish to tie the knot.

  18. waoooohh, love is beautiful, love in the air, congratulations to you both, I wish your heart desires come true

  19. Love is a beautiful thing. If the whole world allow love to dominate, there will be no violence and war again.

  20. Love is indeed a beautiful feeling. When u find d right person, u feel complete..
    Congratulations 2 dem on their engagement.

  21. Love love things,I wish you a relationship that will last forever and happy married life in advance.congratulations

  22. Love is a beautiful thing in human life’s I hope you guys last forever and I truly hope your live for each other never fails

  23. Congratulations dear am happy for u both I pray we too found someone that will love and cherish us no matter what

  24. Secrecy doesn’t destroy stop a relationship from crashing, love is the key to breakthrough. Wishing them the best in all their endeavours.

  25. Awwwww this is so sweet I smell love in the air its so good and sweet to be in love with the right person congrats man

  26. Wow you really have a great way of saying love word the words really touch me congregation for your engagement

  27. that some good love, just to make it grow and make her happy, congrats to your love life.. both of you look great together

  28. Two love birds. I hope you will be submissive to him, to avoid Divorce or any other problems in your union. Meanwhile I’m happy for you both

  29. I see love the sky. Don’t let that flare go off, keep it burning, give it all it needs to keep shinning

  30. So some celebrity is still in love with some woman in the world those that are not celebrity self don’t love there woman talkless of celeb

  31. Great news, congratulations on your engagement, I hope you’ll remember to invite me over for your wedding

  32. Too much love, it’s OK!. so nice and beautiful, congratulations to them, love is really a beautiful thing when you are with the right partner.

  33. Like it the most beautiful feeling ever. Wen u re in love, u do whatever you can to make ur partner happy. Love dis love story

  34. All the best in your new home but still spice it up with the presence of God. And don’t put everything on social media is not everybody that will wish u well.

  35. Wow!… This is real love, love is in the air
    i wish them good home together., good luck Safaree and Erica Mena

  36. Wow
    Do sweet
    Well thought words
    Nothing feels better like the true one that completes you
    God bless you both

  37. May God bless and keep you both. God will also bless those looking for missing rib with the right person

  38. This is lovely in Tokyo. Congratulations to them and wish them the best. And let their love be a long lasting one

  39. American rapper, Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena got engaged on Christmas eve,love I’d strong, I hope they love more and get married this year

  40. Congratulation to you both as you look forward to your wedding ceremony..more love in your relationship

  41. Love is a beautiful thing, it’s natural thing, wish you all the best but no relationship last without Christ at the center

  42. Congrats to them. But considering the way this celebs hook up and breakup I don’t get excited about them anymore

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