Sad wedding photos of bride whose parents took 500 cows as dowry

News of a 17-year-old South Sudanese girl, Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang, whose dowry was 500 cows, and 3 V8 cars went viral across social media last week. The wedding has finally held and it is quite unfortunate that we bring you the sad wedding photos of the bride and her husband.
The expensive dowries were offered by a business tycoon, Kok Alat, who was one of the many competitors who wanted to have her hand in marriage.
Sad wedding photos of bride whose parents took 500 cows as dowry lailasnews 3
Sad wedding photos of bride whose parents took 500 cows as dowry

The bride however looked so unhappy, and her facial expression shows that she might not like the marriage, but had no option since such a huge dowry had already been paid.
In the photo, one lady standing behind her, suspected to be one of her family members, is seen holding on to the chin, the common gesture to make someone smile, but still, Nyalong wore a long face.
The photo was seen on the Facebook page of one user Mekel’z Collection.
Meanwhile, reports have it that Nyalong Jalang, who is just a 17-year-old hailing from Awerial in Eastern Lakes State commonly called Yirol, had five men lined up in a fierce competition to marry her.
Among the suitors competing for Nyalong’s heart were a deputy governor of eastern Lakes State, David Mayom Riak.
However, in his bid to beat the stiff competition the businessman, Kok Alat, who is now her husband, made that outrageous offer of 500 cows and 3 V8 cars even though the bride price in the area is typically 20 to 40 cows.


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  1. This is too much 500 cows and 3 v8 cars just to marry a girl that is not as beautiful as that, I will not be surprised if the groom turns her into a slave after the marriage, so as long as the girl is not happy with her facial expression in the picture am sure the marriage won’t last.

  2. Highest bidder thing on ladies also extends to other countries like Sudan. Wonders shall never end, anyway beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholders.

  3. Hmm am so short of words, indeed the young girl is a trophy that men have to be competing for. I bet this kind of marriage leads into slavery as the parents didn’t give her out but sold her out.

  4. This one has passed Bride price o how can someone sell off his daughter in the name of Bride price funny enough all this people will not do anything useful with all the cows n cars

  5. If they like 700 cows that’s not my business he has the money so no complain ,what we should be talking about now is why the lady is unhappy, cause her facial expression shows she is not,she shouldn’t allow her father force her into what she don’t want

  6. This is absurd if eventually this man started maltreating this lady now or use her for ritual to get his money back we would be hearing another thing here.

  7. This is absurd ii this 20th century besides is it that the father want to start rearing cows,or for sale so outrageous…This is not dowry @all

  8. Marriage without the heart.
    This is an exchange of goods and services in which the product do not decide whose hand it goes to, so long as the price is paid

  9. 500 cow? Is like the scarcity of ladies there is very high ooooooo for this man to go far to this extent the scarcity is very high but the lady is too young for marriage na how will she cope. Na wao for parents of nowadays oooo

  10. Nonsense..what a shame…how sure are they that this man would not enslave her because he has practically bought and her of and can do anything he so wishes to her. Poor girl.

  11. this is clearly a sad marriage because the parents gave her out not because she loves the man (apart from being underage first of all) but because he gave the most cows and topped it up with 3 v8 engine cars. this is really gonna be a marriage out of the girls wish and a disaster waiting to happen. lets hope she doesnt get battered when she refuses to do certain things she isnt comfortable doing or not ready to do. wait a freaking minute…is underage marriage legal in some places other than northern nigeria? just asking though

  12. This is outrageous. Was she sold? This is why some men end up enslaving the woman since he was heavily charged. The woman will be the sacrificial lamb.too bad. Above all, the bride seems to be unhappy. Looks like she was forced against her will. Parents needs to be sensitive and respectful to their daughter’s choice and not give their daughters out at the expense of her happiness because of greed.

  13. She just got sold . From the facial expression of the girl , she was forced into the marry and she’s quite to young to be married

  14. Money I know is not everything. It’s possible that she is in love with one poor dude somewhere and can’t afford to pay the bride price. My dear, it’s well with u

  15. I read five men were lined up in a fierce competition to have her hand in marriage. I’m opinionated the person her heart craves for wasn’t the one that paid the dowry of 50 cows.

  16. So she was sold to the highest bidder, her parents are very selfish individuals. They aren’t even concerned about her happiness

  17. So clear from the pics that the young lady is sad. Now tell me how is she going to enjoy her marraige. Dear parents be wise make our daughter have happy marraiges.

  18. Maybe the girl doesn’t like the wedding even. Maybe is her parents that insisted on wedding because of money. 500cows and 3 8v cars for dowry? Are you selling your daughter for slavery.

  19. It look obvious that she is unhappy why will they force her to do wedding this day is meant to be the happiest day of woman see how she is reacting as if someone die

  20. What a culture. Humans have become commodities. I thing such should be abolish.This is against her wish and for me she is too young to go through this.

  21. This is what most parents do a times that annoys me, you have lived your own life, marrying your choice, then why not allowing your own daughter to marry a man of her choice and have a peace of mind. This is woman slave trade in disguise. Tomorrow when the man remembers what he spent, he will start maltreating the girl anyhow he wants. And this same parents will just sit back at home enjoying all that came from their in laws without knowing how their daughter is coping weather she is happy or not. Do you think that girl will ever be happy with the parents? Marriage is a school where nobody has ever graduated from it, people should be wise, all that glitters are not gold. I rest my case

  22. They sold that girl! The Husband too was not smiling. Now he will turn her to a slave because after all he used his money to buy her

  23. 500 cows and 3 V8 cars No No this business not marriage they are automatically selling the girl, in as much as women are meant to be valued and respected but not in this kind. They just destroy the girl happiness bcuz main looking at her she is totally unhappy that is not her dream man. Desperate parents.

  24. This is totally outrageous, how would they collect 500 cows for what. That fine girl, make I no talk. This one no be marriage oh, na slave trade and human trafficking.

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