SA Student sent home because of the length and colour of her braids sparks outrage

A black student in South Africa who made a long and brown braids to school was sent back home because of the length and colour, a picture shared of the hair has sparked outrage.

The picture of the girl rocking her braids has been shared on social media and it has sparked outrage as many claim it is wrong for the school to have sent her back home for the length and colour of her hair while others supported the decision of the school.

Student sent home to take off her braids for the length and colour sparks outrage

The picture was shared with caption;

unono was sent back to remove her braids because of the length + the colour and she’s been fighting all morning.

See reactions of the post below.

To everyone saying its too long for school…can u explain why you say that and also whats the length got to do with academics. She is there to learn so why is her hair an issue? – @Minty_bluez

They did well, more to follow. Schools have rules that need to be followed. Can’t follow them? Stay at home. Good call by whoever made it. – @siwundla_sive

If the code of conduct says its too long then its too, if a parent has a problem with that then go and raise it in the next gov body meeting. And if the other parents decide not to change the code of conduct maybe you should go to a school that allows kids to do as they please – @dlmd426

Skirt is too short for school, hair is too long… Why is she breaking every rule naye… Holidays are over – @1stMelvin

“It’s too long for school”? I want someone with sense to explain what this means. Too long to do what? How is it affecting her school work? Other kids? The teachers? Where? – @miss_anathea

We are heading to the time black people will do what ever they like anywhere even though it would be wrong just because they are BLACK. – @Pfarelo6

but the black child’s hair is the only one that has to adhere to the “length rules”. If hair should not go beyond mid back , then all of our hair (white, Indian, Asian people, etc) should not not have hair going beyond it. 😌🤷🏽‍♀️ – @zaniie_n

Somebody in these comments better explain how the length of these braids affects this child’s or other children’s ability to learn. Busy saying it’s too long, too long for what? – @Neo_lithia

Let black girls live 🙄 A white girl would NEVER be forced fo cut her hair if it was that long but if its extensions its a problem? Humans are so annoying! All these rules, for what?? – @AkilahsEssenti1

This is nt natural hair, if her afro/relaxed hair was as long there would be no problem so pulling a race card will be stupid, blame God nt the school code of conduct. No.2 the colour if u going to allow the one with brown braids how u going to disallow the one wit the pink ones – @OriginalBlaq5

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