Runtown banned from entering the United States (Screenshots)

Fresh reports have indicated that Nigerian singer, Douglas Jack Agu aka Runtown banned from entering the United States.
Runtown banned from entering the United States (Screenshots) lailasnews
Runtown banned from entering the United States (Screenshots)

According to Johnson Adumike, the General Manager of his erstwhile record label, Eric Many Entertainment, Runtown and his brother’s secured the US visa though the label but his brother’s refused to come back, thus staying in the United States illegally on expired visa
In his words:
‘the  P-3 visa (which allows an artist or entertainer, individually or as a group, to enter the U.S) that Eric Many got for Runtown and his brothers to enter the United States has expired and Runtown’s brothers did not come back causing their visas to expire.
Eric Many reported this incident to United States immigration, so when Runtown and his mother went to reapply for their visas, they found out that they have been banned from traveling to the US simply because America believes that both him and his mother may decide not to come back again just as his brothers’.
Johnson also added that
‘karma always comes back for you when you bite the hand that feeds you’.
Below is a copy of the approval notice from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Watch the Video:


  1. This is serious, but why was he banned when he was nt the one that refused to come back, his brothers should suffer for it instead

  2. Das good for him, what happen to him right now we be inform of lession to other people’s that may also involved in such acts

  3. It’s actually his brothers fault, if they had come back wen their visa expired, rundown wouldn’t be been banned for travelling to the US

  4. His brother has cause the family trouble, sometimes people act funny o. But why have he refused to comeback? Runtown ndo

  5. I dnt understand y will he be banned wen he was nt d wan dat refuse to come back… If na for Nigeria nw d Americans will be trooping like flies without restraint

  6. His brother deserves to be lawfully punished for this as it’ll greatly affect Runtown’s music business in the US.

  7. What the brother did is very wrong after feeding him and now this is the way he will pay him for . God have mercy and help him

  8. Since they are related and it was through him they got the visa,then the USA will definitely go through that route because USA keep records wella!

  9. this is serious, as a celebrity you should do it in a proper way but if we are to say, you should not have ban him

  10. That’s not too good for him because his brother was the one at fault not him. Why should he suffer sane punishment with him.

  11. chaii,,
    wen sinners re been punished the innocent will also take part from it,, that the case of Runtown’s mother

  12. That’s the problem many people are facing now, they misuse opportunities and forget that laws back up those opportunities

  13. Who knws wot he did dis time, i believe so far he has enter serious problem wit USA
    Nw see another one again

  14. People should understand that US are good record keepers unlike Nigeria. Again they don’t forget neither do they forgive. They are now paying for their brother’s sins.

  15. Good for them…who no the kind of criminal act they might have committed that result to there ban.

  16. I don’t blame him. The brothers saw it as an opportunity to leave this country that its hope is blink and chose to better there future but is unfortunate that him and his mother suffering the consequences. All hope is not lost, they should keep applying and be praying. Someday, God will touch the heart of the immigration to give them visa. People have been denied visa for so many times and later got it.

  17. But he has no blame, why punished him, his brother deserve this not him, beside that his brother his ingerate his the one that suppose to be punish very well.

  18. Why will his brother refuse to come back… If he wants to stay in the US they should get themselves tickets and visas…nonsense

  19. Why will they think such, everyone got his own life in their hands, if they should ban any one it should be runtown’s brother.

  20. That’s what some Nigerians cause for others when they don’t do what they are supposed to do, this is why Nigerians find it difficult to travel to other countries cos they are seen as cheats and liars.

  21. This is sad, if his brother had come back before his visa expires, this wouldn’t have happened but see what he has caused for the entire family by depriving them of ever entering the United States of America. They are reaping what a member of their family sowed.

  22. This is so unfair, his brother is the one that’s supposed to be banned. After all they are two different individuals even if they are brothers. Why did he even do that?

  23. He would have known that before applying for the second time, had it been the brother came back he wouldn’t have this problem. So sorry dear

  24. Too bad for him, what goes around comes around. That little mistake see how far it has effected him now.

  25. It’s really a pity that karma had to catch up with him.But then they should look for a way to sort it out

  26. It’s not good. He should have presented the name of his brother to the immigration since he was the one unless he has personal issues who Run town.

  27. Since they are related and it was through him they got the visa,then the USA will definitely go through that route because USA keep records wella!

  28. His bro should face the consequence alone not Rundown and his mother.this is not good for his image at all.unbelievable story…

  29. I don’t know what the law says but if that’s what it says. He should look for a solution as soon as possible

  30. Us is not the only good country in Europe, there are other countries he can always go with his mother for vacations

  31. Why did his brother refuse to come back, knowing that Runtown was the one who’s career would be jeopardize since they came together through Runtown?

  32. This isn’t appropriate… Other countries hav d right to decide who comes in nd out of their country bt Nigeria… We don’t, we welcome everyone, so why this

  33. What a bad influence……..but they should have give him now because he’s not the one that offend their govt

  34. One good turn deserves another. Why should the brothers behave that way. With him they can always go to US until they secure their stay.

  35. That’s Cruel from his brothers, how could they do such a thing and was Runtown not aware his brothers are staying in the US illegally? If he is aware then he needs to arrested so that his brothers will come out. Sorry o Runtown next time honesty pays

  36. What was his crime for banding him not to enter u.s,this will really affect him and also His musical career.

  37. Nigerians we tend to show that we are wise, but its not wisdom actually its foolishness, serves him right.

  38. That’s really what’s with Americans,,the judge based on assumption especially when Nigerians are involved.
    .thwy believe one negative activity extends to your likes…….his brother has messed him up…they should blame hi

  39. I don’t understand why the brother is the there while they both supposed to banned from United States

  40. Believe the word that said: one finger touches oil, all fingers oil oil. They might have concluded that the blood of cheat runs in their family.

  41. I don’t blame his brother for anything, if am in his shoes I will still do same, there’s nothing good about this country that’s why the brothers doesn’t want to come back again because they are in a country that has a nice economy and take care of their citizens

  42. That’s America for you.. Organize country, very strict with their rules and law. They don’t care who you are. It’s unfortunate Runtown and his mother had to suffer for the sins of his brother.. KARMA indeed..

  43. Haa. This is not nice o. How can they treat them like that when it wasnt them that absconded but his brother

  44. But this is not his fault, rather the fault of his brothers that refused to return. This will really affect his music.

  45. Lol. Why did his brothers refuse to come back? Do they want to become citizens? I think Runtown was banned unjustly.

  46. This is a lesson for everyone,you don’t bite the hand that feeds you,t he consequences is always there

  47. People should learn to respect others rules and regulations. Now their mum won’t be able to go just because the brother has tarnished their image

  48. Karma is a bitch . For everyone that is planning to bite the finger feeding him/her. I hope you can see it

  49. Just imagine what one person have caused the family. He behaved like a poor man, wouldn’t he have gone back if he had returned with the group! Now see the consequence. So annoying.

  50. You see me I’m not saying anything oh. Anything about celebrity I don’t just want to get involved. The Wahala in entertainment is discouraging. So I hands off

  51. Runtown stay in ur country and run, stop running In man’s country… lolzzz.. anyways, dat’s for organized countries, not Nigeria

  52. allthese people self what wrong with this guy self..and brother will not return back his wants to pack all the money

  53. Good for them do they think all countries are as lawless as Nigeria. Now they can’t travelled because of their brothers mistake.

  54. People should remember Offence of someone will not affect other person his brother deserve this not him

  55. US government should take a rethink, why is he punish for crime he did not commit, they should go after the culprit and live the innocent. Is not karma

  56. Americans and this their country sef. Well, let our government try and make ours to be popular too. Who will get their time?

  57. Even a fresh immigrant knows these common law maybe runtown forgot that he is in america not nigeria and there are so many country that is even more better than america and i believe he will never do that again.

  58. That’s so bad for him and his mother, they have been banned from entering US, those people don’t take any nonsense

  59. Why should he be punished for the crime his brothers comitted, they should just fish out his brothers over there and deport them

  60. Eric many u no try at all, we are all looking for escape route from this countryside u should have deal with it amicable.

  61. US is now more strict on immigrants since the trumps administration came onboard.. Runtown and CO. Should have been very careful

  62. Wetin concern me, He should sort Himself Out. Crime Never Pays. Hope his PVC is Intact, let’s Vote Out the Dullardihno Back to Daura…its a collect effort for All Nigerians.

  63. The brother his running away because all is not well with him here, he as found a better lifestyle in US

  64. I wish they can ban all our greedy politicians as well especially the ones who travel abroad for medical purposes. Runtown sorry jare!

  65. We should develop the attitude of loving our country. This would save us from this kind of embarrassment.

  66. I smell bad blood … They do not have concrete reasons to deny an artist visa just on the grounds they said.

  67. That’s quite unfortunate for runtown. His brother has given him problem now which may affect his career. I dont know why some Nigerians will always show their negative side insteas of following simple instructions.

  68. Guess he wasn’t part of the game plan to stay back and if he is not he can go ahead to sue the government of the United States for tarnishing his image and trying to destroy his career.

  69. Who will see an opportunity to visit USA and return back. Me if given the opportunity I will not return no matter what.

  70. We should be careful and not forget those that help when we are at our lowest .cos pride comes before a fall.

  71. Why are our people always seeking ways to let the country down, his brothers are the cause of all this.

  72. why did his brother refused to come back now c he has dent the image of his brother us immigration personnel should track them down

  73. This Eric Manny is very wicked!!

    We can see that Runtown is his only hope and source of livelihood!!

    That is why he is RUNNING Up and Down to see that he RUN DOWN RUNTOWN!!

    If I were RUNTOWN, I will just remain in Nigeria and keep making good Music! He can even relocate to Ghana and be making music there, if Eric Manny is using Court injunction to chase him in Nigeria! After all, Dbanj and Wizkid that ran to America to make music, what did they gain!!

  74. Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!na naija u call am…
    Abi america na ur hood…..aaaaaah.come back home jere

  75. He behaved like a poor man, wouldn’t he have gone back if he had returned with the group! they had better try another country

  76. But this isn’t a fair treatment . He wasn’t the one who refused to come back nah, why are they punishing him for another person’s mistake

  77. Law of Karma indeed.His brother acted selfishly… I just wished he finds another legitimate alternative way.

  78. Its unfair.his brother is to be blamed nd not him.since you can’t travel to the united state again go else where or stay in ur country American is an organized country.

  79. Wow American should at least pardon him and not put the blame of his brothers on him. Runtown’s carrier is at stake somehow.

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