Royal Wedding : Nigerian government officials blasted over lack of protocol

The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Mackle is still on-going. They are currently at the St George’s Hall, Windsor castle where Sir Elton John is making a grand performance to the delight of the guests at the event.

In another twist to the orderliness that was experienced at the Royal wedding today, a former Nigerian government official has taken a jibe at the Nigerian elites over their disorderliness at public events like this.

Respected publisher Dele Momodu took to his Instagram page to share the post.

“From a respected friend and former Federal Permanent Secretary of the Federal Republic of Nigeria:

Good morning:

l have on many occasions suggested that if people do not know what to do, they should watch television. Some have taken my advice and they have expressed surprise at what they learnt over a period of time.

This morning, l sincerely hope our Governors, their wives, and aides, State Chiefs of Protocol, Chief Security officers and their men and women, protocol official s across the federation, security chiefs and bouncer s, event planners and anybody associated with planning events in this country are watching the Royal Wedding going on now.

More than an hour to the commencement, guests are already arriving, been urshed in with dignity and respect. The VIPs did not show up with their aids struggling to sit directly behind them . All seats have numbers and names on them.

No protocol or security officers running around aimlessly or looking confused. Every one involved knew exactly what to do and where to stay. Did you see the arrival of a former Prime minister and the distance he walked to the church.

That’s what our VIPs hate to do. If you allow them, they would be driven into the church and carried to their seats. If you are not too busy, just watch for a while and see how a disciplined society and people behave. If you are a friend or an associate to any of the official s mentioned above please send this to him/ her and encourage them to watch the Royal Wedding.

Encourage them to pay attention to the humility, the dignity, respect and discipline of both the system, practice and those attending.”

– copied as received.

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