Rotimi Amaechi reacts to audio tapes of him criticizing President Buhari

Rotimi Amaechi has finally reacted to audio tapes of him criticizing President Buhari, which went viral over the weekend after shared by Reno Omokri.

Rotimi Amaechi reacts to audio tapes of him criticizing President Buhari lailasnews

Reacting to the audio tapes through his media aide, Israel Ibeleme, Rotimi Amaechi who is Nigeria’s Minister of Transport and Director General of the Buhari Campaign Organization claimed that it was doctored.

The statement reads in full;

Purported fake audio of Amaechi was Doctored.

Attention have been drawn to the purported fake audio which was doctored from an unknown journalist, recorded outside the minister’s office imitating the Minister’s speech sound. Which claimed that the Minister was speaking against the President and the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It is Important to let the general public know that we have worked with the Minister since February 2015 till date and that the minister has not in any way spoken against the president Muhammadu Buhari’s achievements.

The fake doctored audio, claiming that it emanated from the conversation which the minister had with his press corp.

They paid some group of boys to destroy the image of Director General of Muhammadu Buhari Campaign Organization, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

We want to put the public on the know, that the said doctored audio report is false.


  1. Ok, am just thinking of it before that how can he do such kind of things to buhari administration

  2. We dont know if its real or fake but am sure they know better when it comes to Nigeria politics.

  3. I don’t believe anything that comes out from a politicians mouth
    So it might b true and it might not be

  4. Well i expected him to say that , afterall the one caught on video collecting bribe denied talk more of audio tape

  5. I strongly do not believe that it was doctored.Amaechi will probably have given a press release with those lies just to save his image.

  6. Has any politicians accepted what he’s guilty of before??? Even he’s boss denied his campaign promises,who is him then. Media please leave him its a forged voice.

  7. This is total lie you all are just trying to save his head why don’t you just say the truth already it might set you free

    • My sister pls don’t allow hatred for whatsoever reason get to you. For instance how many lies have come out of PDP camp, from Jubril to Keystone & Etisalat to Soldiers running away to Amechi Audio I bet it another propaganda will still surface. All this is a dirty politics by the PDP who has nothing to offer the people of Nigeria.

  8. If the story is false, what then will those who cooked up the story achieve? In Nigeria is practically difficult most times to ascertain what a true story is.

  9. I believe the president don’t even care about what you say or do.
    So you people should leave your life well.

  10. I thought so, even if he has any thing to say against our President it won’t be on record. We have a way to make people fight over irrelevant things. God help us. Can’t also trust anyone though

  11. Nigeria politicians should save us this dramas. We all know everything is political propaganda

  12. OK no problem, we here watching you people, keep on deceiving us because now we don’t know who and what to believe again

  13. He’s just trying to save face after being caught. He doesn’t have any proof that he was set up

  14. All na political propaganda. Who and what do we believe. Is like Nigeria politics are getting dirtier every single day. Who paid who and how much ???

  15. Politics and thier people you will never understand them and who is saying the truth either amechi or the other side

  16. politics has no permanent friend and no permanent enemy only permanent interest. so i think he was just making an expression of how he feels the government should operate

  17. Alot of people will just be looking for a way to tarnish another person integrity. But only God knows the truth for now.

  18. Politicians are always like that, they always hide the truth, but I know that the truth will come out one day

  19. We have a way to make people fight over irrelevant things. God help us. Can’t also trust anyone though

  20. The audio tape is now fake when it has gone viral. Off course we don’t expect you to say it’s real. Naija, lies everywhere

  21. Truth cannot be hidden for a long time. Sooner than later we will know the truth about the audio

  22. Politicians can be so fake enough but I personally don’t think the formal Rivers governor can do that.

  23. This is election time and we don’t know who to believe and trust and otherwise. politicians are shameless and can do anything. Only time will tell. could be the work of opposition to distabilise APC.


  25. Nigeria politics is the worst set of politics in the world . Fake news , they try to tarnish the image of good people . Opposition parties are just so desperate to get a taste of power at all means

  26. Well its about time he spoke. But at the end they said this and he said that no one will ever know what really happened. Story ends but buhari will definitely feel bad if its true.

  27. I had expected this feedback from Rotimi’s team that the audio was doctored. I don’t think it is, I don’t see why he should be the target.

  28. I know there was a mess up some where, how would rotimi amachi say something like that to Mr president

  29. Nothing has always been true.
    They vividly deny everything. If it’s not army, its police now this one. Very soon everyone in this country will deny there names

  30. I believe its really what he said , this is just protocols on other to avoid the ears of the government

  31. Weather ameachi defend himself or not. Nigerian politicians are corrupt.I pray that God will select our ruler for us.

  32. Story for the gods. Did he not know that it was a staged voice when his lawyer defended him saying it was Jonathan he directed the speech to. Commotion has set in and lies are building up

  33. Some people said it’s true while some said its fake, who are we suppose to believe… The video clearly showed amaechi speaking

  34. We don’t expect them to come out and say it is true of course, but politicians should be careful of what they say or do so that they won’t drag this country into anarchy

  35. Our leader are really disgracing us in this country.
    They say this one today and another one tomorrow.
    Very confused entities

  36. What a confusion, what is meant to be a scandal? I don’t trust journalists they can squeeze out information from a rock

  37. I know this is a political tactics to destroy his image and cause rift between Mr president and amaechi.

  38. Doctored or not, the question should be, was there a press conference? If there is, then release the original copy of the press conference in order to clear his name. Media propaganda is usually on the rise during election period. Try and prove your innocence.

  39. I never expected less. It is only natural to deny but God knows the truth and will expose evil doers.

  40. Before February general election, some secret that’s adding still go to be review. Let wait and see

  41. It is not a good thing for people to slander other people. This should be properly investigated and handled properly

  42. There’s nothing that technology can’t do. It may be actually recorded by some people planning mischief.

  43. I don’t really know what to believe anymore as stories keep changing by the day. It’s better to get a clear evidence before broadcasting such rumors earlier.

  44. I know form onset that this is political stunt I just hope they cab fetch the people behind this and punish them,its all a politics game I know the minister for transportation can’t do that against the president

  45. Nigerians can’t really know what has happened or know the main truth of the whole saga but I believe the truth will surely be revealed.

  46. I don’t really believe in politics
    It is a dirty game u will be hearing different lie here and there

  47. This is politics only a fool will gamble into it because no atom of truth from this people again but the politician and the press

  48. God should come and intervene and let good leaders take over we are tired of heartless people rulling us…

  49. What the essence of all this
    Politics should be a game of intrest
    We will soon know the truth

  50. The media are just giving wrong information and they don’t care all they know is money and follower

  51. You people shouldn’t drive us nut with this ups and downs, all we want is a good governance that will be both in favour of the rich and poor.

  52. Lets just get done with this election so we can know ehere we are. Lot of allegations every where

  53. The voice we heard was Amaechis voice and the details of his comment, let him come out and defend himself

  54. If they were paid to do all that no body knows buy if they were not all in their hands. If Rotimi said that he has not done anything like then so be it. All they need to do is to find whoever that is behind that

  55. He denied as expected. Of course it will be really be a shame and he will stand to fall out with the president and Apc members if he had accepted he made the speech. We already know he did

  56. So which one are we to believe now, they said it was when Goddluck was president , now they are saying they fabricated the audio.. THERE IS GOD OO “In Mummy Patience Jonathan Voice”

  57. That’s you people’s business
    Nobody knows the truth except God
    All we pray is for betterment of our country

  58. The real thing is ..God is actually turning themselves on each other…(stting a fire admist the enemys camp)

  59. I like this Rotimi of a minister. I said he was black mail when I heard about it. People and fake news

  60. I expected this kind of response and I knew it will come soon. But lets wait for futher details

  61. Politics is a very bad game to play and you will never know what is saying the truth the best thing is to just be careful of what you say and the kind of politicians you mingle with

  62. There are just framing false alligations only
    God knows the truth. This is nothing but a political propaganda. God will help us

  63. Some people are just out to destroy people’s image and desroy people’s trust in them. Everything is possible these days.

  64. Doctored…hmmm false audio.. Politics is a dirty game you never know who want to kill you but still laugh and eat with you.

  65. Public already know its doctored, continue with your work and dont be distracted. PMB is a very understandable person

  66. Lol. Its been done, its been done. This viral audio tape would stand for a long time and bad blood’s been created.

  67. Its you people’s stress oh…..when it’s time for election like this so many things would be poping

  68. Thank God that Amaechi came out to clear his name. I actually knew that it was doctored because Amaechi is a strong supporter of Buhari. Reno needs to be punished for this because it’s a serious crime. Nigerian politics is full of false accusations.

  69. This is just a polical propaganda to rubbish Amaechi’s reputation and cause disagreement between him and the president.

  70. Politic in Nigeria is all about criticism which we are seeing today. God just know truth I all this.

  71. I’m just tired of those politicians what is fake in that audio so they think we are all fool as they are.

  72. Nawa oo
    This one weak me oo
    How can you call that doctored
    When the lips went together with the audio and your face in it
    This is a non thought lie
    And too foolish
    You should have kept quiet or consult a better liar

  73. Nigeria and politics every where full of lies . I kn they will want to sweep Dis matter under the Capet….. Now they say is a fake audio.

  74. That’s is politics for we all. We’ll never hear anything truth from them because they only watch out for themselves and family

  75. Hmmmmm ! We are confused here! But God knows one on the truth side.. Nevertheless, they should put this to a careful consideration!

  76. May God take perfect control among you politicians, I didn’t trust any of you for anything. They should just allow peace to reign

  77. I thought they said the recording was referred to Jonathan, now they are saying it’s false. We are finished.

  78. Only God knows the real truth in Nigeria politics!!!
    Politics is a dirty game indeed in Nigeria!!!

  79. This is the season of dirty politiking, one day f the two is lying, but issues based campaign is what we want not this mudsliding politics.

  80. I wonder who’s telling us the real truth and who is giving us false information. Hmmm politicians.

  81. I dont know if its real or fake well this country wonders shall never end…Who’s now lying?

  82. Well only God knows the Truth.. But still that doesnt mean anything to me ,we nigerians will just be giving ourselves headache on minor issues

  83. Enemies with, check your circle for where the leak could come, if indeed, there’s any leak at all.

  84. Apc and lies re inseparable, i thought tolu said that the video was taken in 2014 and that it was trageted to the former president, so why den is amechi saying its a doctored video. Whose report re we going to believe?

  85. Its good to deny such things to avoid confusion.
    If the tape is real evidence should be brought in to defend it also

  86. Well if this report is true, then journalist are becoming enemies to political affairs in Nigeria.

  87. Do not trust these people they will do anything to drain nigeria dry for their own selfish reasons. Beware of politicians

  88. Which one do we now believe. Nigeria politics full of drama, and scam, deceiving us daily. God is watching.

  89. Why should it take you this long to react to this allegation? I doubt your full commitment to the Buhari-led government.

  90. This is election time and we don’t know who to believe and trust and otherwise. politicians are shameless and can do anything. Only time will tell.

  91. it might be true that he made the audio but deny it in front of we citizens, this politicians always lie to get on sit

  92. I am not surprised, I know that at the end of the day if he is asked about the video he will say it was doctored, this country is really in shambles

  93. Sometimes I wonder where this country is going a politician will say this tomorrow that same politician will talk anything or will even deny what he said earlier..God please help us..

  94. I really do wonder what’s the problem anyway we all know people can do a lot to tarnish an image and can fake voice too so we can’t be so sure of what’s the truth

  95. So who do we believe now,this politicians think we are kids in this game,who doctored the video and why we they do that?pls tell us it a mistake from you sir

  96. Every body is afraid to say the truth to serve this country. No problem but your children grandchildren are growing up to meet wast.

  97. The only thing here is, is the voice not that of the minister of transport? If yes, then it is false but if the voice is his then what are they saying? They should use voice reader to ascertain if it’s of the minister or not, period.

  98. Either fake or genuine, you people are bunch of useless politicians God wrath is coming up on you especially you Rotimi Amaechi yes

  99. It’s not like we were expecting you to admit. We are still in Nigeria so you can get away with the lies. God knows the truth

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