Rose May Alaba storms Nigerian Music industry

You already know Nigerian born professional footballer, David Olatukunbo Alaba, who plays for German club Bayern Munich and the Austria national team.

Meet his younger sister, Rose May Alaba, a celebrated pop star singer in Austria who is currently in Nigeria to take the Nigerian music industry by storm, experience the musical environment and strengthen her art with African sounds.

Rose May Alaba storms Nigeria Music industry lailasnews ja


Besides showcasing her talent at the 2015 Austria Music Awards, 23-year-old Rose May Alaba wrote and performed the 2017 Special Olympic World Winter Games theme song in the Central European country.

Her first two singles, All of This is You and Love me Right were released in 2016. Take Your Time, Rose May’s latest song was released after ‘Can You Feel it’ in 2017.

Speaking on her musical expedition in Nigeria, Rose May said:

“I am in Nigeria to experience the musical environment and strengthen my art with African sounds. I was born and raised in Austria, but I am proud to be home and back to my roots. I want to work with the producers and songwriters I have been listening to.”

“I am home because I want my music to have African influence. I try to find and nurture my own sound. I am not where I want to be yet; so, I am determined to work harder. I really love African music. My fans in Austria listen to African music, as it is a big thing,” she said.

Rose May’s father is Ogere Remo, Ogun State-born George Alaba, who was a DJ and a recording artiste.

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Mr. Alaba used to work at Lagos-based Tabansi Records before he relocated to Austria back in the 1984 where he met and married his Filipino wife, Gina, mother of David and Rose May.

George Alaba’s contemporaries were Chris Okotie, Felix Liberty and Majek Fashek.

Mr George Alaba who accompanied his daughter during her meeting with the Nigeria media said:

“I moved to Austria in 1984,

Although I went as far as recording some albums and made good impact in Austria, I am now retired. So, all I do now is support and manage my two children’s career especially now that they have become household names.”

Rose May’s mother is also a singer and according to Rose, one of her big sources of motivation.

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Recalling events from her childhood and how she realised she wanted to do music forever, Rose May said,

“I hear that as a child I loved to play football, and I found a trainer in my brother, David, who had, since childhood, shown great tendency for football.

As time went on, however, it became clear that my musical talent was more compelling. I have been doing music all my life. By age 13, I began to write my own songs. But it was three years ago that I started music professionally.”

Rose May’s father had enrolled Rose in a piano school as a child and this has helped her a lot.

While Rose May has also taken advantage of YouTube to train herself on other areas of music, she also studied acting, although she has not done much acting beyond some musicals she participated in.

Rose May Alaba storms Nigeria Music industry lailasnews

On the challenges she faces as a musician, Rose May says sometimes, there is a lot of pressure on an artiste. Not everyone is ready to patiently and genuinely work with an artist towards success. Some just come around for the quick cash they think they can get.

When asked about competition and the bigger singers like Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade she has to contend with, Rose May said:

“I am my own competition. Music is beyond a hobby for me, its life. Moreover, I’m not just a pretty face, people will need to listen to my music so they can understand that I have a lot to offer.”

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