Ronaldo fails to score 50 goals in a year for first time in 8 years

Juventus and Portuguese star striker, Cristiano Ronaldo has failed to score 50 goals in a year for first time in 8 years.

Ronaldo fails to score 50 goals in a year for first time in 8 years lailasnews

Since 2011 Ronaldo, while playing for Real Madrid and Portugal maintained a record of netting over 50 goals from January to December.

However, the 33-year-old scored 49 times this season while playing in Madrid and now Juventus in Serie A.

Ronaldo moved to Juventus at the start of the season in a deal worth around £88.3million which ended his eight year run in Madrid.

During the Portuguese captain’s time in Madrid he won three league titles and four Champions League trophies.

Ronaldo’s greatest goal scoring season was in 2013 where the forward netted 69 goals.

The Euro 2016 winner also received five Ballon d’Or awards during his time in Spain’s capital with only Lionel Messi winning the prize the same amount times.

Ronaldo has netted 15 times in his 26 games in all competitions this season including a Champions League strike against his former club Manchester United.

The 33-year-old has played down the middle on occasions for Juventus this season while starting regular in his traditional left-wing position.


  1. Ayhaaa, well he is getting old gradually so you can’t expect him to keep maintaining that same record every year time will surely go against him someday

  2. I’m not surprised, Ronaldo had enjoyed his time to the full. If he’s not doing well now, it’s understandable, he’s getting old and I’m sure he will soon retire.

  3. A tree can not make a forest. It’s very obvious that he is the only major start in his club just like Neymer

  4. Ronaldo is a legend in football, even if he didn’t meet his usual 50 goals per year, he was still very close.he is really talented

  5. Well you can’t be the best all time. He is getting older slower and its bound to happen, let someone take over

  6. That is philosophy of life you can never be a hero for the rest of your life people are there before you and you are there before so many someone will still take over from you

  7. Anyway he had really try allot for his club, so all what he did now dey should just accept him like that because he be coming old small small

  8. He tried, for eight years,he was so consistent, it happened sometimes like, it don’t have to be win win all the time at time you also losses

  9. It’s so obvious that old age has started affecting the player and come to think of it he’s not getting much assist as he used to in Madrid

  10. It’s not really easy but if they have another match maybe he will make it 50 goals before the year runs out.

  11. He’s getting older daily,so there is a limit to his performance
    Only if there are quality players to back him up
    He can’t do it alone

  12. And what about it? Is he not a human being? What is the essence of reporting it? These media outfits sometimes can be annoying.

  13. If he had given his best in the previous years we don’t expect him to be doing that always. Age is another factor in a mans life

  14. If he’s not doing well now, it’s understandable, he’s getting old and I’m sure he will soon retire.

  15. Sometimes it happens, one is not able to meet up with the expectation known for, for 2019 I believe he will do what he is not able to do this year.

  16. He has really reached his peak and age and law of diminishing returns is setting in. He’s still the best.

  17. That is the effect of the Serie A, he never scored 30 goals when he played for n the EPL. The Laliga was his playground.. Anyways he remains the best player for me anytime any day

  18. This man is indeed a hard working footballer because some are talented but his is hard work. Even though he does not score up to 50 in a year for the first since 8 years, Ronaldo has written his name in the world of football.

  19. Wow this is a great record for him.. This player has been is great to know that it is only this year,he could not get the 50 goal target.

  20. If he doesn’t perform the fit this year, there should be no fuse about that. He has tried to maintain the record for 8 years. Congratulations to him for maintaning that level for 8years.

  21. Moving from La Liga to Serie A is not the same as moving from Premier League to La Liga, more so man is getting old and things can not always be the same but he is still one great player

  22. Christianity Ronaldo, I’m proud of you any day anytime. I believe next year you will even score a total of 70 goals. You are still the best. Keep it up my Star

  23. It is not easy what he was able to achieve in terms of goals. At his age, his doing well at the top level.

  24. That’s one of footballers challenges, not meeting their target. But its just a year after eight of victory. It should not be something to ponder a lot on.

  25. 49 and 50 goals are still the same,,,,,remember he purposely asked his national team manager not to call him up for like 5 international duty…..because he needed to concentrate on club football after being sold by realmadrid to JUVENTUS …….
    imagine if he had not missed those international matches …..
    CR7 is a king

  26. He’s losing his touch a little bit.. Although I still respect the player a great deal.. At 33, most players will be chopping bench self

  27. This was meant to be cos each day we get older. Moreover new and more energetic players are joining

  28. Whether he reaches 50 or not this season, he is still playing perfectly you people should stop calculating that shit

  29. Ronaldo has created a record that is difficult to break in years to come. He is 33years now, definitely nature is assuming his role. Hence the strength is reducing.

  30. He even scored 49 goals he is still better than some strikers that didn’t score up to 30 in a year and transfer from real Madrid to Juventus must have contributed to his failure to s ore 50 goals

  31. I think we can’t be expecting him to score more than 50 goals in a year every season. This guy is a legend, he has been doing it well and is still doing it. Up cr7

  32. If he still scores, no problem. It doesn’t matter whether he scores less or more as long as he keeps scoring. Besides he is getting older in the football world and we don’t actually expect him to keep up.

  33. It’s a good record so far. But age is now setting in for the footballer and the change of league is another reason

  34. He is older so you don’t expect him to still have the same strength he use to have though he is still the best.

  35. Well it’s not every time one wins. And Ronaldo is getting old as well but nevertheless scoring 49 goals isn’t all that bad. He was close to 50, besides he has a good record of scores. Also I believe he will perform much better next year and have a great score record.

  36. He has done well. He is gradually winding down. 50 goals for seven consecutive years is not easy,he deserves accolades.

  37. He and God alone can be sure why he couldn’t make 50 goals. But like we say in Nigeria, every day no be Christmas.

    So, it is probably not just his time right now.

    I hope he bounces back big some time soon

  38. but you still have a good record in foot ball akeheart its not always rossy as we think still the best but arrogant…hihihi the truth be told at last

  39. To me he is getting old so we can’t expect him to keep maintaining that same record every year and his transfer to Juventus Affected him.

  40. That shows he is getting old and do remember that he just change from one club to another and he need to adapt to his new club.

  41. Italian league is different from other leagues it is very competitive but Ronaldo is trying his best at that age.

  42. Forty-nine goals as against fifty goals of previous years, well not too bad, afterall the guy is growing older as the years go by.

  43. Well he is advancing in age and been the major player in a team is also a factor. Its there’s so much pressure on him

  44. Age is gradually playing a fast one on him. He still remains one of the best footballers the world has produced.

  45. Ronaldo fails to score 50 goals for the first time in a 8years. Every successful person has one time in their ladder of success encounter failure. Rinaldo keep moving….

  46. He is getting older so am not surprised at that, we don’t expect him to still be on top of his at this age

  47. No matter how consistent you are in life, there will be a time that one will be on the low.Cr7 still doing good I guess and I believe he will come back stronger.

  48. Time changes yesterday, this means good times don’t last forever and vice versa. Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end, he can be active for life, but he’s still a superstar.

  49. He has done it before. That doesn’t mean he will continue like that forever. Human being deteriorate.

  50. He tried, I still admire his skills n records, we don’t expect him to keep up, every year can’t be the same, he got 69 goals one year and nw 49 so it can’t be the same.

  51. I think Ronaldo is still trying his best in Juventus,he scores well but I don’t think he can score 50 goals in Juventus because he is becoming old

  52. Christiano ronaldo is one of the best player, seen I was I normally hear about ronaldo that his a great player,I will not consider failure because he has been doing it for years now.
    The only thing I will advice is that he should keep trying his best its not always someone do something the way he planed but the way God plan will never change. So keep trying ronaldo one day you will become the best player in the world.

  53. Sometimes success doesn’t always, keeping records is not that easy, but he still remain a remarkable player.

  54. Recent happenings with Ronaldo goes to show that everybody needs somebody to bring out the beat in them. Rinaldo is good and his team mate in Madrid brought out the best in him. Guess he hasn’t found that somebody in his new club

  55. Ronaldo is getting old a drop in his strength is expected but all the same its just a difference of 1 goal.

  56. Well at least he’s still scoring moreover this is his first season in a new club I guess he will still get even better with time.

  57. I guess this is not a good year for him.he should work harder in the next year….the guy can play and score goals too….

  58. We’re talking about a football legend, yet we’re talking about a human.
    Humans can be limited, especially as we grow.
    I still respect CR

  59. That is life for you as we grow old in life our strength start to diminished so Ronaldo is getting old day by day

  60. This people are funny, is everyday Christmas abeg if he is the only one scorning everytime wht would others player be doing..

  61. Ronaldo is a great player but he’s getting more older each day, you can’t expect him to perform at the same phase 8years ago.

  62. This juventus you are now has really hook you, i wish you goodluck and more strength to sails as you were at real Madrid

  63. I guess its as a result of change of league and people he played with who understand him more and give him the right passes he needs to score .

  64. There’s prone to be a change, and he getting old already, wether he net 50 or not, he’s still the best in the world.

  65. Ronaldo who has been up for the pass 8years scoring 50 and above has been droped this year that does not make him a wick player, his still my number one.

  66. Well, life na turn by turn. I think his time is almost past and a new player will have to start reigning. The man has tried and achieved much. But now he is getting old

  67. He has achieve good football records and not scoring up to 50goals for the year doesn’t stop him from being a star footballer, he has his own achievements

  68. Is it a mandate placed on him to always have 50 goals record in a year?
    Age is a factor so let him be, he’s a good player all the same

  69. age is a factor he is a very good player and will always have good empact in a team

    We should always know that change is constant, You should not put high expectation on him

  70. Kudos to you cr7 is not easy scoring 50 and above goals in a calender is not easy 49 this calendar is also mavelous

  71. He is getting old and cannot be expected to be performing the way he used to. He should even be congratulated for his past performance. Ronaldo is still my best player.


  73. Wow that’s a great record..
    Ronaldo is a good player.. He is one of the best player in the world… He his doing a good job

  74. Well he is getting old,so its not like when he was much younger so he should expect things like this.

  75. he is going older how can you expect him to continue maintaining that record he made 8years bach I think it’s impossible

  76. He is trying because is not easy and let not forget that age is telling on him now, so what ever let encourage him that he is trying his best.

  77. Eyiaaa, yes that can be justified because he’s losing his strength. But then he still remains a great man

  78. Well that’s lif, each and everyone has their prime time. Other footballers will also come up. But Ronaldo still remains the best in own time

  79. Ronaldo has always been a hero. that his star didn’t shine this year doesn’t stop him from being a winner he has tried 2019 is gonna be a great year for him.

  80. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Is it a must to score a specific goal within a certain time. Ronaldo is a star.

  81. He has tried jare. I m sure he put in a lot of effort to even get the 49 this season with the change of club also

  82. Ronaldo is truly a star. His legacy will truly be remembered %or years to come, just like the great Pele, Maradona and the rest. These have made football interesting for viewers.

  83. Even if it happen like that I still can’t forget the fact that he’s not getting any younger and I think everyone should have see this coming, he’s no longer the Ronaldo we knew years back

  84. Well as one ages, individuals performances in physical activities tend to slow down and this can be related to Ronaldo’s present day performance

  85. Well time is going by, he won’t be the best player forever, someone people were best players before him

  86. I think he is tired, or he is facing challenges from other club. Well all year is not same he’s time is fading away.

  87. Ronaldo my best. Change comes with destruction. Defection to juventus has caused this failure u would have remained in real madrid

  88. I guess our glory all fade away with time. Things aren’t meant to remain the same. But we always enjoyed you play Ronaldo. Maybe you got another chance to shine next season

  89. It’s a pity Ronaldo could not hit his usual target in goals scoring this year. I wish him good luck in the coming year. This might have been due to a change in club.

  90. That he didn’t get up to 50 goals doesn’t make him less of a good player,he’s still a great player.

  91. After all he is used to score more than that before but now he getting older and lest active so he has done well before and at the life of Aman there should be changed

  92. Age is catching up with him. It isn’t a must he will keep up with scoring 50 goals yearly… He is still a good player

  93. It really a though and rough year with a the controversial things transfer adapting to new club red card and so on

  94. Age is always a factor in any kind of sports, he’s not an exception. He is still a legend in the game of the round leather.

  95. age is catching up with him though I trust he I’ll improve next season he has created world records so expectations are high

  96. moving from another country to another is not easy for an immigrant no to talk of footballer.. He is still find it difficult..

  97. It’s not a new news, what called record is not meant for life but break at an appropriate time, that is what they called life.

  98. Wow for the past 8yrs he has been scoring not less than 50 goals yearly.. Wow he deserves some accolades… He tried… Football isn’t an easy game. The last time I tried play football my waist almost shifted lol

  99. He his the G.O.A.T so he doesnt need to score 50 goals anymore before he proves he his the best, and more over he gave messi a challenge let him also move outside la liga and let see if he can sur pass 50 goals also in a calendar year

  100. He still remain the greatest of our time and beside he is not getting any younger age has caught up with him

  101. Yes he wasn’t able to reach the 50 goal mark due to the transition of club wasn’t really easy for him, And the age factor too is telling on him.

  102. C. Ronaldo didn’t net up to 50 goals probably because he did not hit the ground running immediately he got to Juventus. Another fact is that he is getting old

  103. Everyday is not Christmas, he should take it like that this season, next season might be his season again

  104. Why all this? Does it has to be 50 continously like it’s a tradition from his village?
    He’s aging Pls so also is his skills and performance

  105. He still remains the Greatest of all time
    England, Spain and now Italy
    He is a true legend but nature can never be cheated. ..he is getting old

  106. Nothing last forever and he is gradually fading away, beside he can’t compare Italian pattern of play,to his previous club that he used to score.

  107. CR7 is a legend, 50 goals or 49. But what’s the deference, he’s still an access for success because his name is success

  108. You can not always hit your personal best everything, its been consistent and indication he will slow down any time soon

  109. CR7 is not ur fault u have proven to be a very good player over time
    I really admire ur gallantry and spectacular skillful display

  110. This game we ate talking about is not always based on how much someone can play, but it always based on luck… So for him not meeting his target this year doesn’t stop him from scoring more than that next year

  111. He tried, for eight years,he was so consistent, it happened sometimes like dat, it won’t be win win all the time some times you allow others to win too

  112. I believe this is happening because of the constant change from one club to another. He is not used to the new people he met and they don’t feed him well with passes.

  113. Well-done christiano u can do better next year or start up another bigger record ur hard work would surely pay u

  114. Serial and Bundestiliga are the hardest league in Europe, that he was able to score 49 goals with change of environment is an achievement, keep it up CeeeeeeeeRonaldo.

  115. Ronaldo is a great footballer and an exceptional player with a lot of skills and he impressed me so much. He couldn’t hit his target this year doesn’t mean he should be discouraged at all.

  116. That would have been a huge feat for him that he broke barriers and conquered the world. He’s still a great footballer

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