Roddy Alves shows off post surgery looks as he changes to WOMAN

Roddy Alves has begun her Face Feminisation Surgery, but rather, her face looks bruised and swollen like she got out a fight.

In Instagram stories posted on Monday, the reality star, 36, filmed herself in the hairdresser’s chair, having her golden locks styled, despite sporting a very bruised and bandaged face after undergoing more grueling treatment.

Roddy Alves shows off post surgery looks as he changes to WOMAN

Sipping champagne, Roddy looked in great spirits, determined to feel her best as she undergoes the grueling surgery.

Roddy – who came out as transgender recently – is in Belgium. He had previously stated that the £25k surgery will ‘make me look like a super model!’

In a previous Instagram post, brave Roddy wore a white bandage around her head as she sported heavily bruised and swollen eyes and an puffy face while talking in a hotel room.

She said earlier in the week:

‘I can’t speak very well because they removed my Adam’s Apple so I have a sore throat. My eyes are very purple and swollen, I can’t see anything. I can’t see my new face.

‘If I want to see anything I have to hold my phone up in order to read.’

Roddy told MailOnline that she had jetted to Belgium to have her jawline, forehead and the bones around her eyes shaved in a bid to feminise her face.

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