Robbery victim dies as Police allegedly stopped family from taking him for treatment

A Nigerian man identified as David who was a robbery and gunshot victim allegedly died after Police officers stopped his family members from taking to hospital for treatment.

Robbery victim dies as Police allegedly stopped family from taking him for treatment

According to a family member who narrated the incident on Twitter, the officers were called to the scene of the robbery, but rather than rush David to the hospital, the took photos of him and detained him as evidence for the robbery.

He was reportedly taken to the Police station rather to a hospital where he could be treated for his gunshot wounds.

According to reports, it took a lot of begging before the DPO at the station could release him, at a point where he had lost so much blood.

Reports also have it that the doctors at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH also refused to attend to David on time.

He eventually died!

David got shot around 8pm. The police were called, David hadn’t died yet. The Nigerian police stood and watched as he gasped for air. They took pictures instead, and were more concerned with why he – a tech guy- was carrying a laptop. Nigeria failed you, David.

David wasn’t attended to by the doctors at LUTH. He was there till the family was convinced he couldn’t be alive because he had no pulse. The doctors refused to administer any test to see if he was alive.

The country failed David. The doctors failed David. The police failed David. The system failed David. Rest in peace David Ntekim-Rex.

This is someone that was in the process of interning with Microsoft. He even had an interview with the south Africa office. I’m broken.


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