Robbery gang led by ‘fake’ soldier busted by SARS

A robbery gang led by a ‘fake’ soldier, has been busted by the operatives of the federal special anti-robbery squad (FSARS).

Robbery gang led by ‘fake’ soldier busted by SARS lailasnews 1

The robbery gang led by the ‘fake’ soldier who specializes in car snatching from innocent victims at gun point, reportedly operate in the federal capital territory, Kaduna and Benue states. The suspects have been paraded by the police, and it was gathered that various weapons were recovered from them.

Here are photos below;


Robbery gang led by ‘fake’ soldier busted by SARS lailasnews 2

Robbery gang led by ‘fake’ soldier busted by SARS lailasnews 3

This is coming few months after the LAGOS State Police Command,  smashed a notorious armed robbery gang known as ‘NO CASE‘ which has been terrorising residents of Ejigbo and its environs, and arrested its suspected leader, Kazeem Segun, popularly known as omi ( water). Kazeem, who had been on the command’s wanted list, was arrested alongside a suspected member of his gang, Kazeem Femi by policemen attached to Ejigbo Division.


  1. Hmm, they went to form as army, finally they have been caught, they will go to jail as should be punished.

  2. They must b seriously punished
    People like this
    They don’t have future
    Tnk God they where caught
    Bless God

  3. Good one by the Nigeria police, make sure that they never go free, Every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner of the house, his charms has failed him.

  4. Disguising himself as a fake soldier. He just brought more trouble upon him self. He should face the appropriate punishment. And should also serves as lesson to others.

  5. Yes the country is hard now, but that’s not a reason to turn to crime, and dispossess people of their possessions. They should be punish. Good job from SARS

  6. Every day for thief, one day for owner of house, what beats me, is where they get the uniforms and guns. Good police pls beaf up your investigation. They could be working with a military personnel.

  7. This is serious. I don’t know why the Nigerian Army will not try and stop the sell of their uniforms to civilians. I thank God for this. Thumbs to the NPF.

  8. Is true the current government is not suitable for everyone but that will not make u to go against the law and putting on army uniform is another big unfinished deal they must not go unpunished thank god for SARS man that god use to open their axs


  10. They should be seriously dealt with and face the consequences. They committed several offences and now they have been caught. Thanks to Almighty God and the FSARS

  11. Thank goodness that they were caught….. All this retired/fake force men using the force uniform wrongly, una yansh go soon open.

  12. How do they get all the guns, they must be made to suffer for their evil deeds, the end has come to their wickedness, they must all go to jail

  13. Imagin, let him be sentenced to jail. Of all uniforms to fake its that of a soldier. He should be dealt with

  14. That guy got some guts to impersonate being a soldier. All of them should do the time behind bars

  15. Thanks God they are caught, wickedness of the highest rank.They should face the law especially the fake soldier

  16. Wicked people they don’t even fear using soldier camouflage to rob …..honesty they should rot to jail..

  17. Thank God they were catght the remaining one shoul repent because the end will not be good fro them

  18. Thank God they were caught. Who knows whom their next victim would have been. They should be severely dealt with

  19. Atleast we know that Sars are really working. And not just busting innocent guys for money and all. More grease to their elbow.

  20. good job SARS and the Nigeria police and to everyone who made it a success to the arrest of the robbers.

  21. Good work, but how will the police ensure that this arrests deter others. Sadly though, while this group has been nabbed others are still in operation and may never be caught.

  22. Everyday is for the thief one day is for the nemesis to catch up with them, Bravo FSARS, am sure NPF is as competent as police in other climes, once they want to perform.

  23. haha. this is so funny, fake soldier dey send another group message to rob.. the gun is not fine.. this is just funny to me

  24. We are shouting corruption everyday while those who are supposed to save the country supply gun to arm robbers

  25. haha. this is so funny, fake soldier dey send another group message to rob.. these people just like to put problems on their heads

  26. May God continue to expose them all. Who could believe someone can actually rob people with soldiers uniform. I’m very sure the culprit are in for it

  27. The rate of crime in this country is very high, especially with the help of fake soldiers they should be persecuted

  28. I Thank God for what is happening from the inception of this year. Those causing mayhem in the country are being spotted and apprehended on daily basis.
    Good one to our security apparatus

  29. This one’s are notorious criminals ooo operating with fake soilder uniform impersonation of the highest level,well you guys have finaly meet your Waterloo

  30. I commend the police and FSARS on these good jobs
    Security is priority
    These car snatchers can do the unthinkable sometimes

  31. Good job by the FARS team. They should pressure them into giving out information on how to arrest other members and armed robbery gangs.

  32. Nigeria is in the hands of God, God alone can save us from all this terror. Every night and day terrorist attack. Make haste to save us oh Lord

  33. Wow where do they get all that gun and bullet I think it someone in power giving them this well thank to our police

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