Robbers allegedly storm popular eatery in Lagos to rob customers

A man has taken to his Instagram page to rant on how armed robbers invaded an eatery in Lagos, where they were having lunch, and robbed customers without any interruption.

According to the man, the entire scene looked like a pre-planned job as the security men at the eatery allegedly fled from the scene immediately the robbers stormed the eatery.

Robbers allegedly storm eatery in Lagos to rob customers lailasnews 2
Robbers allegedly storm eatery in Lagos to rob customers

He also alleged that the manager refused to show up while the robbery was going on.

He wrote:

Nigeria insecurity…, we got robbed at Tastee this afternoon by 3:30pm when having our lunch , when the robbers got in the Generator and power supply got off immediately the robbers entered the restaurant and shot 5times, collected money, phones etc, the security men ran away when the robbers was obtaining everyone and they did not touch there staff only the customer got robbed it all looks like a a set up already planned with the robbers.

And the manager of Tastee was around but locked he’s self up stairs after the robbers left the manager must be questions and return all the money and phones collected from us.

"I attend churches to steal" - Robbery suspect



  1. How is that possible its had to eat out now or what our youth needs to find something better to do instead of stealing what other people work hard for

  2. Haha. Hungry armed men. Just phones and money from customers. See the security people that is supposed to guard customers took off. Thank God no one was injured.

  3. This is Nigeria to you broda.
    Security men ran away and let the customers fend for them selves, annoying……

  4. Very funny. The kind of security they will have in a place like that will run from almost anything even if it is not preplanned

  5. Yeah let the management return what was stolen from the customers, since they could not even put a call to the police.

  6. It’s a pity no security at all,this is the hand work of lazy people who refused to find themselves something doing.

  7. Yeah I think it’s also planned because how can robbers rob only customers and leave their staffs these case should be investigated properly

  8. Somebody cannot go to an eatery and eat in peace again… What a country… May God order our footsteps to the right place at the right place

  9. This is really bad, we all must join hands to fight insecurity and corruption, we just have to look out for each other and not enrich ourselves with other peoples wealth/belongings

  10. laffs, If you were to be the security guard/manager, wouldn’t you run for safety ni?????? they also gat families oo

  11. Welcome to Nigeria where the government doesn’t care about the security of the citizens.

    May God help us

  12. Hope no much life was lost, I pray there is cctv there to catch the morphological feature for identification.

  13. This is not fair… How could one leave his/ her place to have maybe launch or dinner and the person get involved in rubbery..? The state government needs to do something about it. It’s a pity for the loose.

  14. Buy your food home or to your office to eat that is the signal. Insecurity is the country biggest challenge many are been robbed and kill, many disabled and leaders are still fooling us. God will judge our leader.

  15. Poverty is a contributory factor, how can they die of hunger. Well God wil,expose bad means of survival

  16. Wow. Has it now gotten to this, to be robbing people are eateries???. Very unfortunate. It sure does sounds like a setup, if the staffs of that place were not robbed.

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