RMD writes FCT police command CP, demands justice for 4 year old raped in Abuja

Veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, RMD writes to the FCT police command CP, demanding for justice for the 4 year old girl who was allegedly raped by a man, Idris Ebiloma, in Abuja in September 2016.RMD writes FCT police command CP, demands justice for 4-year-old raped in Abuja

RMD took to his social media page to share the letter to the Commissioner of Police in the Federal Capital Territory, Bala Ciroma, demanding that the 4 year old who was raped gets justice. He also pointed out that the rape of a child is one of the heinous crimes anyone can commit. Read his open letter below


Dear CP Bala Ciroma,

I am hearing rumours that nearly 3 years ago, in your jurisdiction, a full grown man Mr IDRIS EBILOMA allegedly raped a 4 year old child. All rapes are evil, damaging and unforgivable but the rape of a child? That in itself is not only the worst form of rape but one of the most heinous crimes anyone can commit but more disheartening than the crime itself is the allegation that the police is frustrating efforts to get this innocent child the justice she so badly deserves.

With the increased spate of insecurity, abuse of personal freedom (especially by SARS) and now rape. The police cannot play ostrich and pretend to be unaware of the mood of the nation. What better time and what better way to prove that the police is indeed our friend by ensuring that the investigation and evidence(s) presented to the court are thorough and an iron clad case made against the offender.

Sir, I have never met you but I hear that you’re a good man and I am going by that assumption which is why I am writing you this open letter, hoping that the power of social media will lead it to you and trusting that you will live up to your reputation and use your noble office to get KHLOE the justice she deserves, that way she grows up having great hopes in our law enforcement and judiciary.
Sir, CP Bala, we are rooting for you to write your name in gold in Nigeria’s history by being the one who made it happen.
Kind Regards,
Richard Mofe-Damijo.

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