Ritualists den uncovered in Ekiti

The Ekiti State police command has uncovered a ritualists’ den in Odo, a suburb in Ado Ekiti, the state capital and arrested two suspected ritualists.

Ritualists den uncovered in Ekiti lailasnews

The Commissioner of Police, Asuquo Amba, who led a team of officers and journalists to the forest where the shrine was located, said the hideout could be a den of kidnappers, fraudsters and other undesirable elements.

Odo, where the shrine was discovered is a satellite town of about 10 kilometres to Ado Ekiti and it is home to a private polytechnic. Asuquo said:

“We trekked a few kilometres into the forest before arriving at the well laid out shrine.

We discovered a hidden underground in one of the houses at the shrine and there were fetish objects all over the place. These fake foreign currencies suggest that the operators of this shrine are fraudsters.

These two men were apprehended when the police raided the hideout. The community head, Akitipa of Odo has also been invited by the police to assist in the investigation.“

The police boss, who described the den as fraudsters’ hideout appealed to the general public to always assist the police by giving them useful information which could help them to perform their duties.


  1. Repent from your evil work and accept Jesus as your personal lord and saviour change your ways God will be very very happy I pray you change

  2. Evill does not last, good will catch up on day. The police is foing a great job. But presumption is not ideal. A thorough investigation is necessary so tgat others can be apprehended

  3. Anytime i hear this talk,i usually wonder how it”ll be done &currencies would be coming out with the Central Banks Governor Name&validation intact
    Dont sell your soul to the devil…..worship God….He doesnt take with the right&give with the Left

  4. The order ones will be exposed two,but I urge our police officers don’t swept the case under the carpet

  5. The truth is that if Nigerians would stop patronizing these ritualistic, they would be out of the society and possibly have their shrine confiscated.
    Let’s pray for a Nigeria where there will be good opportunities in order to avoid this evil patronage.

  6. Everybody want to make it anyhow this days, the rate of ritualistic is too much now… Is only God that bless you without any payback

  7. Those kind of place are all over the places. Ritualist killing and kidnapping are now the order of the day. Things has gone beyond control in Nigeria and it only God that can save us.

  8. This Ekiti state is full of ritualist Dean, more searching should go on so to fish out these bad places, evil every where in the highest level.

  9. Thunder fire the ritualists. Good thing they were caught in the act. Many more judgment to come for wicked people

  10. Well done for the great job u just accomplish,,God will give the strength to apprehend all others like that

  11. That’s good…….. May God continue to expose and disgrace them if they choose not to repent from their evil ways

  12. This is strange never heard such in ekiti state before, I pray God will continue to expose the evil doers.

  13. Quick money everywhere, what shall it profit a man to earn the whole world and looses his soul to the devil

  14. God will expose the evil ones. Thank God the den was uncovered. Others too will be uncovered soon by God’s grace

  15. Love of money will soon take some people’s to their early grave, pls repent now tomorrow may be to late for you warning to all these rituals.

  16. There are still more of them. Endeavor to show their faces if you are not hiding something too. Kudos to you guys.

  17. This the time heaven will expose all evil doers in this world, wicked people may God punish them all

  18. All this ritualist God will punish them all,God will be exposing them every minute of the day they will never go free death will be visiting them all.

  19. God please don’t stop to disgrace them with their wicked ways. More churches more ritualist more crime more killing.. What a world. Please you guys should search verybeell and bring out people destinies especially those that their Pants was stolen

  20. Look at how their environment is unkept
    Devil is a dirty thing
    Thanks to the police men that went for such journey to reveal that if not they would have been deceiving people

  21. The police are really doing a good job, more investigation should be carried out so that all their corporate will be apprehended.

  22. Noting is hidden under the sun, since they have chosen to work in a evil part they have to pay for it, this will be a lesson to others

  23. Thank God for exposing this one too,police should not take it lightly with the men caught there because a lot of lives will have been wasted in that shrine before now

  24. Thank God for revealing all their strategy and evil ways. Good job to the police and all the state securities

  25. That ritualist has to be interrogated with serious passion because with the look of things now it’s like he have killed thousands

  26. Repent from your evil act, accept Christ as your Lord and personal saviour all this juju of things cannot save you, it will only leads you to destruction. Jesus is the way the truth and the light accept him today.

  27. That is a good work from Nigeria police, police are really working, just that Nigeria is too corrupt that is why there work is not showing up

  28. Your evil days are over…. God has exposed you. Go and pay for your evil deeds. O I pray you suffer the way you made people suffer.

  29. This Ekiti state is full of ritualist Dean, more searching should go on so to fish out these bad places, evil every where in the highest level.

  30. There are so many shrines located in different parts of Nigeria and they will be exposed by God’s grace.

  31. Evil can never hide for ever. Thank God they discovered it, at least their evil has been brought to light. Let the ones they caught confess the others

  32. All in the name of money we’re not even save in our own state that’s his God will exposed all of you people

  33. He should be punished our Nigerian police are really doing there job,i pray they should catch all the people doing this

  34. May God save us in this our country. Bad people here and there. While we are complaining about governments some are busy doing evil to one another


  36. Wow,no matter how strong the ritualist is,you are too small for God,I think the police is doing a great job

  37. This are the lazy people, that can’t work but want money all cost.
    God please save us from their hands

    Repent and have a new life.

  38. This are people who are responsible for the misfortunees of people but thank God they are being exposed

  39. Ritualist den everywhere, I pray the Lord keep exposing those in charge of such things if they fail to repent.

  40. it is good news that the shire was found, before more innocent people will fall victim in their hands. the police should continue with more investigations

  41. The love of money is the root of evil. It is good their hide out had been exposed. Hope more hide out will be exposed across d nation and the culprit (s) punished for their wickedness

  42. People are becoming too desperate this time around. If you ask the reason why a lot nD response will be that the government is not performing her duties

  43. Well we have to serve anything we believe it right but for me I think people based on this because it answer them fast

  44. May God continue to expose all this ritualist, none of them would escape punishment for their atrocities

  45. There are still many of them left to be uncovered, I pray God helps the police to uncover all other hidden shrines in other parts of the country

  46. Instead of people to just go and be hardworking. They will result to such fetish act. Who will it help? Before they enter hell fire.

  47. I will keep saying it that unemployment and lack of hope for the youths is what is leading them to fraudulent activities.

  48. Everyone wants to cut corners but there is no cutting corners to excellence. Surely one day the law will catch up with you. Only if Nigerians would inculcate hard work and perseverance,things would be far much better.

  49. Kudos to Nigeria police force for job well done ,God will protect us from all these kidnappers and ritualist

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