Ritualists buy women’s hair from hairdressers now – Man claims

A popular influencer on Twitter has revealed that ritualists buy women’s hair from some hair dressers now and that women should be careful where they make their hair.

Ritualists buy women's hair now from hairdressers - Man claims lailasnews
Ritualists buy women’s hair now from hairdressers – Man claims

In a post he made on the platform, he claimed he received a voice-note from a friend, who alerted him on the new plot used by ritualists to use people’s destiny.


A friend just sent me a Voice Note and it was shocking to hear her story. Please ladies, if you visit the salon and they comb out your hair please pack it yourself and dispose it yourself. A nylon full of women’s natural hair sells for N450K for ritualists. Please be WARNED !


  1. Jesus. God save us from this wicked world. So now women should be very careful were they make their hair.

  2. Hmm… God save our woman in nigeria.every part of woman things are useful for ritual now. You woman’s be watchful

  3. One can never be too careful, this ritual this is becoming a wave. Only way one can be free is too keep praying not to fall prey to this evil minded people.

  4. Every day dat passes by dey will always look for ways to get wat dey want now ladies hair in saloon, so dey dnt want we ladies to live peacefully dey want us to live wit fear,may God deliver us from d hands if this wicked people in dis world

  5. I cover my hair and that of my friends and family with the blood of Jesus. Amen. Wetin person no go hear

  6. The tome Nigerians would use in making legitimate wealth they will be busy looking for what to use for rituals. Too bad

  7. Na wow this is end time ooo so many things are happening Please both men if can pack ur head after Barb u do

  8. OMG dey Don leave pant now come dey use hair kwa
    All this people doing this stuff will surely be punished

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