Residents show their PVCs before receiving wrappers from politician in Elelenwo, Rivers State

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A video which has gone viral on social media, captured moment residents showed their PVCs before receiving wrappers from a politician in Elelenwo, Rivers State.

Residents show their PVCs before receiving wrappers from politician in Elelenwo, Rivers State lailasnews

There is also a growing dispute about the platform the politician who forced residents to show their PVCs before receiving wrappers is contesting on, as his party and identity is yet to be confirmed. Here is the video below;

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VIDEO : #2019elections Politicians Declares Operation Show Your PVC And Collect Wrapper At Elelenwo Community In Igweocha, Rivers State. #riversstate #Nigeria

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This is coming after we reported that a truck conveying bags of rice killed dozens of people in Ekiti State. The rice being conveyed were bagged with campaign stickers of an All Progressives Congress (APC) senatorial candidate in Ondo State, Tayo Alasoadura. Mr Alasoadura is a senator representing Ondo Central at the National Assembly. He is seeking re-election in 2019.

Such bags of rice are used as campaign materials. They are given to party supporters and potential voters to secure their support.


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  1. These politicians with different styles of indirect vote buying, instead of telling them how you will impact positively on their lives, you’re giving them 6 yards of Ankara wrapper.

  2. All this is because of election,we are praying for better Nigeria not the one that will collect all the money for his self and his family

  3. This is good at least it will encourage all the people yet to collect their PVCs to do so, as the inec office is not dumping ground. Its there properties whether they intend to vote or not. It won’t be a bad idea if other politicians will take a leaf from him.

  4. Nigeria will never stop to amaze me. I can’t wait for the elections to be over so that all this nonsense will stop.

  5. It’s all campaign the way you will be able you do you do campaign for the forth coming election.

  6. Why this nonsense for God sake. And we want 2019 to be better .this clearly show The election is fake already

  7. Wrong decision by Nigerians, do and vote who u want with a clean conscience. This a indirect bribing. God bless Nigeria

  8. Our politicians will always look for a way to buy votes let’s not sell our vote please but vote the right person.

  9. Nigerians… Politicians… Please with or without this gifts make the right vote. Because if you don’t we will suffer it. Collect it do the right thing.

  10. Our politicians will always look for a way to buy votes let’s not sell our vote please but vote the right person.

  11. They are now selling for right and freedom for wrapper .time will come when they start shouting nothing knowing dat they taken their shares before the person entered dat seat

  12. That is the level they are. You should not blame the politicians. Why use snake as bait for fish…when earthworm can do the job.
    These same politicians will go with bags of money when going to visit big men of the society.
    Why not be a big man yourself??

  13. Politicians and their stylish ways of getting people, well if I am the one, I will collect their rapper and still VOTE them out!

  14. That’s all u will get from him, let him win, u will never see him again, crazy nigeria politicians

  15. If we can collect gifts and later vote for a person whom we know in our heart that will perform well, it will be good.
    But some people have sold their birthright for pieces of porridge. When these politicians are elected, the masses will be crying foul forgetting they sacrificed their conscience on the altar of money.

  16. What will the wrapper do for the people…. anyway, take the wrappers my people, but make sure you don’t sell your vote alongside.

  17. Can you imagine. so this politician has come up with a strategy of bribing people in other to get their vote.see no matter how they try it won’t work

  18. Yes na it a normal thing, u show u will vote on dat day. But dry fail 2 understand dat they might change there mind on voting day..

  19. This women should be careful on how they accept gift from all this politician. U are selling ur comfort for wrapper

  20. Vote buying Nigerians when we will learn, don’t sell your vote, after the wrapper tomorrow you will still curse them..

  21. Nigerians be wise don’t sell your votes because of material things, you can collect but cast your votes to whom you want to don’t be deceived

  22. They should come and share to me… I have done my voters card since 2011 .im a good citizen of the state too

  23. That is the politics we play in this country, how is this happing in my generation and how did we get here

  24. How does voters card serve as a requirement to collect the wrapper the politicians are sharing, they should give the people without conditions, though their voters card is important, it shouldn’t become something else

  25. There should not be corruption because you want some one to vote ✅ you, let the election be free and fair

  26. Oo lord we need change in our country ,so that daer well non be steing kidnaping killing ,,in jesus amen

  27. This is a very good strategy. This is to show how important it is for us to exercise our franchise

  28. That is why we always vote in the wrong people. When someone is busy sharing wrappers, what will you tell him when he win.

  29. This is what you expect from politicians who have only their selfish interest at heart, they would go to any lrnght to ensure they win

  30. Our problem in this country is longer throat we don’t think about the future when it comes to collecting free things god please save Nigeria.amen

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