Reno Omokri: “Any man that sends ‘urgent 2k’ to a girl using iPhone 12 is not wise”

Popular socio-political critic and former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri stated that men who send “urgent 2k” to girls using iPhone 12 are unwise.

Urgent 2k is a slang to refer to an incident in which a person request for a urgent small fund raise from a friend.

In a series of tweets shared on his verified Twitter handle, Reno Omokri blasted men who do exactly this and calls them “Mugu” for that behavior.

According to him, a man who has an iPhone 10 and sends money to a girl who requests for urgent 2k, but is actually using an iPhone 12 is described as a fool.

In his words;

“A fool can be described as a man with an iPhone 10 who sends money to a girl that sends him an ‘urgent 2k’ text with an iPhone 12. These girls are marketers. They have their daily target. You are not special to her. You are just one mugu among her many Maliyamungus”

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