Remembering the Hero Dogs of 9/11 (Photos)

A social media user has taken out time to celebrate the hero dogs of 9/11 just as Americans across the country commemorated the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks on Wednesday.Remembering the Hero Dogs of 9/11 (Photos)

Twitter user, Clays and Birds shared in the heart warming thread with pictures of several hero dogs from 9/11 terror attack with their handler. He wrote;

Every year as we move away from the events of 9/11, I find the images of the towers falling don’t impact the way they use to. I now try to focus on individual stories from that day to help remind me of the emotions I felt. This year I want to focus on the hero dogs of 9/11

Roughly 300 Search and Rescue dogs were deployed to ground zero. Only 100 were equipped to handle what they encountered. Most SAR dogs weren’t trained to handle large scale operations or urban environments. 9/11 rewrote the training guide for SAR dogs

The most famous dog from that day was Bretagne. She was the last known SAR dog that was at ground zero. She also worked rescue missions at Katrina and Ivan. One of her greatest contributions was acting as a spokesperson for the dogs of 9/11. She died on June 7, 2016

Riley is the subject of the most famous K9 photo from 9/11. Riley was trained to find living people and was not trained to be a cadaver dog. Despite this he continued to work tirelessly. Riley passed away on 2/26/10

Appollo was the first dog at ground zero. He arrived on the seen 15 minutes after the attack. He nearly died from falling flames and only survived because he previously fell in water and was still wet. He died in November of 2006

Trakr was driven down from Nova Scotia by his handler. He found the last known survivor from ground zero, Genelle Guzman. When his handler, Symington, was seen on TV by his department in Canada, he was suspended for leaving without permission. Trakr died in April of 09

Sirius is the only known K9 death. He was an explosive detection K9. He was in the S tower when the N tower was hit. His handlers last words to him were, “I think we’re in a lot of trouble. I will be back for you.” His handler locked him in his kennel before helping victims.

Worf found the remains of two firefighters on his first day. He was immediately retired because he emotionally shutdown and quit eating. “He kind of withdrew from everything. There was so much death there, it was emotional for the dogs.” – Mike Owens his handler

Ricky was the smallest SAR dog at ground zero. This was crucial for search operations as he could reach spots other dogs couldn’t. He would frequently go places his handler couldn’t see. He worked 10 days straight on the night shift.

Hansen arrived at ground zero months after the attack to help find remains. He worked 150 days straight. He recovered Officer Perry and Sgt. Curtin’s remains.

Kaiser was deployed to ground zero. He worked 12 hour shifts for 10 days straight. “He injured his foot during the rescue effort. the veterinarian stitched him back up. His cries showed just how painful it was, but for the record, Kaiser was back on the job the very next day.”

I’m not sure if this photo is Jake (it looks like him), but Jake was a rescue dog found abandoned in the streets. His handler trained him and he served with Utah Task Force 1 at ground zero.

Remembering the Hero Dogs of 9/11 (Photos)

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