Regina Daniels blasts Buhari as she’s appointed Youth campaign coordinator for Atiku

Regina Daniel who has been appointed Youth campaign coordinator for Atiku, has blasted President Buhari who according to her is a myriad of lies.

Regina Daniels blasts Buhari as she's appointed Youth campaign coordinator for Atiku lailasnews

The Nollywood actress who further disclosed that she has accepted her appointment as a Youth campaign coordinator for Atiku, disclosed that the land bleeds from hunger and inertia. According to her, it is time for Nigerian Youths to join her and vote Atiku/Obi 2019 to protect our future.

Regina Daniels who blasted Buhari in her Instagram post, wrote;

I’m Regina Daniels. Proud to be 100% Atikulated with Atiku Abubakar who is in the race to become Nigeria’s next President. I accept my appointment as Youth Campaign Coordinator For Nollywood with humility and youthful zeal. Atiku is a youth-friendly leader who has assured that every 4 out of 10 of his cabinet will be a youth. The drift is brazen. The nation is at crossroads. The land bleeds from hunger and inertia. It’s time to steer the ship away from caput. From Bama to Bori, Aba to Abuja, kaura Namode to Kaduna, the sky is gloomy.
Time for Nigerian Youths to join me and vote Atiku/Obi 2019 to protect our future.

Regina Daniels blasts Buhari as she's appointed Youth campaign coordinator for Atiku lailasnews 1

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  1. Blasting him is not wat you need now, strategising on how to win the election should be ur priority

  2. Congratulations on your new appointment but no need to blast him instead quietly look for a strategy for the right one to win

  3. Congrats to you, but I would have advised you to stay away from politics. As you have accepted who am i to say otherwise.

  4. U are blasting him cos u were appointed as youth campaign coordinator for nooly wood,well be careful with politicians cos u can’t play the dirty with them.

  5. “Every 4 out of 10 of his cabinet will be a youth”. So you were told , abi? Till then , we will know if he meant what he said .

  6. Lol! Small girl with her little brain they talk shit and piss just because de gave you money. For your information buhari promise more than what you claim Atiku promised.. Jut don’t say thing careful.

  7. congratulations mydear more grace without been told we all know already that its Atiku we all wants we are sick and tired of buhari regime its not getting us any good

  8. Blasting him will not change any thing,but I think Nigerian youth is complaining,Buhari government really help a lot of youth.

  9. My dear, you are too young for this game. Just stay clear of politics, because you meant not like the end part.

  10. Because they made you the youth campaign director does not mean you know all concerning who fits best for the presidency. Tread cautious

  11. You will soon have the tongue of politicians instead if you to plan how you can make the office given to you effective and be successful you’re there blasting a man like your great grand father.

  12. You better shush ur mouth cause you know nothing about politics. This Atiku that you Atikulating sef is one of the most corrupt leaders.
    And as for me I prefer President Muhammadu Buhari to Atiku

  13. See this small girl, don’t involve yourself in politics, just do your campaign in peace without insulting anybody. Congratulations all the same

  14. Hmmmmmmmmmm well that is what she feel is best, but I will advise her not to involve herself in any political matters….. I don’t support any body… Ok if you say Atiku “fine” what if his case is worster than buhari? what will be your fate… I just pray that God should give us a good leader that will lead us with integrity and the free of God

  15. and who tells you that blasting him is what you need right now? Over sabi… Focus on what you are appointed for

  16. That’s your thinking mentality did you really believed Atiku will put the youth in his cabinet stop kidding yourself someone that’s going to make his friends rich will do what put the youth among the people that will work for him during his tenures Regina you’re still a small girl okay you know nothing about politics don’t let them corrupt you even more okay

  17. Am sorry to say but is she for real, you still want your great grand father to rule, what happened to supporting the young presidential aspirant. People wake up who are the leaders of tomorrow?

  18. Congratulations but not keep your mouth and leave politics to those who know how to play it,its not film making oh!

  19. The true is that the caption makes it hard so it will attract people to the post. But this is a nice move

  20. Fingers are crossed for you RD, ask your elder sister JN and she will tell you. Tell us how many people can you convinced to vote. Kindly thread softly baby doll.

  21. Woow, these politicians have different strategies, they know young people like Regina, thats why they made her youth coordinator. Regina babe, congrat anyways..

  22. Congratulations,but I will advice you to leave buhari out of this and start strategizing how you will mobilise youth and do what you were appointed to do

  23. my little advice to you Regina,you should just be very careful before they kill you, politics is something else I just hope you are up for this

  24. Lucky you. The youths really needs to speak out because this government has nothing in plan for the youths. Buhari has shown the youths are not in his plans. Let’s Atikulate

  25. Just focus on your new post and strategy to win the election. This is politics be careful you are too young for this

  26. My sister that is you, congrat for your appointment but for me neither Atiku or Buhari will I vote for.

  27. just because de gave you money. For your information buhari promise more than what you claim Atiku promised.. Jut don’t say thing careful.

  28. Congratulations but starting by blastering him is not a good one at all.plan on how to win the election for atiku

  29. Blasting Buhari is not the ultimate, remember the power of incumbency, just seat to device a means to let your dream come true.

  30. be careful about your comments,you have a good career ahead of you,if atiku doesn’t wins,i hope you’ll yet be in this country

  31. Using the right words in place to woo the masses is what you should gather together to make your plan and desire achieved…. You have been called to duty so prove it and abstain from matter found irrelevant to your campaign dear….. Stand strong and the useful youths with vision for betterment of their future will back you strongly…..

  32. congratulations on your new appointment ooo.but be ready for the outcome because you are involving yourself into politics

  33. As young as you seem to be, you are senseless. You have sold the future of your very own generation to Atiku since your thinking is to BLAST your old enough grandpa. You no get manners at all.

  34. I actually don’t believe in empty word of mouth promises. If we vote for Atiku, what is he going to change?

  35. Congrats on your appointment dear but I must warn you, Buhari is not same with goodluck who you can insult and go Scot free. The elders will always advice, thread with caution.

  36. Congratulations but you are not appointed to blast anybody but to campaign. Please do your job diligently without blasting anyone cos this is politic you have to be very careful

  37. And she really believed herself when she wrote all these. Well i wish her all the best and may the best man win.

  38. That’s good.
    But you need more of strategies on how to pull through in getting to the goal electing the right person. Other than blasting who already knows he’s time is up!

  39. U knw, money can make u do stupid things sometimes, its just lyk alcohol, na wen d money finsh her eye go clear

  40. Congrats to her on her new appointment, that’s good, though she should apply wisdom, politics isn’t a play ground, people mean it with all their intentions

  41. The only thing I like about Atiku is that he is a man of action more than buhari but we have had enough of empty promises

  42. congratulation for the new post given to you but that is not an opportunity for you to insult your senior

  43. This good idea on your appointment for Atiku/Obi but you are not a politician you are a artist be carefull

  44. I can’t agree any less. New government is needed in this country. Let’s make a decision to save our dear nation.

  45. You are 100% Atikulated, no problem but don’t be surprise when they start coming after you for your statement, blasting the present leadership is not the way forward

  46. Congrats to you on your appointment. Just don’t be surprised if he didn’t appoint youths in his cabinet. Now that they need your vote, they will promise you heaven on Eartha and once they get there its all forgotten

  47. Political manifesto that they can never achieve it once they win any way congratulations on your appointment

  48. What is speaking now is the money they paid her. Very soon we will hear that Atiku is dating her just like Genevieve Nnaji

  49. That’s your opinion little Reggy. You are Atikulated while the majority are Buharilated…….
    What you should do is Pray continuously for the people in North East for restoration of peace in their communities, including your Atiku ‘Adamawa State’.

  50. But I don’t think you will vote as you have refused to grow old. Be careful not to bite more than you can chew.

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