Reekado Banks leaves Mavin Records

Reekado Banks has left Mavin Records owned by ace music producer, Don Jazzy but it was quite an emotional moment for the singer with many hits.

Reekado Banks leaves Mavin Records owned by Don Jazzy lailasnews

The singer who disclosed that joining Mavin Records was one of the best things that has happened to him in the last decade, added that he has learnt that family is not about blood ties but about sacrifices, love and friendship that exists among its members.

Reekado Banks who disclosed that he is ecstatic on what the future holds as he leaves Mavin Records, wrote;

Today I write in tears, not from a place of pain, but of joy and gratitude. A place of bliss and satisfaction because I am more than contented with how far this opportunity has brought me. The last five years have been the most blissful years of my career. The journey has been extremely wonderful and filled with the best experiences. I’ve learnt that family is not just about blood ties but about the love, sacrifices and friendship that exist amongst its members.

The relationships I have fostered has proved to me that love is thicker than blood. • Joining the @mavinrecords family was the best thing to have happened to me in the last decade. @donjazzy took me in and treated me like his own son. I’ll be eternally grateful to him for sacrifices he made towards the growth of my career. His selflessness and efforts towards me and the entire Mavin crew is one that is admirable and worthy of emulation.

A true KING with a large heart, full of kindness and ready to accommodate even more people. And to the rest of the crew, Our family is a clear example of the saying, “We rise by lifting others.” Thank you all for all the times you’ve lifted me at my lowest moments, for the support, the amazing hits and most especially, the LOVE. • Taking this bold step and moving on from Mavin Records onto bigger opportunities is something that, though not easy, is absolutely necessary because of my growth. I am very ecstatic about what the future holds and I cannot wait to share with everyone what new opportunities have come. Long Live Mavin Records.

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  1. I like the way he left peacefully, without fighting like others.. wishing well in his future endeavors.

  2. during his short stay with the music label,he has done well for himself.i wish him well in his future endeavours

  3. This is so emotional after giving your best to the one of the best records. Good both parties reached an agreement peacefully with so much to go there separate ways. Wish him greater height in his music career full of success.

  4. See as I dey get goosebumps for this speach sha,
    Nice one Reeky!
    I love your songs like kilode!
    The Future awaits you as we look forward for to your next hit.

  5. Marvin’s family will really miss Reekado Banks but the most important thing is that they are separating on mutual according.

  6. This is so sweet…God bless main, God bless don jazzy…I wish you well in all your endeavors reekado.

  7. Amazing way of expressing gratitude. Great guy. Wishing you well in your future endeavours. Cheers brother.

  8. Good news, thank God u left in peace, is good to live an exemplary life, a good leader indeed to Don jazzy, bravo

  9. Such a grateful heart of appreciation to the mavin records, he truly gave his sincere appreciation to Don Jazzy who played a major role in his career growth stages, well done, good luck man

  10. I like how you left ,and the way of expressing gratitude.. Wishing you well, successful in your future endeavours.

  11. Good to hear he’s not leaving heart broken but with a happy heart to show that he really achieve his aim.

  12. Thank God you left mavil record in peace, are such I advice you raise others the way Jon jazz treated of luck

  13. He has been the only one singing something. Nice in the crew but he knows the reason for his leaving though

  14. It’s good he recognised the person that brought him up and the family that helped. Good one reekado.

  15. That’s good for him, change is the only thing constant. He is getting to another good level.

  16. I guess this was bound to happen, virtually all made stars leave their records.. I just hope he makes it big time on his own.. But why do all the stars really leave?

  17. What growth are you talking about,marvin made you who you are today.i guess you think Marvin is not productive anymore.think well before acting

  18. That is what life actually is carrying People along with you and helping them succeed. They must not necessarily be your family members. Thanks to Marvin Records kind heart.

  19. That’s very good, the best part if working with people is their ability to support your every decision without feeling you are plotting their downfall, and Marvins record has served this purpose for a lot of artists and will still do more. Wish you all the best Reekado

  20. sometimes in life u have to take a very bold step to success..Marvin records will miss u aoo much reekado banks..more height to u I pray

  21. You have your life to leave,you don’t own anybody explaination before you can decide for yourself…
    Hope u make a rite decision…

  22. Comment*a time comes in life when u have to take a nokder step..Marvin will really miss u..more heights to u dear

  23. That’s how to be a real man I like is speech on what he wrote.i wish you all the best on your new hustle sir

  24. There is nothing wrong in him wanting to be on his own it even helps him to see what he can achieve on his own without anyone’s interference no one wants to be a tenant forever

  25. I’m really happy for him because that’s what everybody work for, to be a boss of your own someday.

  26. grateful heart of appreciation to the mavin records, he truly gave his sincere appreciation to Don Jazzy who played a major role in his career growth stages, well done, good luck man

  27. This is a good way of parting with those considered friends/family so that when both parties meet again in the future, there wont be ill feelings. All the best Reekado and long live mavin records

  28. Good for u. It’s not good to just confine urself in a place. Go out there and make a name for urself. Good luck

  29. Well Done.may your new record label bring out the very best in you. Dnt stop giving us hit back to back as b4.the sky is just the starting point.

  30. I can tell you’re parting in peace
    Nothing feels good than becoming a full grown man in the industry with no quarrels from your origin
    Congrats Reeky

  31. Life is a stage so we must move on from stage to stage, my advice for you bro us that, in every new level their is a new devil. I wish you all the best

  32. This is really good shows appreciate, not that others when they made free ,they will start talking how they were cheated

  33. No information regarding the new label he is moving to but am pleased to know his leaving Mavin records was on a cordial note

  34. Great decision Reekado Banks. You are really talented and i now you will excel in the music industry. good luck

  35. Well reeks that is a good one, I hope you see Marvin as a stepping stone to greatness, wish you all the best

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