Reekado Banks and Tolani Otedola, Femi Otedola’s eldest daughter spark dating rumour

Reekado Banks and Tolani OtedolaFemi Otedola’s eldest daughter, have sparked a dating rumour just after their ‘loved up’ photos was shared on social media.

Reekado Banks and Femi Otedola's eldest daughter, Tolani spark dating rumour lailasnews lailasnews

While entertainment insiders claiming it is a stunt or photos taken from behind the scene of a recent video shoot, Twitter users believe that there might be more to the recently released photos of Reekado Banks and Tolani Otedola.

Here are the photos and some tweets below;

Reekado Banks and Femi Otedola's eldest daughter, Tolani spark dating rumour lailasnews 1

Reekado Banks and Femi Otedola's eldest daughter, Tolani spark dating rumour lailasnews 2

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@EtniesJags wrote;

Reekado Banks has moved to Otedola’s 3rd daughter It’s officially secure the bag SZN

@Abuja_empire wrote;

ReekadoBanks: My papa no be Dangote or Adeleke… but we go de Tolani Otedola: Say no more. Otedola with the money ooooo ReekadoBanks with the sense

@Osascruz wrote;

You guys should calm down!! Tolani otedola and Reekado Banks are not dating, it’s a song they’re dropping.

@Thosyn_ wrote;

Asa Asika(Cuppy), Mr Eazi(Temi) , and Reekado Banks(Tolani) out there making money moves “Otedola” . What is wrong with my head sef? Anybody with digger over there? Make I start to dey dig-hunt

Well with this, it seems Fewa Otedola is the only single person in the billionaire businessman’s family. Fewa Otedola is the only son of one of Africa’s richest men and CEO of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola. Unlike his sisters, Olawumi, DJ Cuppy and Temi Otedola, Fewa likes to keep things private.


  1. If it is true then I wish both a happy relationship and I hope nothing serves as barrier later

  2. Well I don’t believe the relationship. For one she is way older and I don’t see any spark between them. Just pictures

  3. It’s just for a video shoot na
    Why are people raising unnecessary alarms. Even if they’re dating. It’s nobody’s business

  4. And what is wrong if they are dating? Its their life, they can do whatever they want with it…

  5. This is more than just a shoot behind the scenes even from the looks their is something hidden.

  6. I wish them a successful relationship,I pray it will be a long lasting relationship for the two of you

  7. I doubt the credibility of this rumour because Tolani is way older than Reekado and this is Africa..we take such things seriously

  8. I don’t think both of them are dating since they are both musicians and might be dropping a song.

  9. Hmmmm…it fits them tho tolani is older than reekado banks..I see no problem in both of them dating

  10. Could that be true? If that is true, I wish you guy all the best. Age is not a barrier to true love

  11. All na publicity stunt, I just sensed reekado banks is about releasing a new song, so he needs public awareness but if they are really dating good for them, besides they are adults.

  12. People always spark rumors whenever they see two people of different sex together. Anyway, if Reekado asks Tolani out and she affirms positively, I don’t see any bad in it.

  13. Nothing is found impossible in the entertainment industry… Mostly relationship aspect… And I know it isn’t a bad deal for him to date the lady if need be…

  14. I don’t believe in this…It is still rumor…but why should rich people be dating rich people sef…..marry poor girl na

  15. Time shall tell if it is just a music video pics or is real dating picture…I wish them well all the same…people can talk oh…

  16. If this is really true then my new released album should be con…..gra….tu…..LA.. Tion . I love this I hope it will end well.

  17. People like putting nose into others affairs. If they are dating, it will come to light, otherwise, it won’t. So why not facing your business.

  18. There is nothing wrong with the two dating as long love, understanding is key in every relationship. Good luck to them.

  19. Otedelo has her right to her affairs so I don’t think it’s a proper thing for people to be interference with disclosures. She’s a grown woman and can date anyone her heart wishes. If that guy is your lover , I don’t have any problem with it.

  20. I don’t think this rumour of love or possible dating could be true but any other thing could bring the connect that produce the photo shoot.

  21. Two of them know what is good for them and they are matured enough to decide on their own.

  22. People won’t mind their business. This picture must have been taken when they were just chatting or discussing business, but rumour mongers are now making it a News headline.

  23. Its just pictures……reekado in an interview on hip TV clearly stated that nothing is between them and I think if they love really existed he wouldn’t deny it publicly like that so know the authenticity of your news before you believe and share

  24. If they are into relationship, I don’t think is a bad thing and it doesn’t call for debate. Let them live their lives.

  25. People should not be quick to jump into conclusions, it might be just a photo they had together during a concert, but if otherwise that they were dating, wish them the best

  26. Hummm this nigerians sha so is a crime to snap pics with an opposite sex b cos m a celebrity…hunm na them sabi jor

  27. Photo from a video or not is no body business, I they love themselves they should go ahead to date each other.

  28. We human we no fit shut up for things o see tweets abeg everyone with his opinion well if they are really our for it I wish them the very best

  29. What these two young people do in their spare time is their own private business. How whether they are dating or not is anybody’s business makes me wonder o.

  30. Leave them alone o, world people…love is everywhere…it’s 2019, if they are dating…nothing wrong with that

  31. Make believe have made it difficult for us to know reality. Whatever, if they are on I wish them well

  32. Am very sure they ain’t dating… It’s just of a photo of two artiste probably working on something

  33. This might just be for publicity sake, trying to give people what to discuss on. Nobody knows the truth until they confirm it themselves

  34. Whether photo shoot or film tricks o , all I know is , there is nothing wrong if they are dating , but the thing here is, will the relationship last?

  35. When will people stop being pokenosing on other people’s life. Dating or not dating is their problem. Are they not human? Can’t they live their life the way they want?

  36. This is version two of chioma n davido. Lol
    We are watching oh. We will see n still hear how things will turn out.

  37. It is just a photo shoot and people are just making a big deal out of nothing. Beside, the pair have not said anything yet

  38. Hmmmm…it fits them tho tolani is older than reekado banks..I see no problem in both of them dating

  39. all what is our concern now if they are dating. let dem enjoy the life as he sweet and you all should focus on Jubril this year

  40. I just knew all those pictures are just for the promotion of their songs . I really don’t think Reekado Banks and Tolani have anything attached to eachother apart from songs

  41. whether dating or droping a song. I still lik em lik dat. Two people wt great voice. May una carryon

  42. Nigerians with different drama, even if they are both dating, I don’t see any barrier or big deal there.

  43. Nawa oooo…
    Nigeria can carry rumor sha..
    Have they declared it with their mouth that they are dating?
    Make Una calm down oo

  44. Cellebritys likes dating each other.all of Otedola’s children were dating who are we going to date now we that are not celebritys

  45. Wow thats nice i judge nobody love rules so long they are happy with each other ets give cudos to them…enjoy it while it last Reccado Banks

  46. Love is a beautiful thing.. if the so wish to date each other, fine! Is they life not mine.

  47. Lol…Nigerians can join relationship dat has no future together. ..they might not even think of it like dat but now am sure sumtin will go on after seeing all this tweet

  48. Well..whatever there say.. I still won’t believe until I see them going out on dates and taking pictures together.

  49. People should chill out. Nigerians are always looking for ways to draw conclusion even to issues that don’t exist. Let them speak up first

  50. Weda dating or not, its their business, Nigerians can carry rumors on dia head lyk gala sellers on d street

  51. It doesn’t look like they are in relationship I just feltl is a video shoot they are doing even if they are dating is their business and I wish them happy relationship.

  52. I don’t really believe in such rumour cos she is way older than banks so its not actually possible to date her

  53. Although it’s just a photoshoot but a lot can be happening behind the scenes , but i wish them well

  54. It’s just a video shoot guys. Niger! Una can read meaning to picture? Let them release a statement first

  55. The social media platforms is use to spread all types of news good or bad. Thisnis another one

  56. Is it true?? If it is I wish u guys the best because love is beautiful when you meet the right one

  57. If this news is true, am really happy for both of them, and looking forward to the time when they we get marry

  58. You guys should calm down!! Tolani otedola and Reekado Banks are not dating, it’s a song they’re dropping.

  59. What’s with people, cos they’re celebrities, if not why this unnecessary rumors, people marry
    Their mates, even the once they’re much younger than all d time

  60. In general, it seems this otedolas’ daughters has cravens for celebrities anyway contrate to both of them two is better than one thoo

  61. Surprisingly nobody is accusing artistes of being gold digger theses days. Now I wish I am a musician.

  62. Plz we just started this year. .pokenosing in things that don’t concern us should be avoided. Let them date if they want Haba. Nigerians can analyze things at times eh.

  63. whether na date or working on a jam today me like em lik that. If na jam, it gon be a blast cuz of the two beautify voices

  64. They are girls, someone must marry them. So banks can be that lucky, no probs, but i think this girl go really senior banks o

  65. If they are dating, it will come to light, otherwise, it won’t.
    So why not facing your business. Aproco

  66. I dont understand why people will not mind their business, saying things they are not totally sure of.

  67. People do say what there don’t know. There were not there when there had a photo shoot and there didn’t hear there conversation.

  68. People should stop assuming, we should let Banks come tell it to the world his marital affair, as I can see in those pictures, the pictures are just music video scene.

  69. Nigerians with assumptions and rumour peddling. May God help us. So somebody cannot snap with a man again.

  70. This 2019 is gonna be superb ooo. Its allowed as they’re matured enough for that. Congratulations.

  71. The pictures are not that of a convincing relationship… I go with the idea that it was taken behind the scene of a video shoot.

  72. People will just see pictures and start tweeting, even if he’s dating her I don’t see anything wrong in that. They are humans and can make decisions for themselves

  73. If they are dating what’s wrong with it?
    Let them have their ways since that’s what they desire of each other

  74. There’s always any element of truth in every rumor. So be it for them, if truly they are

  75. If there is any iota of truth in this story.. Then I wish the two success in their love journey.

  76. People too like to poke nose in others affairs… So aren’t they cute if they date.. Who is kiss Daniel self.. Abeg free them joor

  77. Nigerians are just too good at inciting rumours even when they know it’s nothing
    Let’s forget the rumours and enjoy the jokes
    Like this one

    “My papa no be Dangote or Adeleke… but we go de Tolani Otedola: Say no more. Otedola with the money ooooo ReekadoBanks with the sense”


  78. Either they are dating or not it not a big deal true love never lies besides it a song they are dropping

  79. People likes gossiping too much, they can never mind their own business. Whether they are dating or not is nobody’s business.

  80. A mixture of stunt and truth. Yea, they want publicity and it does seem like it is mprethan that a bit

  81. These 2 people are matured enough to handle a relationship and I see no reason why they can’t be lovers.

  82. It’s a free world if they are dating leave them either one is older than the other it’s nobody’s business wish them a long lasting relationship

  83. It’s song they want to drop not that they are dating ni oo. Nigerians will always give different meaning to stuffs

  84. With what is written there I don’t think they are actually dating but if there are dating there’s nothing wrong with that.

  85. Is still a rumour until I confirm if the answer is positive then I will wish you two happiness in your relationship.

  86. One major problems with we nigerians is that we like to see to other peoples affairs, we is anyone business if they are dating are they not human or they are not matured enough, congrate dear if its true.

  87. The rich roll with the rich. Few years back, reeky never thought he would even see this babe on one one sef

  88. I believe its a stunt but on this aspect anything is possible so there is a possibility that they are dating

  89. This is how it will start. Celebrities do not last in relationship, I bid them longer lasting one anyway.

  90. They are both Adult,if truely they are dating I see nothing wrong with that,God bless their union

  91. Hmm this one that every day I hear dating and relationship matter let me come and go dat mine before its late

  92. Can’t a boy and girl be friend’s again, for them to take a picture together does it mean they are dating, na wa ooooo

  93. They’re both adults, they know what they want, let’s just watch whether it will work out for them.

  94. even, if it’s true, I wish them a fantastic relationship but this seems somehow to me, let wait and see the outcome.

  95. Nigerians can poke nose, what’s their business if they are in love… They will never mind their business.. Let love lead jaraah

  96. Nigerian youths.. This is why our president say we are lazy.. Rumor or not. If theyre dating or not is not our business

  97. Reecado banks is young and I think he should avoid distractions at this point, he should have stayed with don jazzy a little. Even if his dating otedolas daughter I think he should make sure he does not play with his finances just to impress her.

  98. Reekado is an adult and has the right to date anyone he so desire. If Tolani accepts him, they are good to go.

  99. It’s simply just a for a photo shoot. Wow! we don;t get to hear of her like or other two siblings.

  100. But I really don’t see why this needs to be broadcasted about. They have their lives to enjoy, in private.

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