Reason why women are being raped in the North – Man explains

A twitter used identified as @AY_Zarewa has taken to the platform to share his opinion on the reason why many women are being raped in the North of Nigeria.

In his post, he opined that the high rate of rape on that part of the country is as a result of the indecent dressings, especially among the teenagers, whom he said are being attracted to perverts they meet in the society.

Read his post:

WHAT REALLY CONTRIBUTED TO RAPE IN THE NORTH OUR WOMEN! Decadent lifestyles of dressing borrowed from our colonial masters is all what destroyed our Northern society and brought us to the point of child right advocacy.

It’s pellucid we’re been lackadaisical about the issue of House wife’s & Morals. Most victims of rape are teenagers, we all know how fast teenagers develop their signs (breast and co), Some parents (women) aren’t so concerned about the dress their daughters wear when going out..

All what they say is “Ai Yara ne”. Go to any wedding house in kano and examine the 15…19year girls and the kind of FITTED GOWN they wore, just to look sexy or beautiful, this attract the bad eggs in men, they play with them, buy them gifts, what do you expect?

Those girls can be sent to buy bread, tea bags, sugar etc any time of the night, they’re been sent by their mothers, late night after 9pm as teenager roaming the streets, what did you expect? Bad eggs are everywhere. Before Getting married Find a WIFE not a SEX Material.


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