Reason why Davido is African King & not Burna Boy – Konjo Leyla

African Tour Concert Director, Konjo Leyla, has stated the reason why she believes Nigerian singer Davido is African King when it comes to music, and not Burna Boy.

According to her, Burna Boy still has a lot of work to do in some Africa countries and it’s too early to crown him as he needs more years to wear the crown.

Reason why Davido is African King & not Burna Boy – Tour expert Konjo Leyla

She stated that Davido has the title because he is known in all countries on the continent and he is still in high demand, unlike Burna Boy

Read excerpts from her Instagram live chat below:

“Now here is the things, at the moment, most people feel like Burna Boy is the biggest artist in Africa, I don’t feel like that, he is not. Because the reason why he is not is because he still has more work to do at the countries in Africa. This is a true story, when it comes to Africa, David is the king, believe or not, period!.

Nobody can take away that from him when it comes to overall Africa.

Let me tell you why, I have booked so many shows for David. 95% of bookings is David, the demand is so high. Nigerian’s are probably going to say Wizkid and Burna Boy are bigger, but they can’t tell me that when it comes to East Africa, we know David is the king.“

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