Reason why couple’s wedding was suspended – Deeper Life Church

Deeper Life Church has stated that the couple’s wedding in Bayelsa which they suspended was because they engage in immoral activities.

Reason why couple's wedding was suspended - Deeper Life Church

This is contrary to reports that the Deeper Life Church suspended the couple’s wedding because they ate from the same plate.

The church issued the below statement.

The church has a Marriage Committee that supervises marriage right from knowing the will of God, to obtaining parents’ consent, marriage registration to church wedding.

When the intending couples were told to go to Brass Region in Bayelsa state to obtain the man’s parents’ consent, they spent several days together before coming back to Yenagoa. They slept on the same bed and engaged in moral acts which amounted to sin and against the marriage process of the Church. They felt what they had done was bad and reported themselves to their pastors.

They were subsequently placed on discipline by the State Overseer. After some period, reporting that they have repented, the courtship was allowed to commence again.

As preparation for wedding was going on, it was discovered that they again engaged in acts contrary to the laid down procedure by the marriage committee of the church. This is after they had been disciplined earlier and warned not to engage in acts that will impact negatively on their proposed marriage.

When the Marriage Committee put a direct question to them based on the latest development, the man accepted their error. It is important to note here, that the church stands on holiness and members have been consistently admonished to “abstain from all appearance of evil. It is not also true that the parents pleaded with the pastor to wed them on the 8th June, 2019.

The summary is that they behaved themselves unseemingly, and were in haste to enjoy the benefits the church and God allow only married couples to enjoy.”

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  1. There blood dey hot.They know where they are coming,the church stands on holiness, such is not tolerated so they should have been patient.

  2. The more reason to wed them quickly or now you have suspended them wont they continue to sin, mumu church people, thats what happens when you use wordly sense to iudge spiritual matters.

  3. Holiness my foot. Who made u judges. That they were able to confess is enough please there are persons who did worst things in that ur church and still got wedded.

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