Rapper The Game thinks the California Wildfire was pre-planned

The Game has never been one to shy away from his mind, but he may have shared the craziest conspiracy theory yet and he believes the California wildfire was pre-planned by some people who might want to divert attention from another incident.

In case you missed it: news report has confirmed that the Woolsey fire and Northern California’s Camp Fire have so far killed 25 people with 35 posted missing.

Rapper The Game thinks the California Wildfire was pre-planned lailasnews 3
Rapper The Game thinks the California Wildfire was pre-planned

And some of the celebrities who have lost their properties to the fire include actor Gerard Butler and singer Robin Thicke.

Now, The Game who also lives in the neighbourhood has taken to his Instagram to claim that the fire was started just so to divert attention from the tragic Thousand Oaks shooting in California last week which claimed the lives of at least 12 people, including the niece of actress Tamera Mowry.

He wrote:

#PrayForUs #Calabasas  power out, barely any phone service, neighbors gone (my good white people be outta there boy) 🚶🏼‍♂️💨 fuckin phone on 8% & this shit headed straight for us.




  1. Why will the people planned such a disaster which has taken lifes already. Is the gun shots not enough for them? Now look at what they have caused. May the souls of those that passed away Rest in peace

  2. Whatever may cause the fire incidence, it is only God that knows. I think it is wise to start pointing fingers at any body.

  3. I don’t agree it was pre planned
    Y go to such extent
    Sometimes things happen that are just out of ur control and I biliv this is one of those thing

    Wishing em’ all the best

    #pray for California#

  4. Extreme dry weather .I saw the weather report on CNN..ppl die everyday, just like that..RIP to the departed..be comforted..

  5. Only God knows what caused the fire outbreak but all I can say is may God Almighty in heaven console those who lost their loved ones and their properties and may the souls of those lost find peace in the Boston of the Almighty Amen.

  6. The California fires is like a yearly occurrence. What are they trying to divert attention from on a daily basis.

  7. it might not be a pre~planned u no the weather is too dry now,pls people should be careful we cant be loseing lives this way

  8. Bad news but I thought they need to stop this because we don’t know what would com’s next. Rip to lost of life

  9. Oh my God. What a tragic incident. It’s true it might have been Pre planned, it could also just be an accident.

  10. Hmmn… He may be right, but why will someone do that? An investigation should be carried out on this immediately

  11. If it is actually planned, that is just too bad ,what have the people gain, but personally I don’t really think it was planned.

  12. There could be some atom of truth in what he is insinuating…rest in peace and I pray God will help everyone affected

  13. Game might not be far from the truth, the world today is full of misconduct and people can do anything to hide their faces

  14. He could right but we must remember that fire incidents has not started today in California it is an age-long problem.Also the president Blame them for not planting their trees right.

  15. It’s really bad if his allegation is true, how can destroy lives and properties for their selfish interest.

  16. Just look at what these people has done. Is the gun shots not enough for them? I pray that this nation will be wise. RIP to those that passed away.

  17. I suggest you pave your way and take off before it gets to you brother. Be it planned or not the only thing now is how to stop that fire from increasing. I feel for those who lost their life and valuable properties

  18. The news report has confirmed that the Woolsey fire and Northern California’s Camp Fire have so far killed 25 people with 35 posted missing.

  19. He might sound crazy but nothing is impossible. Rip to lost souls. Proper investigation should be carried out

  20. I won’t trash what The Game is saying on this matter. Even the State’s C-in-C was not even more concerned as expected of him to the situation earlier. Everybody lives matters.

  21. Who could have done sure an incredible act. Bad people is now more than the good ones no one know who is who

  22. I can’t believe that this kind of burnt will happened in any part of USA without immediate intervention from securities that’s mean, no place is saved on this earth but only in Christ Jesus

  23. It might be true what he’s saying but he shouldn’t point fingers at anyone cos he never can tell if it was planned or not

  24. There’s a saying that-‘In every rumour there’s an element of truth’-so no body knows what to believe.

  25. wild fire cant really be pre planned like the game will want us to believe. no one plans for such or pre plans for such. this is more of a natural disaster than man made and all needed to do is sympathize with those affected instead of looking for who to put the blame on…that aint gonna work this time around cos all people need now is a lasting solution to this wild fire stuff which has that of this month as the worst in the history of the states. our heart sure goes out to all those that lost loved ones and properties to this fire…thats sure one hell of a way to displace one and we hope some preventive measures be taken if possible cos this isnt a good memory at all

  26. He may be right. Because no body is talking about the shooting any more it is now about lost property to wild fire

  27. I believe this incident was never planned to turn out this way, but notwithstanding, it has caused a great lose.

  28. What’s really the problem, the death rate in that area is alarming just within a short interval imagine the lives that has been taken . yet it’s still not enough something should be done about it before its gets out of hand . all these happenings are pointing to the end time

  29. I for one believers Mr Rapper the game.
    I’ve seen and followed intelligent movies and terrorist ways of operating enough to know that this dude may be saying the truth.
    Although without prove, no one will believe him.

  30. Well you might be right but when you don’t have any solid evidence to back it up, we will presume that it was accidental

  31. Why will they planned such disastrous wildfire, it’s well with them, this wildfire costs properties and lives.

  32. I don’t think this one is pre-planed and they have already killed 25people and some were still missing Lord have mercy

  33. I don’t think the game is right about the pre- planned . Certain set of people can’t just wish for life and properties to be destroy be the aim of attacking a person or person . It’s out of context

  34. It happens yearly, but this years is worst with over 42 people death. Its so pathethic. We will all be praying for you

  35. Difficult to accept such claims.Focus should be more on ensuring The safety of lives.May God grant eternal rest to those souls lost in the fire

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