Rapper Khia says murdered Santa Fe students got what they deserved

It was a sad say on May 18, 2018, when a 17-year-old student opened fire on students and teachers of Santa Fe High School, Texas, killing 10 people and leaving 13 with injuries.

Rapper Khia says murdered Sante Fe students got what they deserved lailasnews 3

While the families of the dead are still coming to terms with the tragedy, Talk show host and rapper Khia has spat on their wounds by saying their dead loved ones deserved what they got.

During her podcast, Khia spoke about bullying and said it was telling that 17-year- old shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis had no friends in school. She said teachers and students made no efforts to befriend him, hence they deserve what happened to them.

According to her, it is more like living in hell. Even if the students will isolate a fellow student, will it be appropriate for the teachers to do same?

She said:

This boy has been in high school from 9th grade to 12th grade, and no one tried to be his friend.

She then went further to say they they all deserved what they got:

The teachers picked on him, the students picked on him. You mother f**kers got what you deserved.

Watch the shocking video below.


The shooting that occurred in Santa Fe High School sent shivers through the spine of the entire nation’s population and a lot of people are calling for more strict actions of gun possession.

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