Rapist who impregnated woman fights her for child custody

A model from Dallas, Texas has taken to social media to narrate her experience on how the court of law failed her as a rape victim who eventually got pregnant – Now the alleged abuser is fighting her for child custody.

Rapist who impregnated woman fights her for child custody

According to the woman, she was raped in 2016 and the sexual abuse incident resulted in a baby. She took her rapist to court and even though he failed a polygraph test, they still dismissed the charges against him.

Now, he’s sending her messages, taunting her about raping her and is now fighting for custody of the child.


Read her heartbreaking story below:

I was raped in 2016. That is how I got my son. As of yesterday, the jury decided that my case wasn’t enough so they dismissed all the charges, even though they gave him a polygraph test and he failed miserably. Now, he wants to fight me for custody and honestly

I don’t know what to do.. because the lawyer is charging me $350/ hr..

Not only that, but he texted me messages of him BRAGGING about raping me in a group message with his friends

I’m a woman, and NO means NO. Nobody understands the type of emotion I have felt in the past years… and getting a child out of being raped.. it’s just another feeling.

Nobody won’t hear my story and I’m literally fighting for my son, because a RAPIST wants some type of custody just to say he has a baby by me.

My story needs to be heard, there are many women that are sexually assaulted, and people are getting away with it.


I’m living in fear.. I really am… and it’s heartbreaking. I WILL NOT go outside at night because I’m scared someone will get me.

I have all this evidence, text messages, and a whole polygraph test.. and the system just swept me under a rug.

Imagine what he would do to my son if they gave him any type of custody.. my son is ONE he can’t talk.

I was so scared to tell my story, because I put guilt in my head that it was MY FAULT. It wasn’t my fault he JUMPED ON ME, I told him NO.

He purposely got me pregnant.. AND he admitted it to me! And the fact that people are actually praising him for getting away with it is SICK.

I’m mother, and even though they dropped the charges on him ..I will still keep fighting for my son and I safety.

This man has bashed me almost every day through social media, he made SONGS about me calling me out my name, and calling me a dead beat mother and i MAKE sacrifices, I take damn good care of my son. He has the best of the BEST.



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