Rape: Nigerians react to Pastor Adeboye female P.A comment

Nigerians on social media are currently giving their responses to Pastor Adeboye over his comment on his decision never to employ a female P.A to avoid sexual harassment accusations.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God made the statement while reacting to the trending rape issue of the embattled COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Rape: Nigerians react to Pastor Adeboye female P.A comment

Some Nigerians on Twitter, however believe the man of God is being prejudiced over such decisions, while some believe it was his opinion and every other person is entitled to theirs.

See reactions:

*** Congregation say “My Father!, My Father!” Feminists in Redeem: My mother!, My Mother!,” P.A:

*** I don’t think Pastor Adeboye is subbing anyone.. But that interpreter is something else

*** I am not a member of his church but Pastor Adeboye is absolutely correct. Whatever a woman accuses a man of today, the society wouldn’t care if the man did it or not. He did it, period! Destroy him!! Those of you attacking him, ori gbogbo yin ti lazzdent.

*** This is my first time listening to Pastor Adeboye preach and i must say… the Man is full of Wisdom! He said “When a woman accuses you of something, no one will listen to you, they will listen to her” So you gotta becareful with women…. avoid any appearance of evil. Deep!!

*** When Pastor Adeboye said “When a woman accuses you of something, nobody will listen to you” & “When you see a woman smiling at you koikoi, you better run”, I felt it in my chest…

*** I saw Pastor Adeboye trending & saw comments saying some people were “dragging” him. I scrolled all the way through the trend but didn’t see the comments dragging him. I wonder if I had blocked the sort of people that would drag him and that’s why I couldn’t see their tweets.

*** Pastor Adeboye never said everybody must never employ a female private secretary. He only said he will not. His choice. His decision. His reasons. His life. His prerogative. Cry all you want. But he doesn’t owe you a job. And he certainly owes you no explanations whatsoever.

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