Ramadan: Hisbah police arrest eleven persons for eating during the day

The Kano State Hisbah Board has arrested eleven persons for refusing to participate in the ongoing Ramadan fast.

The Director-General of the Hisbah board, Dr. Aliyu Musa Kibiya, confirmed that three males, and eight females arrested after they were caught eating in the daytime during the Ramadan.

Kibiya says that it is compulsory for every adult in the state to participate in the fasting during the Islamic holy month.

He said;

“We will investigate and if they have cogent reasons we will release them. Those found wanting will however be enlightened and even prosecuted if need be” Dr. Kibiya said

However, he added that women on their menstruation period , old people and traveler are allowed to eat.

“Fasting is compulsory for healthy, adult Muslims in the month of Ramadan except for the travellers, menstruating women or old people.” he added


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