Racist man spits on and attack a black woman in Belgium (Video)

A viral video of a racist man spitting on and attacking a helpless black woman is being condemned as nobody attempted to help her.


A white racist man was filmed attacking a black woman with an object at a restaurant in Belgium

The attacker in the video appeared to be a Jew and can be seen spitting and then attacking the helpless woman with an object. The video started with a white woman approaching the black woman to exchange pleasantries before the white man who was dressed as a Jew then spat on her. He later went on to attack the lady by hitting her on the head with an object.

Some men who were heard laughing kept on filming and didn’t stand up for her. At one point, a man confronted one of the men filming and accused him of being a racist.

Watch the video where the white man attacked the black woman below.


Racism is still an issue in many parts of the world and incidents like this keeps bringing it to light. Only a few days back, during the SA election, it was recorded that the blacks in certain region of the country were not allowed to queue with the white. A Nigerian woman studying in Canada also cried out recently on the life threatening racism she and other black students are experiencing.

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  1. I blame all the problems in any country in Africa on our so called “elites”. The Western intelligence agencies go to Africa, seek out the corruptible “elites” in business, academics, politics and the millitary, corrupts them with outright bribery and promise of good fortunes for them and their immediate families, and have them serve the interests of the West and their own pockets and ignore the interests of their own impoverised masses. Until such a time that we elect incorruptible, patriotic and self confident people in positions of power, the Black race, especially from Africa we ‘d continue to suffer the ignoble of humiliation, disrespect and marginalised forever.Libya’s Gadhafi was working on uplifting Africa to be independent of these scoundrels and he was murdered by a combination of France, UK and USA. I remember choking with tears when a hapless, low self esteemed Nigerian “leader” with a” Phd”! said and I quote, ” France is a friend of Africa”. No country in the West is a friend of Africa. they may be “friends” of the the corrupted elites just to use them to serve their own interests. All Westerners are raised on the philosophy of existentialism and cannot have any true friend.To an existentialist, nothing is good or bad as long as it serves his or her ultimate interests. Actions are never based on any moral imperative, so they can never be any form of genuine or honest friendship.To them , the end justifies the means. Until such a time that we see these people for who they truely are, we have a very serious problem. If they so much hate their own Black citizens, how in hell are they going to love Black people in Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It hurts in this 21st century that such stills goes on. Say NO to racism.
    No matter our colour we all are humans.

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