R.Kelly’s songs sales increase amidst child abuse accusation

Singer R. Kelly’s songs sales have increased in the past few days despite the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R.Kelly, which aired few days ago to unravel the child molestation scandal the artist was involved in.

While the singer received a lot of negative attention due to the horrific accusations made against him in the production’s testimonials, the singer has also received positive feedback in the form of streaming.

R.Kelly's songs sales increase amidst child abuse accusation lailasnews 3
R.Kelly’s songs sales increase amidst child abuse accusation

ET Canada reports “a rep for Spotify says streaming of the singer’s music has increased by 16 percent since the first part of the three-part docu-series aired on Thursday.”

Many members of the public are confused about this rise, wondering why anyone would decide to listen to his music amid the resurfacing of horrendous accusations, including child pornography and molestation.

Jada Pinkett Smith took to Twitter asking her fans if they could offer any insight into this issue:

“So I got an article this morning about how R. Kelly’s music sales and his streams have spiked substantially since the release of Surviving R. Kelly docuseries,” the actress said.

“And I’m having a really difficult time understanding why. But I think it’s important to understand why.”

This comes after Spotify had back-peddled on their decision to remove R. Kelly’s music from the platform’s playlist.

When the fact that other accused still had their music under the streaming giant’s banner, the company decided to revert their radical decision.


  1. What is wrong with people? The guy is a paedophile and a sexual abuser. His music should be banned from all music stations

  2. Some people always want to destroy other people I don’t know what they gain from doing so I am happy they didn’t succeed thank God people still listen to your music

  3. He was accused and no one knows the whole story yet but I feel this is a blessing in disguise. Personally I love him so much

  4. We are humans. Bound to make mistakes. Accepting to have made these mistakes and make an amendment is what cowards run from.

  5. Its not hard to understand this, he has very good songs and young folks between the ages of 15 wont really know much about him and would naturally want to get his songs.

  6. Regardless of this accusations he is also gifted and truly blessed with music. people just want to ruin him. hope you don’t get famous . cos nobody is going to love you like you do.

  7. If his song surviving R.Kelly has increased on sale, congratulations to him even though it doesn’t seem right.

  8. Robert Kelly is really a talented singer that has written songs to many musicians. Despite the accusation leveled against him, his songs still sell. That’s unstoppable grace in display.

  9. Well Kelly has made a impact in the music world before the scandals. Hence the increase sale.

  10. This is confusing on one side we have a peudophile A SEXUAL ABUSER and on the other hand we see a successful artist. I don’t really get why at one point in a popular person’s life a scandal always erupts,this is not limited to only R-kelly,we have bill Cosby,Britney spears (substance abuse) and others,I wonder why scandal always accompanies fame.I would like to see an article on that

  11. In the world you shall see tribulations but be of good cheers for he has overcome the work.congrats

  12. R Kelly gives the best when talking about good music, In every situations he can still standout

  13. They tried to bring r jelly down but God just proved them wrong and brought him back into lime light . Surviving R kelly is a blessing in disguise

  14. Congratulations. I think God made it like this for you to know he loves u so much and turn a new live dude

  15. Congratulations to the spike of the sales of your music. But being a paedophile is a criminal offence. But how are we sure is the truth

  16. Wow that’s a blessing from behind but he is although a horrific musicians that likes picking up beef with other musicians

  17. Congratulations,God so much loves him,and its high take he really needs to face God fully,so the devil will mot destroy his career.

  18. his bad character in area of child abuse is one side of him. He has very good songs. that is a fact.

  19. Despite the accusation leveled against him, his songs still sell and this is not limited to only R-kelly, sometimes I think this is a plans against successful celebrities.

  20. When you are loved by many, no matter what happened you will always be on their minds. Blessing in disguise

  21. Hmm maybe they don’t really know anything about him and keep buying his songs ..most people listen to songs without attaching or reading any meaning.

  22. Nowadays people don’t care about what goes on in the music industry, so far they derive their pleasure

  23. You’re always an amazing singer.. congratulations to you.this set back became a blessing in disguise

  24. Probably he was accused innocently and God want to prove him innocent by increasing the sales of the album

  25. if he has repented, why bring back old stories that God has even forgiven for. God is doing it for him now, his music is receiving much streaming

  26. That is the way the world is now they celebrate evil more than good, all we need to do is to pray for Gods divine intervention

  27. The accusations actually turned around to his favour . That’s one thing that people don’t know. So R.kelly’s song will enjoy a huge number of views because his popularity has increased as a result of the scandal.The issues surrounding the documentary shouldn’t be ignored

  28. Many persons happens to love R kelly’s music no matter the scandal or anything said about him.

  29. I hope the surviving r Kelly is not just to bring fame but justice. His record will definitely sell.

  30. sometimes that is life for you, when someone is in the midst of scandal it always makes the person famous.

  31. I’ve always and will always like R Kelly and his songs. So no matter what happens, keep going Bro.

  32. the video or allegation about him is serving the purpose I think, so am not surprised. Congratulation to him.

  33. R.Kelly is all time singer that people love listening to his music, so the increase is not a surprise.

  34. Whatever way people always attribute progress to either favour or one negetive ordeal. congratulations to him

  35. Bad belle people is It no enough he is going through accusation. His music is a different entity from personal life. Congratulations on the sales Kelly wish you more sales

  36. Great success speaks by itself, even when ppl try talking negative about you, if God be by your side can be against you.

  37. Yin – Yang it is. For every blessing, comes a curse. His music, the blessing. His sexual fantasies, the curse.

  38. It’s nothing wrong in the song. People are just beefing RKelly over the outblow of the song. Congratulations Man. It’s a good thing you spoke your mind, your pain

  39. R-Kelly is a legend as far as I’m concerned. Forget all those documentaries and focus on the inspiration of his music.

  40. That’s people for you. They get interest in critics not knowing they’re actually helping who they are criticizing

  41. are you saying he is not supposed to succed because he of an accusation that has not been proven?..well congratulations to him

  42. This is the most twisted thing I’ve heard abt
    But isn’t any disciplinary being taken abt the child molesting?

  43. Most successful musician are found of involving in child abuse scandal, those it mean that whatever they Dont have wife, girl friend, etc

  44. Congrats to him… everyone have their taste in music. one man’s food is another man’s poison… some people might not like his song but that does not mean, others will not buy it

  45. They are only just using different attempt to bring this guy down but God will not allow that for him

  46. That is why He is called a faithful God ever merciful. Even in your unrighteous He still favors one and shows one mercy. Thank God RKelly

  47. What do you expect even negative publicity makes people famous but he should enjoy it while it lasts because once the allegations are proven to be true, the police is coming for him, famous or not.

  48. Congratulations R. Kelly…it shows that you are innocent…that is exactly how the world is… People will always look for a way to bring you down

  49. I don’t get how his sales are still increasing when the news out there shows he is a child abuser,This doesn’t feel right

  50. It could be the reason was that fans and viewers want to see the faces of back up singers and teenagers in the video whom he’d abused.

  51. R Kelly sings from his soul, it’ll be hard to ignore his songs, added to the fact that this particular series are soul lifting.

  52. This is really an irony that inspite of the horrendous accusations, including child pornography and molestation, the sales of his songs increased.

  53. Scandal aside. R Kelly is very good. He has one of the best music’s ever. Even if u hate him, his songs would still sell.

  54. Negative attention though but made people to want to know more about the singers latest work
    That’s the reason for the increased screaming in my own opinion

  55. Congrats R Kelly…. Dey are just acting as if his d first person caught in d act by wats gonna b gonna b…. More music to Ur industry

  56. It probably shows that the people have decided to alienate the music and the person/character. Hoping this case is properly investigated and concluded

  57. Nobody is above mistake people still love his music and there is nothing anybody can do about it

  58. The guy is a legend na, he will definitely sale. I just hope all these things happening around him will stop

  59. R Kelly has been a very great singer ever since, nobody is perfect, more inspirational one from you ahead R Kelly, keep winning.

  60. r Kelly more and more blessing to u…A lot of people are just haters trying to tarnish other people’s image..what do they achieve from that?…

  61. Thats it when you think of bringing someone down through one means, you might in the process be magnifying the person. That surviving R Kelly is actually a blessing in disguise for him. Those anchoring the program should go and do their homework very well and leave him alone. Lol

  62. R. Kelly really has to do something to clear himself of this accusation unless he is indeed guilty of all these allegations. The sales of his songs increasing isn’t an indication that he is not guilty.

  63. This is odd, but who knows what the after effect will be, it’s too early to judge what will happen when full reality of what he did in the past catches up with him.

  64. I need to get answers too. Was it tha his music was not banned or why was he given preferncial treatment?

  65. Of course! What did you expect. The child abuse saga helped announce him the more. The more people talk about him, the more he rises.

  66. R.kelly, God got your back despite the charges against you, you’ll come out through this case successfully. We your FANS loves you.

  67. The blessings of God is without regretting. His mercies is forever. Just mercy at work for R Kelly

  68. Well despite what had happened, people still love his music, let’s say the fact R KELLYS songs are catchy. Even till now.

  69. He that will be king will be king, being pedophile or abuser should not stop his songs being sold or play anywhere after all he is not the first to involve in such act if at all he did.

  70. Some people might have the mindset of seeing the child that he abused in one of his musical videos

  71. He is a talented man..despite the accusation…i listen to his songs too…may his weakness not make him go down in his career…i believe God will see him through.

  72. The world is kind of upside down, people loves you at your worst and bad moment…IRONY of life, but above all congratulation on your songs moving on well after the child abuse accusation

  73. Every body has flaws…… despite his flaws, his a man with the right songs……. music is everything.

  74. R.Kelly is a very good artist, so, people will always love his music. The people that accused him only ended up making him more popular. I’m very happy for him because they accused him thinking that it will cause his downfall but God used it to lift him higher.

  75. Yes oo, He who God blesses, he has bless no matter what, but my advice is that you should not take the blessings of God for granted, congratulations you are blessed.

  76. The human nature feeds on negativity to strive
    People get recognized for doing things that they shouldn’t be doing.
    The accusations are major ones

  77. This is because there’s nothing like bad publicity and some people r still in awe of him regardless of what he’s done.

  78. Well Kelly congrats to you never relent no matter the accusations life is like that!!! Meanwhile just keep moving you will get there slowly but surely beliein yourself

  79. Congrat bro criticism is a normal thing it helps you to how strong you are in the social media..keep moving

  80. That is love and grace. When you are loved no man can put you down and where there is grace no hatred.

  81. I don’t see any reason why people should not listen to his song because he committed a crime remember the if God owes for the crime we commit nobody will stand

  82. I belive the finger of God is still in the life of the young man. If God be for you. Who can be against you. They more the persecute you the more you blossom.

  83. The world is kind of upside down, people loves you at your worst and bad moment…IRONY of life, but above all congratulation on your songs moving on well after the child abuse accusation

  84. whether it is God work or not all i know that R Kelly has choose the path of success. Congratulations sir.

  85. People who may not have heard about the incident are the ones listening to his songs.
    If not it’s not today again

  86. He’s a legend in the industry and this is expected to happen. I still love his music too despite all the scandalous things

  87. This is really bad of yhu man,
    Yhu are one of my favourite and I dunno why yhy chose to be a molester

  88. This is really bad of yhu man,
    Yhu are one of my favourite and I dunno why yhu chose to be a child molester

  89. Upon all the accusation and terrible words laid on him. he still went higher than them. it good to mind our business at times

  90. It seems he is innocent of the accusation that’s why it’s happening like that so God is elevating him through the accusation

  91. Well, this whole thing could actually be a marketing strategy. Let’s see as it goes.
    Ms. Smith, just keep your fingers crossed.

  92. Any disappointment is a blessing. I still love his music and him that doesn’t change anything.

  93. No maybe bad an individual is, there is someone out there who still loves him, beside apart from his bad character, his music is good.

  94. The news is welcoming. I’m kinda glad to hear that the abuse issue did not make people to stop listening to his songs.

  95. Lol, this is blessing from above. I think he’s innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law.

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