Protesting NASS workers disappear as Buhari presents 2019 budget

The atmosphere at the National Assembly is calm and protesting NASS workers were no where to be found as President Muhammadu Buhari presents the 2019 Appropriation Bill to the legislature today.

The President was scheduled to arrive at 11am and lay the budget before a joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Protesting NASS workers disappear as Buhari presents 2019 budget lailasnews 3
Protesting NASS workers disappear as Buhari presents 2019 budget

Men of the Nigeria Police and operatives of the Department of State Services are spearheading security operations in and around the complex.

Presidential Guards Brigade, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Federal Road Safety Corps, among others, are also on the ground.

The Clerk to the National Assembly, Mr Mohammed Sani-Omolori, was in the House chamber to conduct a rehearsal for the Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters ( Senate), Senator Ita Enang, who will guide Buhari on his movement and presentation in the chamber.

Workers at the National Assembly, under the auspices of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, who had crippled business and legislative activities as part of their four-day warning strike, were not on sight.

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The workers, who barricaded the entrances to the National Assembly on Monday, and had earlier picketed the chambers, were still at the main entrance to the premises as of 8am, had resolved to stay away from the premises pending the time the budget presentation would last.

While businesses have remained closed, security operatives conducted multiple checks at each of the gates on the premises.


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  1. The protesting workers honored Mr president by doing that. So the presidency should reciprocate by looking into the protesting workers demand

  2. This country,always making drama. with all the money they are spending there,they cannot met the demand of their staff? So funny

  3. Know body knows tommrrow now we are in 2018 right now and you people’s are talking about 2019 infront, you should have let it come before tender any budget about it ok

  4. Where are they? Are they even aware that today is the day but even if they are not around of he means well for our education sectors he will still do it

  5. That’s what we call honour. He was honoured& that was why they disappeared but not because they are afraid. Carry on Baba come 2019

  6. Good that the striking workers kept off the environment to enable Mr president present the appropriation bill to the national assembly

  7. I love our ptresident, this is great, a man without a goal is a goat, he will surely achieve 75% of the budget with the help of good, he have good mindset for the country

  8. Well why did they disapper when the president was present? To me it was a perfect time for them to tell their story and be heard and possibly get response form the President directly.

  9. That is nice but i can see the scared, they shloudn’t have to this is time of protest anybody have right to voice out so mr president will hear nd know what they have on their mind, go on mr president 2019 is very sure.

  10. The bedrock of the national assembly is the nass workers. They are the ones that does all the work in the national asembmr and without them, nothing can be done. The house of reps and Senate can’t do anything or work if the nass workers are not there. Presentation of the budget is a formality without the hard work of the workers. In the presentation of the budget, is necessary that the president resolve the issue too.


  12. The striking members of the house were wise enough to stay clear when Mr. President was around. I think Mr. President should reciprocate by listening to them and give them what they desires. One good turn deserved another.

  13. They mean business oh. I like what they are doing now.. without industrial action their problems will not be resolved..Nigeria pattern as always.

  14. When you are fighting a just course never b afraid of anything threats from anyone stay and fight till the end.. Don’t be a coward

  15. If this country was a genre of movie…I’ll call it comedy… this is what happens when we practice the opposite of democracy.

  16. The protesting workers honored Mr president by doing that. So the presidency should reciprocate by looking into the protesting workers demand

  17. They’re protesters and in the view that it was a peaceful protest, in order to avoid escalating the protest, they had to leave

  18. In my opinion, the workers should have seized the opportunity to drum home their grievances before the President for quick intervention.

  19. This is actually the right time for them to protest, why hiding away? How do you want Mr President to know that you are serious on your demands and with the strike.. Anyways what do I know.. Propaganda everywhere..

  20. I just pray this budget favour us this time around and the president should please answer Nass and pay them their salary.

  21. I think the protesting workers of the national assembly respected the arrival of Mr. President. Their needs should be met to end the strike.

  22. Drama nation…i thought that would have been the right time to meet the president face to face…well…may God help us all in this country…

  23. what do buari thinks is doing, that is nonsense he thinks he can deceive us, if he likes read 100budget that’s their own business.

  24. Are we very sure this man is mentally sound? I mean, does this man know the kind havoc and set back his causing this nation?

  25. Lolzzz… Why disappear na, d would have stayed. They forgot they are in Nigeria, country where u can’t express ursef

  26. These NASS people are not sure of what they want. Why disappear because of the President’s coming. Is what they are fighting for not right under the law. They should have fought to finish

  27. I dont understand this, is it that they were scared to protest because the president was around or they did that to honor him?

  28. 2019 budget is already out, so how does it connects to the protesters that they just went quite, well, that’s gud, let’s hear what next they have to say

  29. Am still wondering why they left pending when the budget will be read. Is it that they dont want to address mr president again?

  30. If someone should disappear during the presentation of the 2019 budget, then questions goes to the National Assembly on did this happened?

  31. At least they were wise enough to disappear knowing fully well that their lives worth more than the whole world’s budget put together.

  32. When the president present the bugjet to the house,,, I think all the senators were on sit
    Then what is the protesting all about.

  33. The protesting workers honored Mr president by doing that. So the presidency should reciprocate by looking into the protesting workers demand

  34. So what he has said now make them change their mind?? We should not put our trust in son of an earthling man who no salvation belongs

  35. Whatever prompted them to stay away is an indication that there are right thinking Nigerians among them to give honour is due..

  36. Who is sabotaging who in ths NASS staff salary imbroglio. The NASS leadership should pay the striking workers if it is their duty or the minister of finance.

  37. I think the workers did good by doing what they deed
    They allowed the president to do his thing peacefully
    It doesn’t make them cowards but wise
    People that think before they act

  38. So our dear protesters can be so calm and respectful to Buhari…. Wow they should have protested the more so the president can see the plight they are in not going away and later tomorrow return to square one…. Nonsense

  39. Government should heed the demands of these workers once and for all, instead of this show of force. A labour deserves his wages.

  40. The federal government should please listen to the yearnings of the workers in the house of Assembly and attended to their demands since the workers have honoured him by allowing him to presents 2019budget

  41. Their act is just a sign of respect on the part of the protesters so the president better sit up and make sure their demand are being met.

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