Prophetess’ son remanded in prison for raping 9-year-old girl in Ondo

Friday Akinlaja, a 26-year-old Prophetess’ son, has been remanded at the Olokuta Medium Prison for raping 9-year-old girl in Oda area of Akure, Ondo state capital.

Prophetess’ son remanded in prison for raping 9-year-old girl in Ondo lailasnews

The suspect said to be the son of a popular Prophetess of a Pentecostal Church in Akure, was arrested by operatives of the Ondo State Police Command after the crime was reported by neighbours which subsequently culminated in his arraignment in court on Monday, for sexually abusing the minor.

Daily Post reported that the suspect who was dragged before Magistrate Olanipekun Mayomi, on a one-count charge of rape and defilement of the minor, blamed the devil for his crime. It was gathered that he gave the sum of ‘N110’ to the 9-year-old girl, after raping her.

65-year-old man who raped 11-year-old girl severally arrested (Photo)

Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese, a medical practitioner  who first shared the story wrote;

“The man decided to take advantage of the little girl because of the poor status of her parents.

“The poor girl was yet to have her meal all day as 8 pm (on the day of the incident) and the man came visiting.

“The man came visiting when her mum had gone out to look for money to feed her children.

“He then decided that the girl should follow him so he could buy her some bread and Ankara, only to rape the poor girl and give her a pantry of N110.

“A sum which she couldn’t even make use of again because of the pains and anguish had taken over,” he said.



  1. This man should be sentenced to death by hanging…. defiling minors is becoming too rampant what is going on

  2. Death by hanging oh….enough of rape cases…what is this ? No day we don’t read about it…

  3. For crying out loud 9years old girl, what was it he saw in her!? All this case of minors been assaulted is getting out of hand o please the government should do something poverty is causing a lot of problems in our country

  4. This rape cases of younger children is not getting funny anymore . I hope he serves as an example to rest of his kind

  5. Let him rot in jail…he deserves to die…that is pure wickedness..if he doesn’t have a girlfriend or a wife to have sex with…why not a prostitute…he should be hanged…he has no mercy so he deserves none..

  6. All the demons his mother is delivering have start chessing him, they have entered him,, as a child of a minute minister you must be powerful if not devil will use you to get your parent

  7. He should be made to pay so dearly for abusing a minor. Law enforcement agencies should not take it lightly with him.

  8. He is stupid and such persons as heartless as him should be knocked down by trailer on the road.

  9. the man take advantage of his own death, because he won’t be set free except if they found him innocent only.

  10. Crime is just increasing by the day, why would a young man take advantage of a poor girl because of hunger, that guy must face the panel

  11. Child of the world. Spoilt rotten brat kid. Such child ought not to exist in the household of people like this.

  12. Let’s him be waste in jail there , what an animal in human form , and to make things worst , a prophetess son , whar a madness

  13. Most times we leave our one children to train other people’s children. I hope he is properly punished

  14. He is an animal!!!! Now he’s blaming the devil when he himself is the devil in the picture. He came to the little girl probably because he has already known that they hardly feed then he came and tricked her into following him to buy akara and bread for her. Come to think of it, if really he wants to feed the little girl is it that thing is mentioned that the little girl will carry till morning. I wonder if this is what he learnt from the prophetess mother of his Let the authority give him like 60 or 70 years imprisonment with hard labour because the pain and torture he put the little girl through is too much and I believe the little girl is traumatized.

  15. Defilement of little children now is now rampage that’s very bad government should take action about it please

  16. These rape cases are becoming alarming, the more people are caught the more others commit the same offence, God please protect our children. That man must face the law

  17. This he-goal of a man should be taken the court and be made to face the full weight of the law, he is inhumane.

  18. Wait o, a prophetess son? What has the mother said about this? The son of hers should be her number 1 priority as a prophetess. Disgraceful child, prison awaits him.

  19. I’m so tired of hearing about rape cases every now and then. A prophetess son for that matter. He should be dealt with accordingly. M

  20. God will punish him for that, in hundred years to come he will never have anything to eat how can he do such a thing to a young girl a girl he can be of help to, a girl he can give food without requesting anything without causing her anything pain.

  21. Animals in human form, this rapist ought to be killed instantly, others won’t learn their lessons if they continue to take these matters with minor hand. It’s going too rampant in the country

  22. The judgement is so good he will learn his lesson and live for keep his manhood zip up often nonsense child

  23. This man is a brute with no human feeling. He had money that could feed a little girl and raped her instead. Gos will judge him

  24. Shameful…rapist on increase. Let it be death sentence for anyone that rape either a minor or a major, u will see it will curtail it. Government please look into this.

  25. Very bad, when will we stop hearing disheartening news like this.

    That man should be properly dealt with by law, helping people doesn’t demand any reward, it’s something done willingly. God have mercy on

  26. It has happened already since he said na devil work then let the judge just hang him to death before he commit another one

  27. This is wickedness taking advantage of her situation, if it is sex why not look for a matured lady what has little children get to offer. Parents be mild full of your kids especially females

  28. The problem I have with these Pentecostal prophets and prophetess is that they never see any thing bad about their children now look how this man just abused this innocent girl bcus of the status of the parents

  29. I already said there is evil in the land, pedophiles everywhere, killings here and there from insurgency to robbery. Now the rape case is the trend of each new day. God save us.

  30. Why does the headline have to read prophetess son. You already have the man’s name and the crime in itself is big news.

  31. Rape cases in Nigeria is on the rise on a daily basis and the underaged ate most affected. Olanipekun has no one including the devil to blame for commiting this despicable act but himself. Harsh penalties like the death sentence should be given to rapists especially pedophikes in order to curb this wickedness.

  32. This is very painful… He should be killed by hanging nothing I will not see in this life a whole prophetess son

  33. What is this world turning into,everyday rape,just imaging the can of pain the girl will be passing through

  34. Paedophiles everywhere , jusy today alone 3 cases already. How exactly can this act be controlled , it is getting out of hand. Meanwhile , this man should be locked up for the 30years and should be sent to a rehab

  35. This shameful act is becoming too much . Are we now SouthAfricans or Indians where cases of rape is at it high rate

  36. I really feel so much pity for her and her parent. Why can’t people help someone because of God instead of for selfish reason? May he punish severely. And may God provide for them.

  37. Rape victims are increasing day by day, no day that passes and a case of rape won’t be reported it is now teenager children which they can easily deceived with one thing or the other. That is one of the corruption our president promise to fight for but rather than fighting it he made economy very high there by increasing the rate of the same corruption that meant to fight for.

  38. It’s high time all means of communication and desemination of information become a study case in schools and social gatherings. Parents too should play a vital roles too in curbing this act.

  39. This is disgusting, imagine he can’t help the little poor girl without raping her, this is really terrible, all this act need to stop for crying out loud, he is an animal, he should not be found in the society, law should take it cause he will never be free of this, useless man

  40. How could he do such to a 9yrs old girl. Is so unfair. May be the guy is possessed by some evil spirits. May God forgive him

  41. What nonsense this guy is a disgrace to his mother he doesn’t deserves to be called a son of a prophetess he has to be punished for his sin..

  42. The way God will deal with this guy no scientific method will be able to explain it to. This is the height of it these rapist should be sentenced to death straight I think when this is done others will refrain from it because this is becoming too much

  43. What a wicked world. This same prophetess son will lead prayer point and preach in church yet have a devilish seed in him (minor Raper). The mother should use spiritual cane to flog him while the police lock him up for 40yrs

  44. Why won’t he blame the devil. It’s the devil that tell him to go and rape minor. I don’t even understand the meaning of all this raping of minors every day

  45. Let him be punished, he deserves to die…that is pure wickedness..if he doesn’t have a girlfriend or a wife to have sex with…why not a prostitute…he should be hanged…he has no mercy so he deserves , that why I like Islam country,

  46. Prophet OE prophetess son
    His punishment awaits him.
    Dats y men n women of God shld nt forget to pray for derselves while praying fr people.
    Sometimes wat comes to DWM s always more Dan wat dey can handle.

  47. What is the gain of the rubbish action,s son of prophetess or prophetess by herself didn’t make anybody saint, let him serve it in the jail

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