Prophet who predicted barrenness for Funke Akindele speaks

The Prophet who predicted barrenness for Funke Akindele has finally spoken, saying IVF is not mentioned in the Bible.

Prophet Dr Faleyimu Olagoroye, the founder of Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ, has come out to defend his prediction concerning her.

Prophet who predicted barrenness for Funke Akindele speaks lailasnews

One of his predictions was the claim that the actress might end up having no kids if care is not taking. He also gave her three different solutions she must do if she really wanted to become a mother.

In a chat with Yorubamoviegist, the clergyman revealed the untold story behind the arrival of the babies. He said;

“About Funke Akindele was a nobody when I have been giving out revelation about her. it was revealed to me that she will be very rich and famous but she will find it difficult to have a child, only prayers can help her out.

After her first marriage, the news was everywhere that she was pregnant, thereafter, we read something else about the pregnancy in the news. Subsequently, she got married to another person and I repeated the prophesy. She was said to be pregnant again and after sometimes, news came out again that she lost it.

The media came to me and I explained what was happening and the only way out. When she delivered twins, I read people’s comments on social media that I am a prophet of doom. Remember I said she should pray very hard if she must have a child because she chooses wealth above children when she was coming to this world.

One of the things I said was that she should go for a deliverance and she should ask God with her mouth what she want, not to go to pastors or prophets for prayers. If I pray for her to have a baby, no miracle will happen, the only thing she can do is to pray with her mouth or she get married to someone who is not up to her standard. Then, when she is pregnant, her wealth will be reducing.

After she delivered, it was revealed to me that she got the baby through IVF. If Funke Akindele had followed any of the 3 solutions I gave her, she would have been pregnant naturally. People should read Genesis 25 vs 21-26, Genesis 3 vs 9-24, Genesis 17 -21, and 1Samuel 25-28, you will see people who are looking for the fruits of the womb from God and see how God answered them naturally, not through scientific method.

It is only the people who can’t conceive naturally Doctors will advise to go for IVF. Meanwhile, IVF is 50/50 things, not everyone that did it ended up with babies. It is a scientific method which is not in the Bible. Jesus Christ was born through Holy Spirit not IVF and there is no other miracle like that after him. IVF is not for poor people, it is for the rich who can afford it”.


  1. Your Random Sampling System was horribly wrong&you’d soon loose your Respect in no time If you keep on giving wrong prophecies

  2. I am yet to understand from which side he is talking from. God created drugs/herbs to help us cure ailments. Delivery was natural.

    Congrats Funke!!

  3. They are many fake so called prophet who claim to be prophesies to people which end up to be lies about people

  4. This man should just free Funke already! What’s his problem with Funke? Is she the only one God send him too? This man didn’t see the suffering in Nigeria to ask God for the solutions???
    Nobody needs his opinion on how people wants to solve their problem, he should stop making other people’s business his cup of kunnu! Prophet go get a life, Funke has a set of twin to prove the greatness of our God! God is not a man! Keep your opinion!

  5. I think God has made her proud with babies and as far as the babies are for her, I don’t think anybody view matters

  6. it may be true and it may be a lie because we have good and bad prophet. though i can say this is a good prophet because funke really had a delay in the issue of pregnant

  7. Na wa ooooooo. Only God knows and understands what this prophet is talking about. He should just leave Funke Akindele alone. It is God that gives children and God has blessed her.

  8. Its only God that has the final say concerning any situation, be more concerned about what God says about you, not any man.

  9. So he’s still showing his ugly face of lies, this is a shame. When u first gave the prophecy did u not know of IVF? Maybe he has begged Funke for money and she refused.

  10. Every prophecy is a prayer point…….you prophesied and she prayed concerning it and the result is her babies

  11. what is IVF
    i dont know where he said he got the power to see visions from.
    all the clergy men that says that they receive vision are having brain touch

  12. what is IVF
    i dont know where he said he got the power to see visions from.
    all the clergy men that says that they receive vision are having brain touch

  13. Either through natural way or by IVF if not supported by God it can’t work and that is why God’s way is different from man

  14. Oga prophet i wasnt there with you when you saw what you said you saw. But my bible says that you know a true man of God when what he says happens. So answer me now, are you a true man of God?

  15. Confused prophet maybe his clients are running away from him that’s why he came out to defend that trash talk. funke I cover your twins with the blood of Jesus no evil eyes that will see them in Jesus name I pray Amen.

  16. Now that your prophecy has been defeated u are now saying another thing, whether ivf if God said she will not have a child then the ivf wouldn’t have work. Please let us beware ooo fake prophecy every where.

  17. My dear pastor u are right,but my question is what do u mean she choose wealth than children when coming into the world.i don’t understand that.

  18. We have heard you sir either through IVF or naturally she has given birth to God be the glory appreciate God for her,it is well with funke akindele and her kids ijn

  19. My advice to you prophet go inside your house and sleep. Don’t continue making a caricature of yourself. Ivf, natural ooh she was pregnant and she is carrying her babies now.

  20. Wow this is very bad very very bad the password is deceiving us the pastor is deceiving us for telling us that akindele won’t be bad is bad won’t give birth to child

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