Princess Shyngle suicide attempt – Actress hospitalised

The Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle suicide attempt this morning, has landed her in a Lagos hospital.

Princess Shyngle suicide attempt - Actress hospitalised lailasnews 3
Princess Shyngle suicide attempt – Actress hospitalised

It was gathered that the actress took an overdose of a medication and drank bleach. Fortunately, she was rescued by a neighbor, who rushed her to Vedic Life care Hospital in Lekki.

According to reports, Shyngle is currently in the emergency room because she was brought in in a critical condition.

The doctors have been able to stabilize her for now, but her blood pressure keeps going up.

The motivation behind her suicide attempt is unknown for now.

But if you recollect, the actress gave a recent interview where she mentioned that she was broke at a point in time, after spending all her money to look good for the people.

And that it took the timely intervention of her parents for her to retrace her steps.

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Princess Shyngle suicide thoughts was first brought to light when she spoke in an interview with The Pulse in 2017 on how she easily bears the thoughts of taking her life, especially when things don’t seem to go in her favour.



  1. Being in pain is one attributes of man. Surely it will come but the ability to manage it makes us stronger. Be strong.

  2. People face challenges,but has long has there life there’s hope.thats not enough to want to commit suicide

  3. Not all that glitters s gold. The grass is aleys greener on d other side on social media. Life is so simple, as long as you you have food to eat,a place to call home and work to do, all you need is God to help you. Moreover, no one has the right to take his/her life or someone else’s life

  4. She should readjust her way of life, and thinking there are a lot of celebrities that do not spend their last kobo to look nice emulate them.

  5. This life is not like that u should not have drank bleach to kill yourself may God heal u get well soon

  6. No matter what happens in life u still do not have the right to take your own life cause u are not the giver of life… I wish u speedy recovery

  7. How would commiting suicide solve her own problems, she has to understand that life is more important and cannot be bought, when there is life, their is hope, suicide can never be a solution to problems

  8. There is no reason to take one’s own life. We’ve all been through hard times, and we’ve come out victorious as well. I pray you recover soon Shyn. There’s more to live for. Suicide shouldn’t be an option.

  9. No matter what she is passing through is not enough reason for her to want to commit sucide or kill herself, anyways I wish her quick recovery

  10. She is obviously suffering from depression . I hope she recommended to see a therapist after she is discharged from the hospital

  11. Whatever might be the reason, does it call for suicide? .she really went far, that means she doesn’t love herself honestly. .

  12. No matter the situation, challenges or what you are passing through don’t take law into your hands its not right all you have to do is stay focused,pray and trust in God he will surely bring back all what you have lost in double fold,get well soon

  13. Everyone in life must face some difficulties before you achieve your gold in life so no need of committing suicide

  14. Everyone in life must face some difficulties before you achieve your gold in life so no need of committing suicide.

  15. no matter the challenges of life a man is passing through should not be an opportunity for you to quite in life because winners never quite and quiters never win. I wish you quick recovery my Dear

  16. It Is Against The Law, Immoral And Against Beliefs To Commit Suicide…….
    moreover there is not gain in it rather loss

  17. No body has the right to take his or her life. This life is so sweet to be wasted just like that. What ever situation you find yourself just know that God will always see you through.

  18. What kind of depression could push a celeb like her with her adorable look to attempt suicide….life still has a lot to offer her but once dead…no more hope for the dead…

  19. This life is very precious so we don’t have any right to take it away no matter any condition we find ourselves on

  20. She probably planned to kill herself because she’s broke and that’s not right… You were not supposed to be saved like seriously

  21. Suicide isn’t the solution to any problematic situation we find ourselves. Yes depression kills. We can easily talk to someone instead of thinking of committing suicide. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  22. But she just inspired people few days ago with how she is now happy with her current lifestyle and not trying to prove her worth with empty bank accounts. Such a sad thing.

  23. No challenge is geniue enough for someone to think of commiting suicide and i believe a problem shared is have solved if a man is facing a challenge that is beyond imagination then pray for divine intervention.

  24. A lot of so called normal beings are going through depression cos of one reason or the other but then it’s still not a reason to take your God given life. I wish you quick recovery.

  25. No challenge is geniue enough for commiting suicide and a problem shared is always half solved.whatsoever the problem ine have pray for divine intervention

  26. She not psychologically and emotionally balance, if shygle is emotionally balanced she will no that suicide is not the way out of her present predicament

  27. Committing suicide should never be an answer to anyone’s problem . Yeah we all know she’s broke , she can still bounce back

  28. My dear you are not the given of life,so therefore you don’t have any right to take your life because God won’t forgive you no matter want you are passing through hand it over to God.

  29. Why should anyone want to take his or her own life….No matter what Suicide ain’t the way out…

  30. It’s not easy, but when things go bad, it doesn’t mean we should take our life, it’s only God that can help us.

  31. Killing ur self wouldn’t solve anything my dear all u need do is put ur self together ND strive to straighten any curved part you are facing.

  32. hmmmmm not all that glittered are gold, looking good with empty account is not easy, is that the reason why you want to kill yourself, money is not everything you know…beside your boyfriend doesn’t help you financially?

  33. Suicide is not the answer. Tell it to God your creator, surrender yourself to him, his the only one who can deliver us

  34. It’s a pity girl but you are taking it higher at your self, you just have to take life easy,what will be better will be better if you exercise patience

  35. That is the problem. You don’t have to impress people to displease yourself. Just be natural because whether you impress people or not, those that will hate you will still hate you

  36. Lord help her, killing yourself is never the solution instead it compounds more problems.
    Wish you quick recovery.

  37. Please let’s look out for people even our neighbors and family. Depression is very real. Suicide is never an option

  38. Depression is one the greatest threat to human life this days. You may see the physical look of a person looking happy but not knowing they are dying inside and not happy really. We should be more vigilant about our friends and brothers and sisters to know when they are not OK or not to show them more love and care. She always seems happy and never looked weak inside. Thank God for her life and let the mercy of God see her through.

  39. I don’t even know why people will want to take their lives. When you feel uneasy with yourself, please try and talk to someone. God created us to us to look after ourselves and help one another in time of trouble.

  40. When she wakes up, please ask her why she wants to destroy her life. She’s beautiful and attractive for any man. Why suicides?

  41. what is she thinking of, why will you commite suicide, anyway, thanks to the neighbor, may God continue to bless her . she had a fool opinion because of looking fresh she became broke. bad hbit

  42. This life is so simple it’s just depends on how you hand it if someone is depressing ur actions you just continue with your good mind and be impressing them one day they will realize their mistakes and come for the apology, so the step you take is beyond ur ability if you collect ur own life remember the life is not urs but belong to God. May He grant you quick recovery amin

  43. Thanks God, I pray her blood pressure normalize soon. Whatever may have caused her to commit suicide, I pray she get out of it

  44. Man disappointment can’t hider ur success. It z well. God will do the best. Suicide is not the best option.

  45. God have mercy on her.
    That stomach is too slim for a healthy person ooo.

    Women will be struggling to look beautiful at da end of da day men will marry a virtuous woman not curvaceous woman.

  46. This is stupidity. If things doesn’t work out for you today it might tomorrow. Just keep pushing because a living dog is better than a dead lion.

  47. My dear, a lot of persons are going through a lot…they just happen to appear happy on social media but deep down they are fighting a hidden battle…Shyngle Suicide is never the answer…

  48. When there is life there is hope
    Live a simple life and never live to impress people,be yourself

  49. My dear commuting suicide is not the best option moving ahead and gathering the things of of future would have been the option

  50. My dear is just once and very precious to those value it, no matter the situation, the problem you are facing taking your life will never be a solution beware.

  51. What would be the issue or situation that will drive some like her to attempt to take her life. God deliver your children from frustration and depression.

  52. I think the motivation behind her action is
    If she kills herself
    She could go back in time to undo her mistakes instead of her parents calling her to order

    Total nonsense
    If she want die
    Mk she die na
    Or offer herself ad a living sacrifice to the yahoo boys there

    Stupid actions

  53. No matter what you are passing through in life, killing yourself is not the best answer. let healing soon

  54. Not all that glitters is gold. Just because celebs look dashing and beautiful on screen doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems like you and I. They say that the rich also cries. I just pray that she’ll get better

  55. In every difficulty there is relief… No matter what you are passing true today is just a matter of time…don’t lose hope..

  56. Ooh…to bad……but been broke isn’t enough reason to take your life…she needs to talk to councilors so that she get informed on how to handle depression….so many great people now were once depressed ….taking your own life is never an option

  57. Hmmm who sent her to be using her money to look good for the people? She should learn how to be strong

  58. Hello dear dis life is a simple one don’t twist nd complicate things for urself…ND d sucide won’t change anything

  59. What could be the problem because i truly know money could not be the issue. But whatever it may be that is not enough reason for her to do such

  60. Kill herself is never the best option no matter what. I prau quick recovering and God meet her at the point of her need

  61. Life is never a bed of roses it has two faces when is good you enjoy it to the full and when is bad you endure it. Don’t kill your self always b patient n prayerful things will turn around for good. I wish you quick recovery.

  62. Oh my God, everything will be fine cos not everyone is financially stable but everyone is trying their best to make it.

  63. You’re tired of life because you’re living a fake life in order to please the public, what a disgrace you are to yourself

  64. Attempting murder is not an option. Just learn to leave within your income. I wish you quick recovery though.

  65. The moral of this to me is that celebrities should stop putting unnecessary pressures on themselves. They live their entire life trying to impress and become depressed in the process.

  66. This life is too precious to be taken like that when there is life there is hope she should always look up to God when things are not going well suicide is never an option

  67. Princess Shyngle, isn’t wise at all in her decision to commit suicide because suicide isn’t the solution to challenges, it will only hasten her arrival to hell faster.

  68. Thank your stars that u were rescue by a good neighbor If not by now u would have been burning in hell fire. U want to terminate d life u Neva created because of what u caused by yourself. U can’t please everybody. One should live her/his life in such a way that it pleases God not man.

  69. This life na jeje ooo. Please don’t allow life’s frustration to have negative impact on your decision making. Life is precious.

  70. Thank God she was rescued on time..may she recover quickly..My sister that is not a reason to take your life….if things don’t go well,you want to commit suicide.Do you know what people are passing through and yet they still push forward hoping things will get better.

  71. My dear nothing in this life worth taking your life, because all these things will pass away, what ever make you to take such decision, forget it , is not the best for you.

  72. Why does she want to kill her self for, what does she want that’s not forth coming , suicide is not the best option

  73. Everything cannot be smooth all the learn to face challenges..this life is not bed of roses..killing yourself is not d cure to ur hardtimes

  74. Taking your life is not the best solution to your problem. Thank God for you neighbours that came to your rescue.

  75. This life is very simple depending on how you take it. God created seasons for a purpose, there is time to have in abundant and time to have less, what you have done now is not the solution. God mighty hand will be upon you.

  76. Pls and pls don’t go things to pls people even Jesus and John the baptist couldn’t. I wish quick recovery

  77. Life is sacrosanct. No man has the right to take life, either his/hers or any other’s. Suicide is not a solution but another problem in itself. All the same, sorry for your pain ..

  78. My dear what ever you are facing don’t kill yourself because life is all about ups and down, just pray and seek for God he will answer you.. I wish you fast recovery.

  79. It is not worth killing oneself. If things doesn’t seem to go in her favor today, things will go in her favor tomorrow. She should not please anyone and as a result, hurt herself

  80. No matter ur frustration trying to take ur life is very wrong bcoz dat is neva the solution to a problem

  81. Who said the rich don’t have problems?
    Thank God for the peace of mind you have
    Only God knows what that actress was going through, before contemplating suicide

  82. Suicide rates has gradually increased over time. Word of advice to everyone, you’re in charge of your health, physical and mental. No one or nothing should make you take your own life.
    And please, always check on your friends and family from time to time to know how they’re fairing.

  83. If there is anything that I find difficult to understand is the issue of this suicide seriously what can possibly make someone do that? Hmmmm its well get well dear and fight whatever is disturbing your life to make you try suicide

  84. No matter the challenges you are facing, pls talk to God, He is there for us always. Wish you quick recovery

  85. Is suicide always the best option, i don’t think so.
    life is full of challenges, but challenges sometimes do save as stepping Stones

  86. no one knows what people go through each day but they come out smiling but its no reason to attempt to take your life

  87. I wish her quick recovery, people are really going tru a lot oooo, but committing suicide isn’t a to whatever we may b going tru.

  88. The end of the wicked is always messy, was she not the controversial actress that broke her fellow woman’s home because of her body and looks, some people’s judgement is here on earth.

  89. I still can’t see the reason why someone will want to take his or her life….this life is too sweet to take your life by yourself

  90. Are u the one that give urself the life…what on earth will make one take his or her own life…no come and take snipper…sharp sharp u go drop…nonsense

  91. What kind of depression could push a celeb like her with her adorable look to attempt suicide….life still has a lot to offer her but once dead…no more hope for the dead…

  92. My dear Thank God you are still alive, but why do you want to kill yourself because of the things, worries of the world. Any problem or challenges you are facing in life, just Carry it to God. Him alone can solve whatever thing that It is. Please don’t try it next time

  93. So far there’s life…then there’s hope…she does not have any right to take her life…God gives us the life and collects it when he wants….I know she will live ….let’s try and live a meaningful life ooo

  94. Suicide can never be an answer to any life problem. and something else is that depression should be watched in some cases. If you notice anyone depressed or sad.. please cover your mouth

  95. We should all learn to lets things unfold the way God has planned it for us, because overthinking yourself can cause another problem. we all need to take things easy with ourselves in this world, we came with nothing and we are going with nothing. so what’s the need to be killing yourself over worldly things? i wish her quick recovery

  96. Life is so precious, I don’t see a good reason for u to take it, u re a celebrity do u know wat happen to ur fans, that’s uncoded

  97. You don’t have to kill yourself now
    I may not knw what you’re going through but I know commit suicide is not the best for you ohhh
    My dear sister,you have to live so that you can share it with upcoming once,because we all have a story to tell

  98. is cutting off the head the best remedy for headache? U’re so fortunate to have been rescued by your kind neighbours. I don’t know why you can’t lie within your income. Must you dress to impress people?

  99. Taking your own life is worng, no matter what the bible said we should thrown all our problems on God because he cares for us

  100. There are many circumstances that may lead to sucide the world are leaving in is full of challenges which may lead to sucide. When life turn you upside, when thing are not working the way you want. The next thing is to look for way out either one will kill his or herself.

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