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Princess Shyngle calls Michael Essien’s wife ‘dumbest wife of the year’

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Ghanaian actress Princess Shyngle, has described Michael Essien’s wife, Akosua Puni, , as the “dumbest wife” of the year.
Princess Shyngle calls Michael Essien's wife 'dumbest wife of the year' lailasnews 3

According to Princess Shyngle she dated Essien for a year without knowing that he was married until she later found out on the internet that he was married.
Shyngle added that she decided to end their relationship, after she finally got to know that Essien was married.
Shyngle who seems unfazed about the perceptions people have about her took to her Instagram stories and described Essien’s wife as ‘dumb’ for leaving her home because of her.
She wrote:
“If you leave your husband’s house because he’s still in love with his ex and can’t let her go then you should definitely receive the dumbest wife of the year award”
And in another post she wrote:
We all know that one ex that just keeps getting finer and FINER… it’s me, I’m that ex
By her post above, it appears Shyngle and Essien are still seeing each other, because she claims Essien is still in love with his ex (Shyngle). Meanwhile, Essien and his family have debunked the reports that Akosau Puni packed out of the house.
Good sex and food cannot be used to keep a man - Princess Shyngle

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  1. Chai its better for essiens wife ‘akosua puni’ to go and beg her husband cos shes the one that leave her self. So sad

  2. her own is too much marrying and dumping, is she the only beautiful woman in the world. Essien should forget him

  3. She’s not dumb, her husband was cheating on her even while they are married, is she supposed to continue in that kind of marriage. We have to be sincere with ourselves, we are different, so we handle and take things differently. Princess Shyngle should not compare herself and Puni, they two different people with two different personalities.

  4. See her waist self. Will you be able to give birth with that kind of waist. Please go and get urself bussy

  5. I guess there’s more to it for her to pack out of her matrimonial home because I don’t see a reason why you should leave your home for an unrepenting ex of your husband…she’s really dumb.

  6. Even though it really hurts to see your husband having an affair with another woman outside, but that should not be the reason that will make you to pack out of your husband house. You need to be patient.

  7. What the man did is not OK why did he have to go back to ex wen he is already married so man self but the woman shouldn’t have pack out because of that also

  8. The wife shouldn’t have left his husband house because of his Ex, sometimes its hard to just forget about ex

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