Priest sentenced to 14 years in jail for child sex abuse

An ex-priest has been sentenced to 14 years in jail after he admitted to sexually abusing children in the US state of Pennsylvania.

Priest sentenced to 14 years in jail for child sex abuse lailasnews

65-year-old David Poulson is the second clergyman to be jailed in the wake of a damning statewide grand jury report.

He served as a priest for four decades in the Diocese of Erie, and entered a guilty plea in October after being accused of sexual assault and attempted sexual assault of two boys, aged eight and 15, in the 2000s.

“Poulson assaulted one of his victims more than 20 times in church rectories,” state Attorney General Josh Shapiro told reporters, according to a statement from his office.

“He made that victim go to confession and confess the abuse — to Poulson.”

The specific charges against Poulson were corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children. His sentence could be as short as 2.5 years or as long as 14 years, the maximum under state law.

The priest — who was only suspended in 2018, eight years after the diocese first learned of allegations against him — also assaulted the same boy and repeatedly attempted to assault another victim at his remote hunting cabin.

Poulson was named in a sweeping Pennsylvania grand jury report released in August that revealed credible allegations against more than 300 suspected predator priests and identified over 1,000 victims of child sex abuse.

In many cases, the abuse was covered up by the Catholic Church for decades.

In 2010, when the church first learned of the claims against Poulson, he admitted to then bishop Donald Trautman that he was “aroused by boys,” the attorney general’s office said.

But Trautman, who retired in 2012, simply assigned him to a different parish.

While most of the cases cited in the grand jury report could not be brought to trial due to a statute of limitations, Poulson and John Sweeney were charged and jailed.

Last month, Sweeney was sentenced to 11.5 months to five years in prison for abusing a 10-year-old in the 1990s.


  1. What is this world becoming,? The other time I read about usher and now another priest again!
    This is becoming too much and I hope he learnt his lessons huh

  2. God have mercy things are really really going on especially in the churches these days. Alot of societal crime especially sexual assault do come from the church. God please help your choosen ones for they are just human made up of body and blood like us.

  3. With the rate at which all this old fools rape female children now, it’s high time death sentence is the penalty for rape crimes

  4. This case of assault is becoming other of d day. And the annoying part is sat it’s usually done in God’s house or by men of God
    Let him face the law

  5. No body to be trusted nowadays, even the men of God they said they are, are inside some immoral acts. They should face the law to serve as a lesson to others

  6. What a pity to the Catholic folks. A priest, male for that matter sexually assaulting another male. I pray the law take its course.

  7. Chaii, this world Is coming to An end i guess, because What Am seeing and hearing everyday Is terrible. It serves Him good!

  8. It’s not mandatory to be priest. If you can’t control you sexual arosal, isn’t it better to retire and live he life you prefer than to pretend?

  9. Unbelievable how can this be, a priest man of God what on earth is this world tuning into. At this age I think something is wrong some where. If this is really true why the innocent child?

  10. In the first place who asked him not to marry, when he feels he cannot control his sexual orge why don’t he marry the sentence serves him right.

  11. Nobody is to be trusted. May God have mercy, it’s becoming too rampant these days. The world is really changing,even in the men of God are falling victims

  12. This is becoming rampant and to make it worse coming from a church. May God forgive him

  13. This are the reasons why the scriptures says that the judgment of God will start from the church

  14. Many are called but few are chosen, he is among those who called him self, he deserves no mercy at all

  15. Many are called but few are chosen, he is among those who called him self, he deserves no mercy at all

  16. All these priests are not prayerful if they pray very well they will not be falling into this temptations

  17. Priest. God’s servant… How can he?? God is indeed disappointed. Wish he can serve more than that. We are also disappointed in your actions

  18. Men of God breaking their celibacy and the TRUST reposed on them. We should take care of our children to know when they are being abused and take preventive measures to ensure that they are not abused. God finally caught up with him.

  19. Is not a must that you must be a priest. When you can’t hold to your calling go and marry. Why will you assult kids are you trying to derive sexual satisfaction or what? Just go and cool of in jail

  20. This is the reason I never advised anyone to ba a Reverend…this is the actual place homosexuality starts from and they say they serve the living God. He will rot in prison.

  21. Pedophile is An adult who is sexually attracted to children.These cases is becoming too rampant nowadays.

  22. Good for him and I hope while in the prison he will have time to repair his relationship with God and ask for his forgiveness.

  23. It’s like the world is coming to an end because the rate at which evil is increasing day by day. Even priests those we thought they are the eyes of God. No place is safe

  24. May God heal u of this disease and pardon ur sins. Our priests should be real pastors not camouflage.

  25. This is absurd and evil in the sight of God. Those assigned to bring us close to God and protect our Christain faith are the ones destroying them. This have been going on for many decades now and thank God the pressure is on the church now to expose more of this atrocities. More of this convictions must be done to sanctify the church from this evil act and eliminate all the bad priest in the church.

  26. I can’t believe a priest could stick so low to abused a child, this is unbelievable. God have mercy

  27. You should not trust anyone in this world, everyone can have a heart to cheat kids even man of God! This is terrible.

  28. This is the reason I never advised anyone to ba a Reverend…this is the actual place homosexuality starts from and they say they serve the living God…God forbids celibacy. He will rot in prison.

  29. Who are will to trust in the house of God if we can not trust the priests who then only god can save us all

  30. Oh my God what kind of thing is this? The church of God has become a crime place. God have Mercy

  31. This case of sex abuse and rape is becoming rampant in the society and look at what even the men of God are falling daily God have mercy and the man should be punished

  32. No wonder he was dethroned from priesthood, foolish man.. Hope you get a good sentence and possibly a long jail term.

  33. I winder what is so new in sex that people even men of God are committing sexual immorality, assault and harassment. God save our nation

  34. Rubbish , when u know fully well that your not a child of God , why not accept it, yet you claim to be when your not and be using the name of God in vain, imagine a gay , rooten dischausting smelly fellow standing in the wrong foundation and be calling God

  35. God for you that God punishment for you.i think this should be done everywhere 14years isnt bad at all

  36. Is sex a good thing please why do this big and old people sexually abusing the young people do they want them to start prostituting idiot

  37. The other time I read about usher and now another priest again!
    This is becoming too much and I hope he learnt his lessons huh

  38. What is the world turning into, why are humans bent on putting the name of the Lord to shame. God help us

  39. How could a priest engage in such act, that’s immorality and indiscipline, may God have mercy on him


  41. I’m not sure that this one is a man of God,,,actually m nt judging bt its ridiculous of him

  42. God have mercy on you father, to be a priest is not by force, you should have gotten married since you can control your urge

  43. I know it’s not easy being a priest ,, but it’s better to step down being a priest if you can no longer control the sex urge,,, it’s not a sin to step down

  44. Why re they now adding priest to his name only on this act he should not be entitled to any position in any church

  45. He should be prosecuted
    What kind of a man of God is this? Really disappointed. I hope people can learn from this now

  46. These is purely what the Bible says that will happen in the end time….. Fake priest coming out in the name of Jesus disciples…. Well he will face the punishment

  47. This sexual assault issue is now being rampant, not even ladies, boys, the guy should rotten in jail, others will learn their lessons from him

  48. The Roman catholic Church will always cover the sins of her priest, why? May God have mercy of thr priest. Pray for priests who are celibate.

  49. I believe God will forgive him his sins. We are not to judge him. Hope he will Change his ways after the jail term

  50. Imagine how he destroyed himself! Defiling children for that matter, if they ask them to marry, they will refuse and come up with a lot of excuses.

  51. Even apostle Paul told us that if you can’t hold yourself pls get married,all this priest shd stop disgracing us with sexual report every time

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