Pretty Mike storms event with “messengers from the spirit world”

JNigerian socialute, Pretty Mike, who is well known for his stunning entrances at events, stormed one in Port-Harcourt with “messengers from the spirit world”.

He shared a video of him standing in the middle of three ladies dressed in traditional style as they were holding fetish items with their faces painted white and black.

One of the ladies was holding a pot whilst the other was holding a staff.

VAWULENCE has been declared this October 🧐tighten ur belts” Live in PH, came with a msg from the spiritual world, 🙆🏾‍♂️ He captioned a post on his IG page, which features a photo and videos of himself with his so-called “spiritual messengers”.

The club owner has made it his usual practice to give some sort of controversial entrance when attending social events like wedding, birthdays and the like — over time, peeps have got to see him attending events with, supposed pregnant women, nursing mothers, ladies on a leash and all.

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