Presidential Debate: Why Buhari avoided Atiku – CUPP

The Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP says President Muhammadu Buhari avoided Atiku Abubakar at Saturday’s 2019 presidential debate out of fear of humiliation.

Imo Ugochinyere, CUPP spokesman, in a statement, wondered what or who the president was afraid of, Daily Post reports.

Presidential Debate Why Buhari avoided Atiku - CUPP lailasnews
Presidential Debate Why Buhari avoided Atiku – CUPP

He noted that CUPP consensus candidate and “the candidate of Nigerians for the election, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, flew over 16 hours all the way from the United States of America and got to the venue of the debate just to keep his word to Nigerians that he was ready to debate with President Buhari only for the President to run away.

“We reiterate our earlier position that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is ready and willing to debate with President Buhari any day, any time even if
President Buhari is the one that will set the questions and choose the venue.

“Our challenge will provide Nigerians the rare opportunity to assess the intellectual incapacity and verify the hollowness and lack of depth of the the president and his thought process.

“The CUPP is in support of the position of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar not to participate in the debate in the absence of the President who is the
main challenger of Alhaji Atiku in the 2019 Presidential election.

“We await President Buhari to accept this Atiku Challenge or hide his face in shame!”

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  1. Even if I was president, I would never honour a debate invitation in Nigeria. Presidential debate is still a big joke in Nigeria.

  2. Hmm. This piece of information is getting more and more interesting to me. He ran away to avoid embarrassment? I hust can’t believe my eyes.

  3. The conclusion is that Buhari avoided Atiku. However Atiku himself didnt show up and that ask the question WHY?

  4. A whole President is running away for debate and he is expected Nigeria to vote for him for second term

  5. He should really be ashamed of himself…. Why is he running away for just a debate? Act that shows he’s going to be running from his responsibility when been called…. Let me accept the challenge and prove his act of responsibility….

  6. The people we called our leaders are now acting movies for us to be watching in fact what is jubril going to do in the presidential debate? What is he going there to do when if you ask him something he will say another thing’s what dose he wants to go and answer there please is even more better he don’t go.

  7. Hhhh very funny Atiku so you have the courage to debate with buhari,after all the running he made.

  8. CUPP and PDP want to dedate because of Buhari? Thats foolish idea. The so call debate i think is for nigerians.

  9. Even if I was president, I would never honour a debate invitation in Nigeria. Presidential debate is still a big joke in Nigeria.

  10. The president don’t need to hide please show up because we are very much interested in this s matter

  11. I know say PMB and Atiku will not come for the debate… Both of them have nothing upstairs… If Atiku was present and PMB was absent… Moghalu and Sowere and other will make Atiku look stupid

  12. Lol funny leaders,Mr President sir..what are you scared have been leading us while not challenge him..don’t run sir

  13. What a funny country… Well the president can choose not to be present in any debate but that shouldn’t be a reason of Atiku not participating with others candidates present


  15. , pls forgive my manners, it’s just funny,why will he be running from atiku,? Is he afraid of him or what, he should come out and face him, or hide his face in shame

  16. However Atiku himself didnt show up Is he afraid of him or what, he should come out and face him, or hide his face in shame

  17. It’s clear to everyone that Buhari practically ran away from the debate. He didn’t want to go and disgrace his ancestors.

  18. Buhari just has to avoid him because he knows that atiku will have more interesting things to say than he him

  19. What a joke this people are turning this country to..what is debate that whoever that wish to be the president will not come,they should just not near the pulling center on that day of election

  20. For Christ’s sake, is atiku up against buhari alone. Does it mean that other candidates are insignificant? I don’t believe and don’t want to believe that it was his reason for opting out of the debate. Simple, he couldn’t stand others

  21. my joy here is that, God is exposing people one by one,if buhari have led Nigeria well, why is he afraid to face atiku, let God give us good leader that have Nigeria in mind. thanks

  22. Why is he running away from Atiku? The prayers of the masses every day is for God to give us a ruler since the leaders have dissappionted us

  23. nigeria politicians with their games but why was the president absent himself from the presidential debate

  24. I see no reason why Atiku shouldn’t show up on that debate because Buhari was not there.. He should have used the opportunity to tell Nigerians his plans for better tomorrow not debating with Buhari.. Are they going there to compete or tell us what they have for us.. I’m just fade up with Nigerian leaders..

  25. Why isn’t he in the debate ground,
    To me, he disappointed the whole Nigeria because people were eagerly waiting for him to Debate with Atiku.

  26. My question is why is Buhari avoiding Atiku, since he is the president he would have stand on his ground.

  27. Let’s vote out these incompetent, old fraud that don’t have the interest of the people at hand.

  28. President Buhari will not come for any debate with Atiku or any politician he has failed and he know beta than to debate with Atiku which he knows Atiku will finish him.

  29. What is essence of that debate, debate is not solution to Nigeria problem. What we need is to pray for better leader .

  30. He doesn’t need to appear before the podium for debate. Nigerians already know his capacity, but still not sure what to do.

  31. Why do you want to kill yourself in a game like this. Buhari is tired let him go and rest. Atiku or any other person can take over.

  32. That man is not running because of Atiku but for is life,leave those people alone the no how to play the game more than you people do

  33. Buhari is avoiding the pressure he will face,he can t stand the heat of the debate,he has nothing to say.

  34. I never expected this from Atiku. Is he telling us that his problem is buhari. This single act of his means that he is not contesting as a president to matter our country. His actions shows that he is contesting to humility buhari. This don’t show any sign of maturity.

  35. Atiku is ready for any thing, while burhari trying to wave the hot sit of debate for him.he should come and debate.

  36. Let’s be frank with ourself. Between Buhari and Atiku, who needed to be at the venue? Atiku should find his way down there but his team were so senseless looking for Buhari.

    Buhari never attended the 2015 PD, why is it so important this time around?
    Presidential Debate doesn’t work in Africa let’s face it. That’s why you see Osinbajo doing door to door campaign

  37. Inthink every other candidate wants to replace PMB because in thier thought he has no done well he PMB should have come and say no what you are saying is not true. So for what reason then is the debate when PMB is not there. He ran away in 2025 also.

  38. Lol,this is a big Savage. This man went straight to the point without hidding anything at all.But that is the truth naaa.

  39. Why is he running away for just a debate? Act that shows he’s going to be running from his responsibility when been called…. Let me accept the challenge and prove his act of responsibility….

  40. President Buhari did not do well in not attending to the presidential debate, what ever happened he should have reported so that it would not be that he is avoiding someone .

  41. It is obvious that Atiku wants debate with Buhari not with other aspirants. Baba will honour his debate after 2019 victory.

  42. It’s not being smart or intelligent that makes you a good leader. Me I look at the level of corruption in you. So atiku election is not a brain challenge. It’s all about virtue

  43. Buhari boycotted the presidential debate because he knew he’s no match for the much younger, intelligent and educated candidates.
    Atiku also boycotted coz he knows he’ll be next to be ’embarrassed’ by the more intellectual team of candidates since there’s no Buhari.
    In the end, both Buhari and Atiku are fraudulent intellectual cowards.
    Meanwhile, some very silly, sentimental, ethno-centric and closed minded individuals are busy shouting 4+4, Buhari X2 and ‘Atikulated’ everywhere on Facebook and social media platforms, not even knowing that it’s a slap on d face of our democracy, that men who seek public offices can do as they wish and please, with no one holding them accountable for their lack of respect for the electorates.
    Oh Nigeria and Nigerians, who has bewitched you so???
    Atleast I know who I’ll vote for.

  44. I don’t even see the importance of this debate after all the debate is only a mere speech which they will only say to be the best speaker for their own interests alone.

  45. I knew it that Mr President will avoid the presidential debate. He actually avoid Atiku Abubakar cos I see no reason why he wasn’t there.

  46. Nigerians politicians and drama, of course Atiku is more intelligent than Buhari so why would he be scared of the debate, when you know how to do a job no need to scared

  47. Since he is running away debate because of Atiku Abubaka he should hide his face in shame and withdraw from the election

  48. Buhari is just incapable of attending the debate. He will not be able to speak if he had attended.

  49. We have become a laughing stock in the eyes of other countries that use to respect us, because of incompetence and illiterate leader, God will help us.

  50. What is his reason not to debate. Aspect his challenge Mr president pls they should not cover it up with another issue issue oh.
    This political can be ridiculous.

  51. You can never run from your problem always, one way or the other they will still come in contact with eachother

  52. If the information CUPP is giving is is to go by, then Atiku should have just showed up even though Buhari decided to be a Coward.

  53. I wish both candidates including the other presidential candidates the best in the election, debate has never been straight forward in Nigeria

  54. Buhari wasn’t present in the debate doesn’t mean that he didn’t know what to say but he has to save himself the respect. Whether debate or not, there is every possibility that he will win th election

  55. Buhari is not capable, he is just looking for lies to cover up his misfortunes, let him accept Atiku challenge and let Nigerians know their stand.

  56. Nigeria my country,they always make fun out of everything our election is like a child’s play in other countries you dare not miss a debate without a concrete reason

  57. let President Buhari accept this Atiku Challenge or hide his face in shame and let him stop hiding himself

  58. Nigerians are funny but I hate to agress with them because I dont see any other reason why he avoided the debate

  59. He really should be ashamed, running away because of an ordinary debate, anyways I don’t blame him he is uneducated after all

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