‘President Buhari lied to Donald Trump about herdsmen’ – Gov. Ishaku

Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku of Taraba State, who spoke to journalists in Abuja during the weekend, accused President Buhari of lying to President Donald Trump who he had a meeting with early last week.

'President Buhari lied to Donald Trump about herdsmen' - Gov. Ishaku lailasnews

Recall that President Buhari assured U.S. President Donald Trump, that his administration is stabilizing the attacks by herdsmen across the country. Buhari, who gave the assurance during his meeting with Trump at the White House, said Nigerians were concerned about the resort to arms by some herdsmen.

The Nigerian president described the situation as alien, to the age-long peaceful coexistence between herders and farmers across the country.

“The problem of cattle herders is a very long historical problem. What is of a concern is that before now the Nigerian herders are known to carry sticks and machetes and cut follies for their animals but these ones are carrying AK 47.

“So, I don’t think we should underrate Libya, 43 years of Gaddafi people were being recruited from the Sahel and people were being killed.

“With the demise, they moved from their country and their region with their training and their weapons and that is what aggravated the situation.

“We are doing our best to make ensure we stop the cross-border movement and so on. It will take time. We are Stabilising the situation in Nigeria” President Buhari said.

However reacting to the statement, Governor Ishaku said it couldn’t have been imaginary that farmers were killed with AK-47 rifles in their clashes with herdsmen in Taraba and Benue states.

“It’s absolutely wrong for the President to say herdsmen don’t move around with guns. I mean, who then kills who? It couldn’t have been imaginary that people have been killed with AK-47 in the farmers-herdsmen clashes.

“We simply have to stand up to the truth and do something to stop the killings,” he said.

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