Pregnant woman dies in truck accident in Aba during chase by revenue officers

A pregnant woman and one other passenger have died in a truck accident in Aba after revenue officers reportedly chased a truck, which then ran into the commercial tricycle conveying the passengers.

The Revenue agents were reported to be working for Aba South Local Area Council and had earlier stopped the truck driver who refused before they engaged him in a chase.

Pregnant woman dies in truck accident during chase by revenue officers lailasnews 3
Pregnant woman dies in truck accident during chase by revenue officers

According to reports, the pregnant woman and a passenger in the tricycle died on the spot.

It was learnt that several other passengers who were injured in the accident are battling for survival in a government hospital after being rejected by a private hospital because of the degree of injury that they sustained.

The revenue agents in a move to escape the wrath of the people – dived into the Waterside River, luck however was said to have ran out on one of them who was apprehended by some of the onlookers that chased after them.

It was gathered that the timely intervention of a police team prevented the irate crowd from setting him ablaze after giving him the beating of his life.


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  1. What nonsense they shouldn’t have run they should have waited and make peace now she’s dead my the soul of she and her unborn baby rest in peace amen.

  2. They just ended people’s life for no just good reason. May their souls rest in peace. The government should look into this because it’s not the first time its happening in Aba

  3. Must confess that Abia State is lawless state where taught collect government revenue and we thought that this present government will stop such but it happens to be the worst of all. Government should please do something and bring those taught to face the consequences. May their soul rest in peace.

  4. The way our law enforcers does things sometimes provokes ones action. Innocent people died because of some individuals stupid mistake.

  5. He should not have been saved, let his family feel the pains of the family of people he caused their death because of maybe 500naira

  6. nawa o. what kind of sad story is this, knowing that a pregnant woman is invloved. what then will become of her husband and family in general? again, these revenue people are fond of chasing trucks in abia state in general, knowing fully well that those roads are too narrow and maneuvers arent always successfully completed especially when on high speed be it on a two way road or one way. the roads there are too narrow and these revenue officers or whatever they are called are not well trained at all. the state government will see all these and neglect because they probably will never be affected by all these misfortunes that befall people on these tiny roads that are always busy…besides when they want to pass, they use siren to chase every other road user out of their way and pass like a demi god which they believe they are. may her soul rest on with that of her unborn child. so sad to say the least

  7. God have mercy. The revenue officers have incurred evil upon themselves. Why the chase? Now, what will they do and say to the families of the deceased. May their soul rest in peace.

  8. Nawa oo… How the Nigerian government gives power to tauts is so derogatory. May their soul rest in peace. The abia state government should quickly do something to avoid similar case repeating itself

  9. What a big tragedy to this family of this deceases the truck man should have waited for them but I thought government as banned revenue officer from pursuing people ,this revenue officer should be dealt with

  10. The revenue officers must be happy at the accident the caused that took the life of a pregnant woman. you can imagine that, is quite unfortunate, is really unfair

  11. Chai this pregnant woman and her child just died at a spot and the touts wants to run away thank God that they caught one of them. Government should do something about all this touts that disturbs vehicle up and down

  12. thank you dear God for always protecting my family and I when we go out, very sad may God console her family, quick recovery to those fighting for their lives , may her soul rest in peace

  13. That revenue officer should be arrested and hanged, am sure he was just after taking bribe. May the souls of the dead rest in peace.

  14. Hmmm this is bad, how on will revenue collector be chasing the truck and why didn’t d truck driver pay his revenue and go his way ….May God have mercy

  15. The chase for money has claim innocent people s lives for nothing, the questions is this. Is that how are trained to go after motorist? Knowing fully well that it not safe chasing a car in public places. What have they gain now? This is very painful to type rip

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