Popular undercover reporter in Ghana shot dead

Ahmed Hussein-Suale, an undercover reporter in Ghana shot dead, Wednesday night by unknown gunmen while on his way home from work.

He was said to be on his way home when gunmen on a motorbike opened fire on his vehicle in Madina area of Accra, shooting him dead in three live rounds, Premium Times reports.

Popular undercover reporter in Ghana shot dead lailasnews 2
Popular undercover reporter in Ghana shot dead

Mr Hussein-Suale was a key personnel amongst a team of undercover investigators working with Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Tiger Eye in Ghana.

A grieving Mr Anas announced the development on Thursday morning, saying his late colleague was shot twice on the chest and once in the neck.

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A video Mr Anas posted alongside the death announcement on Twitter Thursday morning showed a Ghanaian lawmaker making violent threats against Mr Hussein-Suale.

Kennedy Agyapong said in the video, which was part of ‘who watches the watchman’ anti-Anas docuseries, that the public should deal with Mr Hussein-Suale for a handsome reward.

Mr Agyapong’s threats and the immediate indication that the killers did not steal from Mr Hussein-Suale after killing him appeared to have led Tiger Eye to suggest that he was assassinated.

Mr Anas and his team have taken on several Ghanaian sectors to expose corruption, including the 2015 undercover that exposed judges as taking cash bribes and forced many of them to resign.

An undercover on corruption in the Ghanaian sports industry is suspected to have led to the murder of Mr Hussein-Suale last night.

"Please open the border my boyfriend is cheating mercilessly" - Lady begs president

Last year, Tiger Eye raised the alarm that its staff members had become recipients of frequent violent threats, calling on the world to prevail on Ghanaian authorities to ensure their safety.

Media rights advocates say the development has reminded the world of the grim danger African journalists still face.

The Committee to Project Journalists condemned Mr Hussein-Suale’s killing and called on Ghanaian authorities to immediately unmask the assailants and bring urgent justice to his family.

“Authorities in #Ghana should immediately investigate the killing of journalist Ahmed Divela and ensure that threats against the press are taken seriously,” the CPJ Africa Programme said on Twitter Thursday morning.


  1. This killing needs to be investigated. Once they notice that someone is giving report about them and their craft act they tend to execute that person

  2. This world is wicked oo, just think of killing someone for no reason. May his soul rest in peace.

  3. That is the risk we journalist face, this is one of journalism hazard, he died as a reporter under covering evil, in Ghana, what will the Ghanian govt, do about it, nothing, they will only send public condolence to his family,

  4. This is political killing. Once you report about their evil activities with evidence, they’ll hunt for your life

  5. Their Federal Government should do something about it and bring the culprit to book..
    Rest in peace bro

  6. This case should be thoroughly investigated and those people behind the killing should be exposed very soon, they just wasted the life of this young man

  7. Press men are always in danger, I believe he was killed as a result of his job. May his soul rest in peace.

  8. This is way too far, what has he done to be assassinated. People are so cruel,they better investigate and bring the person behind it to book.

  9. Press men are always in danger, I believe he was killed as a result of his job. May his soul rest in peace.

  10. Press men are always in danger, I believe he was killed as a result of his job. May his soul rest in peace. May the family accept my condolence.

  11. What ever it will take to bring the culprits to book should be done. What has he done to deserve a death like that. Rest on

  12. This could reportedly be a citizen of another country, and the people took the law into their hand an caused harm to him.
    Well, they should investigate the case effectively nd efficiently

  13. This killing must be investigated before it claims another person. It is so heartbreaking all this blood shedding everywhere.

  14. That his job is a very risky one so whosoever is into such needs to be very careful,the truth is not far fetch he was killed cos of his job i believe so.

  15. Those evil men responsible for his death should go on and live forever with out dying again. I hope the government will arrest those behind his death.

  16. From the context it shows that there’s a prime suspect. The authority should do something praiseworthy. And to the decease, may his soul rest in peace.

  17. People get mind , to take another person’s life, and you will be happy living while you killed a human being like your self wetin God go judge too much ooh, my the soul of the innocent boy rest in peace

  18. This case should be investigated thoroughly
    But why will people be this heartless to kill their fellow being

  19. Africa, why are you still like this. A young and vibrant journalist like Mr Suile just killed like that for selfish gain. The government should bring justice to the family.

  20. I pray the catch the killer. Meanwhile may your soul rest in peace and may God console your loved ones.

  21. Killed in the cause of his duty, but why and how can this nation be good when our best are been killed… May his soul rest in peace


  23. Killing or maiming of jornalist is not acceptable. What xould have led to the shooting? May his soul rest his peace

  24. This should be treated as a murder case, topnotch investors should already be working on the case. Proper investigation should be carried out.

  25. May his soul rest in peace am sure he know someone dirty secret that’s why the person take him out of his way but hey will surely pay for their crime sooner or later

  26. Ah that’s so painful I think that they shot him because he knows about their secret,and his going to report them,may your soul rest in peace

  27. May his soul rest in peace. They must have been trailing him. People in such profession should be given maximum security including their family members

  28. This is sad ,how can a journalist be killed just because he wants to uncover the truth . what a wicked world! The suspects should be brought to book.

  29. A very sad news,but how come his under cover and popular at the same time,everything about him need to be investigated

  30. I thought that this shooting issue is only in Nigeria i never knew that it’s also happening in Ghana.RIP.

  31. This terrible
    God will surely exposed anybody who has hands in your death.
    May his gentle soul rest in peace
    Accept my sympathy family

  32. what has he done to be assassinated. People are so cruel,they better investigate and bring the person behind it to book.

  33. African countries can never grow, always growing backwards. He’s an undercover reporter, maybe a vibrant one for that matter, they just wasted his life to cover their evil and shameful acts.

  34. Politicians can do anything just to keep their secret if been revealed by anyone rest in peace to the poor guy

  35. When I heard of it I thought it was anas, thank God he wasn’t the one. It’s so sad though they don’t want their evil deeds to be uncovered so they killed the innocent man.may his soul rest in peace and may his killers never go unpunished

  36. it is good and rewarding to fight and expose evil and corrupt activities sometimes but the person in the centre of it all might live to tell the tale,may his rest in peace

  37. They killed him because he was going to expose their evil act God will judge may his soul rest in peace

  38. Being an undercover cop is risky because one can easily die because they are always among bad people trying to find out something. Rip

  39. May the good lord grant his family the fortitude to bear this loss. The length evil men would go to cover their tracks is truly frightening.

  40. This is evil. Being a journalist this days is like joining the military. Your life is always at danger and stake every now and then.
    May his soul rest in peace

  41. This is highly assassination, and is done by people he has exposed in the course of doing his job,chai wickedness may his name rest in peace

  42. This serious issue may his soul rest in perfect peace ….but police should try and do some investigation about the issue..

  43. We have a lot of enemies to kill and they are out there killing innocent fellow is this not stupidity please let the case be judged well

  44. Thorough investigation needed to be carried out. The killer must not go unpunished. May his soul rest in peace

  45. This is one of the risk in journalism. This case should be investigated and bring those behind the killing to justice

  46. Some human beings are wicked, it’s clear he was intentionally assassinated, those killers should be brought to book, may his soul rest in peace

  47. Sad news. The government should do something about this and make sure the culprit is arrested and dealt with severely.

  48. They killed the young man to cover up their tracks in illegal trades. But the wicked shall not go unpunished.
    Ghanian government should ensure justice is done to the vibrant journalist.

  49. Investigation need to be carried out on this reporter’s death. He can just be killed like that and nothing would be done. Police officers should investigate the case. I thought this only happens in Nigeria.

  50. This kind of job is very risky. May the perpetrators be caught and brought to book. May his soul rest in peace.

  51. The kind of risk journalist faces every single day of their life. It is not easy exposing the corrupt. May his soul rest in peace.

  52. May your soul Rest In Peace, this is one of the dangers of being a journalist if not careful you will get yourself killed because some many people hate the truth.

  53. This simple mean this guy have uncovered what was not meant to be discovered that’s why he was silenced, I just hope his dead will not go unpunished

  54. The police should investigate this killing and bring Justice to his family. May his soul rest in peace

  55. Journalist in this era need to be watchful. Once they are being threatened. They should take to their heels. Also the police should do proper digging on the death of these young journalist

  56. This is a tragedy, the government of Ghana should find the killer of the young man and protect every Ghanaians not to allow such to happen in future

  57. His death should not be left alone like that. This seem like a pure assassination. The wicked should not go unpunished

  58. Journalists should also learn to watch their back where ever they are may his soul rest in peace

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