Policeman kills young Air Force personnel in Calabar

A young Air Force Officer, Val Monfort Sixtus, was, shot dead on Boxing Day by a policeman in Calabar, Cross River State.

Policeman kills young Air Force personnel in Calabar lailasnews

The unfortunate incident reportedly happened around 10am at Unity Bank ATM stand along Marian Road, Calabar. Confirming the news, on Thursday, the Cross River State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Irene Ugbo, said:

“Yes, we are aware of the incident.

The Police Officer that was posted to the bank as point of duty, was sitting down when all of a sudden he heard some noise from the ATM Machine stand.

So, his duty as a Police Officer was to go there and find out what was really happening. When he got there, he was trying to interfere and he was like what is happening here?

All of a sudden, the whole crowd attacked him, so, he released a bullet which went straight to an Air Force Officer. Although, he didn’t know, because they were not on uniform.

They actually attacked him, they slapped the Policeman first before he released the bullet.

Investigation is on and if we find that truly he was at fault, of course we will leave no stone unturned in discipline.”


  1. Hmmmm police officer and an army officer now the case is in the hands of those that deal with it,we have to stay calm and watch what will happen

  2. I don’t just know why 75% of Nigeria politice are very careless. Most of them do not know their left and right. It’s well. Rip bro

  3. This is an unfortunate incident. But why would they slap the police officer without him committing any offence, this is strange.

  4. Its like them the police to release bullets even when its not necessary… This is not the first of its kind. May God give the family of the deceased the fortitude to bear the loss…. Govt should address this problem of living guns for police men.

  5. This person u guys are cooking up this stories for is my coursemate,, don’t worry we won’t dissapoint u

  6. Investigation would sound better than defence.
    This is a call to officers to he professional and courteous like their international colleagues.

  7. Why are the policemen taking law at their hands this is not fair at all just because you are a police man you kill him you most face the law by the grace of God

  8. It’s quite a pity. But we should not use our position to intimidate others all these Forces lack discipline they always use their position any how. It has happened, it has happened no restoration

  9. So because he was armed that was why he should defend himself by releasing shots. That was unfair, what kind of attack should make him shots to unarmed citizens.

  10. This is so sad, so if the crowd in the ATM stand were making noise does that permit him to pull the trigger?….. It’s so bad that we have so many untrained police men in Nigeria

  11. I think there is something they are not telling us ,,,because attacking a policeman in uniform is a rare occurrence in Nigeria

  12. Well, I would say the policeman acted in self defence. Why would a crowd go against and attack a policeman in the first place when he was actually discharging his duties?

  13. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. But what a sad story your fired a gun just like that. This is strange.

  14. My younger brother in airforce posted this guys picture on fb and WhatsApp status this morning… May his soul rest in perfect peace,amen.. May God guide him for me over there…..

  15. The way the story goes, I think it was one sort of protesting that was going on at the ATM stand. What the police man could have done was to call for assistance from the nearest station to be able to deal with the people and not to shoot at civilians

  16. Quite unfortunate! How could a police officer release bullet in a crowd? Was that how he was trained and instructed? Crowd are not armed robbers.He must be punished
    May the departed soul rest in peace

  17. Just like that a life is lost. The investigation should be done immediately to get the truth of the matter.

  18. May the soul of the airforce officer rest in peace and I tell you if care is not taken I reserved my comment let’s watch and see.

  19. Policemen and violence, from the story l think they are hiding the truth from us because this is not what really happened.

  20. Why would they slap the police officer without him committing any offence, this is strange. This is an unfortunate incident

  21. hmmmmmmmmm…..i can’t apportion any blame on the police man he was actually discharging his duties dazzol…and come to think of it wah was a military man without uniform during late at nite without uniform.

  22. Rest in peace Air force officer whether they were in uniform or not. Justice cannot be administered without a trial except in a life and death case which is not what happened here

  23. Why should he release a bullet among crowd, without the fear it will kill an innocent soul. May his soul rest in peace

  24. May the man’s soul rest in peace. The way the police forces are releasing bullets this time around is so scary.

  25. Is this real I can’t believe a police officer killed a military man well it’s now a case for the judger’s

  26. That’s carelessness on the policeman. How could he have released the gun on innocent citizens. They were not armed. So he will definitely face the music.

  27. If only nigerian police force will collect all these guns they gave to children on black. look at this, another life lost to police unnecessary release of bullet. God have mercy.

  28. It is really unfortunate. But we should not use our position to intimidate others all these Forces lack discipline they always use their position any how. May the soul and the diseased rest in perfect peace

  29. This is a very sad accident.but the crowd who gather the police man are the cause of the killing of the airman

  30. what a world of force men,are this guns given to them to be used anyhow
    i mean why would any reasonable force man shoot a gun at where there is so much crowd

  31. All the our military should be working together for d good of d country but d reverse is d case. Let him face justice

  32. It is really unfortunate. they rate Nigeria Police is killing innocent people is too high, they should try to curb it, May the victim soul rest in peace.

  33. This is a sad news but from the police side of the incident the police officer is not at fault…I await the other side of the story.

  34. I thought the police men are causing too much trouble this days, I urge the npf to find solutions to it as fast as possible.

  35. This is really sad. When is the Nigerian Police going to train their men on conflict resolution methods without the use of the gun. This is becoming a recurring problem in this country.

  36. May his soul rest in peace.. whether he is at fault or not,a soul has been lost. let the investigation be completed,so that we will really know what happened.

  37. why will he raise up hands to slap a police man and how sure are they that he actually did that. Nigerian Police is becoming something else.

  38. May his gentle soul rest in peace and condolences to his family members. The police man who did this should be arrested

  39. Hmmmmm how come I don’t believe this story. How can a police officer just show up and they attacked him, where there waiting for him to come, what about other police officers on duty, was shooting the only option he had?

  40. What a careless way to die. Why resorting to shooting, is there no other way to calm the situation? Eyaaaa

  41. Things are really hapenning this christmas
    May his soul rest in peace and the policeman should be arrested

  42. This story sounds cooked.. Who in his or her right senses would just start attacking an armed police officer.. They are lying am sure

  43. This is very sad. At least, they should have showed the police man some respect.. May his soul rest in peace

  44. This ugly incident again between police and other security agency. Every human being is human irrespective of persons and profession the police in Nigeria are violent and aggressive and lack control of gun.

  45. May his soul rest in peace amen but pls people shoul have time they dey some certain thihings

  46. They are lying , how can a police officer on duty hear a noise at the atm and came out to know what was happening and they pounce on him ,?that story is too fake in my ears. The air force people should investigate by themselves and bring the culprit to book, what nonsense .chai see how they wasted this fine young man at his prime. May his rest in peace.

  47. See d stupid lie dey have just cooked, dey slapped him first, how many people slapped him, people DAT are without weapon slapped u as a police officer, d air force man was not even d one who slapped him,dis people are just crazy,police is ur number enemy o,if u see dem pick race ,cos dey are monsters now

  48. That’s how police men will be releasing bullets anyhow. Proper investigations should be carried out but the police wasn’t meant to release the bullet no matter what. The police man shouldn’t be left to go unpunished.

  49. Nawa oh. Dnt even no whom to blame. Police the people or stray bullet. May we not see untimely death oh. It s well

  50. Justice cannot be administered without a trial except in a life and death case which is not what happened here

  51. Why would a policeman do this. The story does not fit in at all. Proper investigation should be carried out on this.

  52. first and foremost why would the police man crack his gun before going to such a place. its definate that its intentional

  53. That is a big lie. Police are now our enemies they attack and intimidate civilians any how nowadays. It’s herat breaking that one can not relax in her country anymore.

  54. May his soul rest in peace. The matter should be investigated to know what really made the policeman to fire a shot.

  55. This is one of the reasons why the security agencies never work hand in hand or share information to protect the country. The police man should arrested and questioned. The matter must be thoroughly investigated and justice be given to the deceased family to avoid any future conflicts between the police and naval forces. We have seen so many incidents happen between this two forces in the past and hope this matter be done transparently to avoid future crisis.

  56. Hmmmm! all these trigger happy police officer again? Can’t they be more civilised and courteous like their counterparts in developed countries?

  57. Like play like play, the young man is gone. They will just pass it off as accidental discharge. Rip.
    May God grant the family the fortitude to bear the deep loss.

  58. Whether its intentional or not we don’t know yet but the way people are taking another human life is very scary.

  59. Why should he shoot
    Because according to the story the other person had no gun, why will he shoot an unharmed man

  60. What will move them to slap him, there is something hidden somewhere, there’s need for more investigation. And why is he holding a gun in front of the crowd.

  61. Policemen need to be cautious of how they use their gun, they should not misuse it, the airforce man is not likely to be at fault. Thorough investigation must be carried out to know if he was the one at fault or not.

  62. Why should he release a bullet in a crowded place,maybe he didnt approach the matter in a supposed way,that why the people there talked back at him.police killings this period is too much.

  63. Why will somebody suffered before they can collect their own money, Nigeria banks are still at fault here, not only the police man but the banks are wicked this celebration season too.

  64. Must we resort to violence in handling misunderstanding? The man is still very young I pray he gets the justice he desire

  65. Such an unfortunate event , the police should be interrogated seriously and may his gentle soul rest In perfect peace.

  66. They are just trying to cover him up. Civilians can’t just start slapping a police officer. Something must have gone wrong.

  67. How can he ask what was happening and they attacked . Biko, there is more to this story that meets the eye

  68. It is really unfortunate. May the soul and the diseased rest in perfect peace. Lack of patience because he is in possession of arsenal.

  69. This police man doesn’t have sense at all. Why will he release a bullet like that in the mjdst of a crowd, is that what he was trained to do? He must be made to face the law.

  70. I would like to see the end of the investigation because slap or no slap, it’s both worth the death of anybody. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace. Amen

  71. don’t just know why 75% of Nigeria politice are very careless. Most of them do not know their left and right. It’s well. Rip bro

  72. I still don’t understand what might lead to shooting at the ATM stand that the Police can’t solve unless he shoots. May your soul rest in Peace.

  73. Fake story, real arm rubbery will show up, nothing will happened, innocent people will be passing jeje, police will be showing that they no how to shot

  74. So you now release bullet straight, I thought it was supposed to be up.. Or were you taught otherwise? Now Val Monfort is gone, no amount of punishment given to you that will bring him back. May his soul rest in peace Amen.. Nigerian police I tire..

  75. The policeman is a madman, they slapped him the only way he could retaliate is to shoot. Police and their incompetency, he should be dealt with thoroughly.

  76. A very unfortunate incident. The Nigerian police have turned into something different.
    May the soul of d young man rest in peace.

  77. The story didn’t add up. The police man hard noise he went to check and they attacked him he then release a bullet which went straight to officer. The police officer must said or done something.

  78. This story is not convincing enough because I don’t understand why on the sight of a policeman people will just turned against him and start beating him up with no reason or so ever and secondly they said he shot at the officer not knowing it was an officer because he was not on uniform ,hmmm that got me thinking if really the shot by the police man was not intentional.

  79. Some policemen I don’t know the orientation they receive when they are recruiting them some just discharge gun anyhow imagine what this has cause now he should be prosecuted

  80. No matter the offence they should not have respected his uniform and the officer should have been patient with them too.. I don’t think this case will end soon

  81. To be frank i think that the police force should be scraped and new one be created with discipline and integrity……………

  82. This is actually one of the bad news I have heard this season of celebration. Its unfortunate for the air force man.

  83. So when civilians attack a policeman the first thing he does is to shoot a loaded gun? This is pathetic from the police spokesperson

  84. RIP Sixtus I actually know the guy shaa but why did the policeman shoot like that, is that how he was trained to shoot at the slightest issue? Police wahala too plenty mbok

  85. Lack of proper orientation and discipline+mis use of hard drugs are the problem of our police but the law will take it course anyways

  86. I don’t see any thing that warrant shooting from what the police spokesman says. Unfortunately the Airforce is gone for ever.

  87. Oooh that’s so sad..
    These man was just unfortunate..
    Victim of circumstance…
    It’s very painful… May his soul rest in perfect peace

  88. officersJust like that a young promising fellow is gone? What kind of uncareful attitude is this with our Police oofficers.

  89. But no matter what they don’t have the right to attack office which is well armed because he can actually use his gun for revenge

  90. The police officer is wrong to release bullet on late sixtus, even if he slapped the officer, he should have engaged in fighting rather than shooting. Besides there must have been another police there, they should have warned the ATM users over noise and settle them amicably instead of such violence. May the soul of the departed rest in peace

  91. This story isn’t genuine at all….just conduct some investigation and bring out what really happen there .I don’t believe this.

  92. The Nigeria police lack discipline in handling their weapon. Lives are being wasted because of their carelessness

  93. What a tragedy! The police man is not suppose to release that bullet for whatever reason. If those that are suppose to protect lives and property turn out to be murderers then we have alot to do as a country

  94. What violence could make a crowd attack a police officer. He acted within his rights. It’s just unfortunate the young air force man got hit. My condolences to the family

  95. Must have been a case of stray bullet.Hoping the case is properly investigated and right judgement given

  96. Police with Their incompetent job done sometime, I think that’s is not the first thing to do in such atmosphere, it could be prank or normal discussion that turn to arguments ,now you’ve kill a soul that u can’t create, may your soul rest in peace brother

  97. God have mercy bro rest in peace please the government need to bring the policeb to book to face the law

  98. Death is inevitable. See how sixtus died just like that.
    Police man is not at fault, he did it to defend himself.

  99. Officer vs officer…. May God help..may the innocent air force man that been killed rest in peace.

  100. The police has the right to interfere because it’s part of his job…although their reason of slapping the police man was not indicated here, which could be the reason why he released the bullet….its so unfortunate that the stray bullet took someones life…rest in peace brother.

  101. If that should be the case he does not killed him but by mistake the buliet went to him and kill him, anyway condoles to their family

  102. This is a careless act.why will the people man take laws into his hands,he should be cautioned not to try it again like wise others rip sir

  103. This is good news,Nigeria is not a safe country to be in,air force officer get killed by a policeman, this is unfair and the rank are not high to do that,the odds are high now for the policeman death, this is good news

  104. Police and their ways of cooking up make-believe stories especially when they are at fault, see how they twisted the story, didn’t he think of the bullet hitting someone before he threw it up

  105. I don’t know we continue to kill our Force men in this country, boko haram are doing theirs now police

  106. Thats bad ..i pray it should not turn out to cause anything between the both forces..policemen always the subject.

  107. oh, this is unfurtunate, but the Air Force guys attacked him then they are very wrong but nevertheless may his soul rest in peace amen.

  108. This is how this young man died and the are still investigating the matter. After the will tell us another thing

  109. Reform police and stop those ugly and daft people in that black uniform, how can you kill a young air force? smh reform police

  110. So that’s how the young man became a victim of circumstance… This releasing of bullets
    anyhow should be abolished

  111. The Nigerian police lack discipline in the use of amunition, that one has right to gun doesn’t mean bullet should be released anyhow , now a life is lost

  112. Very funny and dummy explanation. The police just asked what happened and then people started attacking him. Story story

  113. Why will he even shoot where there are lots of people around… He should be arrested for killing that young handsome man.

  114. Nawaaa ooooo for this police people
    How could he release bullet like that
    Well the the deed has been done
    Rest in peace

  115. No matter what,a policeman is not suppose to use a gun in a public unless criminal activities is going on there…

  116. This police man didn’t act wisely at all. Why will he open fire like that where people gathered to withdraw money? If everyone has a gun and use it any how, will Nigeria be a safe place? He should be prosecuted for this and face the consequences because he should know that he doesn’t have to shoot like that.

  117. The story is not detailed here, I don’t think anyone will just start beating a police officer without provocation. Was the air force office part of those that attacked him?

  118. chai bro rest in peace. our soldiers should try and protect the country against external forces and not his brother. a military personnel for that matter.

  119. How can the people standing at the ATM start slapping him for no reason how? He should have released the bullet at all but try to handle the situation amicably. He is there to protect lives not to waste it

  120. That story is just made to suit the situation. Why should he open fire in a public place where there’s no riot? God ! My condolences to the bereaved family

  121. We should learn to control our anger, so it don lead us to trouble… This case should be invesigated thoroughly

  122. It is quiet unfortunate but I think all these force men should understand each other and work in unity to achieve one goal, let them stop attacking themselves.

  123. Was he trained to release bullet where innocents are?? He has done it now and killed innocent. May God console the family of the boy

  124. No matter the offence they should not have respected his uniform and the officer should have been patient with them too.. Service

  125. The investigation should be thorough, police people are fond of shooting at any slitest mistake, this young man has just died untimely, it is unfortunate.

  126. If the case varies with the report he may be charge for man slaughtering which will not take his life

  127. This is really bad, how can a police officer released his gun in an attempt to settle fight at the ATM machine. His work is to protect and not to kill

  128. That’s his destiny as you can’t go beyond it
    anyway he should be held responsible
    May soul of the deceased rest in perfect peace

  129. The deceased is no note so investigating won’t bring him back.. But why did the police man have to release bullet in the midst of crowd?.. Dey should torture him oo

  130. When the Nigerian Police is not being the right orientation, theybend up opening wothout analysingba situationa closely.

  131. It is unfortunate. What shall we say when the devil comes to snatch a soul he will use a man to achieve his motive.

  132. That police man must face the court of law for taken the man’s life. May the soul of the dead rest in peace.

  133. This is so sad, so if the crowd in the ATM stand were making noise does that permit him to pull the trigger?….. It’s so bad that we have so many untrained police men in Nigeria

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